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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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on 12 June 2017
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on 8 June 2017
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on 5 December 2013
I loved Erasure from the beginning but like other things in life things move on and change, I took very little notice of Erasure over the last few years not really knowing if they had released anything or not, I needed to replace my POP 20 cd and for the very little difference in price thought I may as well have this with the 2nd disc not even knowing any of the tracks. WOW, what ive missed is some incredible music, Andy Bells vocals are stunning, a true mix of slower yet powerful ballads alongside Erasures trademark electro pop, this is a perfect album for anyone who has been a fan before to catch up on what they have been missing...the only problem now is its going to cost me more money to buy all the albums these hits where taken from, its that good I want to hear everything ive missed out on.. don't hesitate.. buy this cd
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VINE VOICEon 22 February 2009
When I first saw the price tag, I was put off a little, but on recieving this item I can say that it is worth every penny! The set consists of all 40 hits (all the singles), as stated on the cover plus loads of extras.
The package is in the form of a book, with the 4 discs kept in the front and back cover with 40 pages of quality photos and information about the band throughout their career.
The first cd is the 20 hits, plus the Who NeedsLove Like That Remix we heard on the original Erasure Pop, with improved sound quality. The second CD consists of the more recent suff from Erasure and there are plenty of hidden gems! The 3rd cd contains 15 great live tracks both album tracks and singles and the final disc the DVD contains loads of great rare Erasure footage, from the early days to more recently!
If you already own most of the tracks in this set I would still recomend this as the book is really worth it as is the live CD and dvd, all beautifully packaged.
Highly recommended for all erasure fans, if you're new to the band there is always the 2 disc editiion avalible which is at a lower price, but this is worth every penny!
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VINE VOICEon 24 March 2009
When I was about 11 I adored Erasure, and recently I've begun to rediscover them once more. I had the first Pop! compilation (basically CD 1 of this collection) a few years back, but for some mad reason I gave it away. This comprehensive 2CD set is an excellent dip into a band that have been going strong for a quarter of a century.

So, CD1 is the stuff from the height of their fame when they regularly had Top 10 hits. It contains all the famous hits ("Sometimes", "A Little Respect", "Victim Of Love", "Stop") and some equally fine but less remembered gems ("Breath Of Life", "Ship Of Fools", the brilliantly experimental "Drama"). It's pretty much esential if you have any interest in synth-pop or even pop music in general.

CD2 is the secret goldmine. At first it can seem a bit samey, and forgettable, but only because the songs are less familiar. After a few listens you find yourself humming the tunes over and over. There's the lovely "Always", arguably the last big hit of their heyday. "Run To The Sun" is dancey and yet somehow moving. The under-rated "Freedom" with its airy guitar sound is good fun, and 'comeback' hit "Breathe" is beautifully eerie. "Storm In A Teacup" sounds moodily confessional, and in fact it could almost be off David Bowie's "...hours" album. Even "The Moon & The Sky", with its slightly comical recycled rhyming of 'high' and 'sky', is still an addictive foot-tapper.

Basically, if you like pop, get Total Pop. It'll leave a smile on your face.
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on 27 February 2009
Total Pop: the First 40 Hits
Wow!!!! This UK group remain one of the most active and consistant groups of their time. They have never disappeared, but have fell from the popularity of the mainstream radio programmers (remember Erasure's 2005 'comeback', "Breathe", a No.4 hit thanks to Radio 2 play). Anyway, I digress.... This collection showcases all their singles collected together on 2 CD's. From the beautiful melancholy ballad of 'Always' to the camp disco of 'Love To Hate You' and 'Take A Chance On Me'; they are all here. Buy this and indulge in why Erasure were the best synth pop act of their time. By the time you have finished Disc 1, you will be scouring the web for their studio albums - again masterpieces. Erasure have always provided perfect singles, but the album tracks are just as magnificent. I still have my vinyl with those classic B-sides (come on Mute, release them digitally on one disc!). Love these guys!
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on 3 March 2009
I totally agree with the first reviewer - the box set is fantastic, a real collectors item. Yes, it is expensive but it's nice to see Erasure/Mute providing something extra for the die-hard fans, who will have all the songs already. They've covered all bases by also releasing a standard double album at a bargain price for 'everyone else'. The DVD is worth the money alone for 'Because You're So Sweet' on Jools Holland, but there's loads more besides. The live CD spans all the major tours as well. Thank You Mute!
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on 2 March 2009
I've never had pop idols, but Mr. Clarke and Mr. Bell are the only exceptions to this fact and it's quite simple to explain this. They make Pop Music as Pop Music was supposed to be: delightfully melodic + lyrically accessible without being silly. I mean their "I love you, baby" songs cannot be taken as disposable just because they own that differential called consistency. They are one of those rare pop bands that can associate simplicity with sophistication. Yeah, it's possible to make intelligent pop without writing intricate lyrics (or nonsense ones that critics love to praise)! Besides, Erasure have one of the best pop voices ever + the deservedly most celebrated synth genius.

This truly extraordinary compilation brings many of their best tunes, but they really own at least another forty songs (among non-single album tracks and even b-sides) with the same perfect pop appeal than these 38 ones (I dislike "Heavenly Action").

The first cd is "Pop! - The First 20 Hits" remastered, so it's the same party for every erasurians' ears with a plus. It's noteworthy to point out here the beautiness of the 4 single ballads, since "The Circus", "Ship Of Fools", "You Surround Me" and "Am I Right?" are all among the best singles of this 1st age on Erasure's career, but they hardly get the same recognition than their most dancey hits.

The 2nd cd, which has been properly called as Pop 2, can already be considered as the most underappreciated pop collection ever, since most part of its 19 tracks weren't exactly radio hits. "Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me", "Freedom and "Here I Go Impossible Again" aside, the other sixteen ones are nothing less than brilliant. Well, but those other 3 ones are pretty enjoyable anyway. Thus, it's definitely not "patchy and dispensable", on the contrary, it's a second compilation that just serves to highlight Clarke & Bell's uncomparable talents as pop songwriters. Anyway, Mr. Darren Lee wrote a review kinder than usual for an Erasure's album, since most critics seem to love to hate them indeed.

In short, this is a double cd able to bring a big smile to anyone who isn't converted to the bland pop that is made nowadays. Oh, but don't take me for a grumpy uncle, since I love Mika, Lily Allen, Scissor Sisters and Gnarls Barkley. These 00's four acts are 'good nephews' to the 80's pop ones like Erasure.

And now, please, give me a big smile, goths!

P.S.: A person is considered an *erasurian* when he/she owns every albums released by Erasure.
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VINE VOICEon 28 February 2009
This is a must have Album and consists of 40 Erasure Hits! What more can I say?
The package consists of two CDs, CD 1 is the fist Pop CD released in 1992 which has been completely remastered and CD 2 consists of Hits released after 1994 to the current day.
There are loads of great tracks here that you can't help but to sing along too. There are tracks that I myself had never really heard wish I now love.
Erasure are the some of the best song writers around and this collection of 41 tracks proves it. It is even worth getting if you owned the first CD as the tracks sound even better now they have been remastered.
One of the best CDs ever!
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on 27 February 2009
I have all of Erasure's releases, but still added this version to my collection. (Thought the deluxe version was a little expensive!)
Enjoyed it thoroughly as I listened to some of the older gems of the past that I hadn't played for a while.
Erasure have offered a great deal on this cd, buy 40 songs, get 1 free. Yes, there is actually 41 songs on the album. Bargain!
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