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on 28 September 2017
A recent competition, leading up to the 30th birthday celebrations of Erasure as an entity was conducted by the bands website where fans were asked to name their favourite album. Time and again it was this self titled album that came up as the true fan favourite. Combining all the elements from their previous studio efforts and pop single masterpieces that we Erasure fans love, this album takes all of those ingredients but let's it breathe, expand and stretch out. A progressive electro experience (minus the solos) if you like. I simply adore this record.

And here it is faithfully reissued on two heavyweight black plastic slabs as part of the Erasure 30th Anniversary collection. I’ve never owned this album on vinyl before and I must say it is a beauty to behold seeing this iconic artwork full size. It's also a different listening experience compared to the cd version which is a continuous mix with the majority of tracks cross faded. Here we have the obvious side breaks that come with playing a two record set and some tracks appear here with slightly different mixes.

I think this album was a huge experimental step for Vince and Andy. Very daring at a time of commercial success and to date they’ve (somewhat sadly in my opinion) never been this adventurous again. The stand-out difference when compared to preceding albums is the extra input from producers Gareth Jones and Thomas Fehlman and mixing maestros Francois Kervorkian and Dave Bascombe . Their studio touches and sprinkles are all over EVERY track. The highlight is the ambient tour de force “Rock Me Gently” but my personal faves are “Love The Way You Do So” which cross fades into “Angel” on the cd edition.

If you like Erasure and have never experienced their eponymous album from 1995 this is a nice way to pick it up although the 30th Anniversary series of vinyl record reissues do not come with download coupons so I’d advise to purchase it on cd as well. Superb...

“Yes To Your Love And There’s No Secrets...Fly Like An Angel...”
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on 6 March 2018
The irony of giving this release the title "Erasure" when it was without doubt their most un-Erasure like album surely can't be lost on their many fans. The albums that came before and after Erasure contained classic pop music structures in which most of the songs didn't exceed the 3 or 4 minute mark. On Erasure the average length of the songs was 6 minutes with one track (Rock Me Gently) going on for 10 minutes. This is not to say the song's outstay their welcome; however, this was clearly an album of experimentation, Erasure-style! The songs were still brilliantly melodic but the duo were happy to push them into glorious synth-jamming territory.

Bell's singing was even more soulful than usual and I don't think he has sounded better than he does on Erasure, especially on the brilliant Sono Luminos. Fingers and Crumbs is a toe-tapping upbeat number that hides the somewhat sombre lyrics (which of course some of the best music has always done). The aforementioned Rock Me Gently is a synth masterpiece and drones on for 10 beautiful minutes. The track that holds centre stage for me is the magical Stay With Me. Bell's voice is again in career-best form and it is quite simply a rolled gold classic Erasure tune of the highest quality. On a side note, given the general cheesiness of most of their videos, this is probably the best film clip that Erasure have coupled with any of their songs. A gorgeous combination of sound and imagery. Angel is another wonderful track that takes a while to get going but then builds and builds until you can't help but burst with sheer joy when it reaches its melodic crescendo. The album finishes with the excellent but somewhat downbeat A Long Goodbye, and given that Erasure have yet to come back to the experimentation of this album, it feels even more apt.

This is without doubt one of Erasure's best releases and if push came to shove I would put it at the top of the pile. It is a gem of an album and I cannot recommend it highly enough. My one hope is that the duo will look to create more experiments like Erasure in the future.
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on 24 January 2018
This is my favourite Erasure album - and it sounds absolutely fabulous on vinyl. However, I've had to return two copies - both jumped repeatedly - hence the two star review.
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on 23 March 2009
Consistently melodic, layered and sweeping, this bears and rewards repeated listening incredibly well. There are some immediately accessible and catchy songs here ("Angel", "Fingers and Thumbs"), but it's the organic development of the whole album that I really enjoy. The use of old analogue equipment adds greatly to the charm. Unlike any of Erasure's other albums (marvellous though they are) I would love to hear them pursue this direction again.
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on 17 June 2017
Always liked erasure & this cd is as always - great
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on 14 March 2014
.........there are 2 songs from this CD I knew, although it certainly was a lesser known CD in my eyes - it is not quite as commercial and upbeat as many of Erasure's work but I have had it on repeat in the car for some time now and I am not tiring of it - I could listen to this at home and probably as I am unwinding to truly appreciate it.
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on 3 December 2016
Melancholic but good
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on 2 December 2016
Incredible album. A departure from their more traditional 3 minute pop gems but equally as brilliant with so many layers and an atmosphere and ambience that is spine tingling !
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on 26 April 2014
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on 22 November 2015
lovely cd one of there best sellers ace too
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