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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
Burst Apart
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on 30 September 2015
Ye gods, this a dull and bland album. I bought it on the strength of a number of positive reviews, but in truth it has little to recommend it. I have listened to it numerous times in the hope it might improve with repeated listening, but there is still not a single melody, hook or riff that sticks in my mind, and the whole thing is just anodyne.
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on 24 September 2016
Amazing album. They should be huge.
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on 4 June 2015
Slow grower but bear with it-'Putting The Dog To Sleep' is very symbolic and profound; stand-out track.
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on 9 July 2016
Top lp
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on 3 March 2015
Developing band with long history ahead of them!
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on 10 February 2015
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on 1 July 2011
At the risk of sounding repetitive, let me put this disclaimer in first - this record is no _Hospice_. It could never be - and it doesn't want to be. If anything it wants to distance itself from the aura of that stunning record. _Hospice_ was a one-off. A towering record of such emotional depth that very few modern bands (if any) can come close to achieving without sounding self-indulgent or over-wrought. With my own experience of being in an abusive relationship in the past (brought upon by a serious illness but thankfully not resulting in death) that record was a punch in the gut. It had me in knots. There were nights that I would listen to the record on repeat and not sleep a wink. Even now, I can't listen to songs like `Two' and `Wake' without shedding a tear or two. But I think in the end it made it easier for me to cope with my situation. Therefore you would understand my attachment to that record. But if there's one thing we must all do, is that we must move on. We have to move on.

_Burst Apart_ is the record of the band moving on (or trying to at the very least). The band sounds relaxed and willing to experiment. It may underwhelm you at first listen, but persistence pays off. There are no `wall of sound' songs like `Sylvia' (save maybe for parts of `Parenthesis' or `Every night my teeth...') on this record and I suspect that is what had me underwhelmed during initial listens. But then I made a conscious effort to listen to this record on it's own merit, as if it were the work of a new band. And that's when it started coming together. This is an experimental pop gem (I hate the label Indie). The songs may sound laid back and sparse but this is plenty of depth to the compositions. This sounds like a full band effort. The opener `I don't want love' really sets the mood for the set - downbeat lyrics and major key music. A couple of songs sound dangerously close to Radiohead (the aforementioned `Parenthesis' & `Everynight my teeth') but still retain the Antlers identity. `Rolled Together' is a shining example of how to make a song with a repetitive melody without getting boring - reminds me somewhat of Air and other chill-wave bands (and don't take it the wrong way ;). `No Widows' sounds like the one song that could have been on _Hospice_ without feeling out of place whereas the wonderfully gentle `Hounds' sounds like the work of a different band entirely.

The closer, `Putting the dog to sleep' is my personal favourite. With its wonderfully uncertain lyrics about love, life and the future, it personifies (for me at least) the theme of this album. We all want to move on, but will that lead us to a better place? Or will it lead us back to the traps that we had found ourselves in the first place. Maybe their next record will answer that question.

PS: Seeing them live in November in Manchester. Can't wait to hear live renditions of these songs and hopefully some off _Hospice_ too!
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on 10 August 2011
Took me a little while to get into this album but that was woth it.

Those well-versed in dream journal interpretation could gather that from the mere title of "Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out" (a common symbolic manifestation of sexual frustration). After all, Burst Apart does open with "I Don't Want Love", a heartbreaking wallow in a numbing hangover from a singer who previously seemed doomed to feel too much. Its glistening melody at least helps it scan as pop, but "Parentheses" and "Every Night" feel cut from the same cloth as the Walkmen's "The Rat", holding onto sanity with white knuckles, sexual congress seen as mutually assured destruction.

Aside from those, Burst Apart's atmosphere is nocturnal and desolate. Foreboding death-crawl "No Widows" fears for vehicular disaster; brief flickers of light are allowed full exposure on the gorgeous, incantatory centerpiece "Rolled Together", whose brushed drum work and silvery guitars could be heard as a studiously completed homework assignment on Agaetis Byrjun. Meanwhile, the tender, nearly beatless balladry of "Hounds" and "Corsicana" are wholly the Antlers' own and painfully pretty to behold-- however depressive Silberman's lyrics, one can simply revel in the zero-gravity synth and vocal moans and feel some sort of uplift.

ASs I said in the introduction The Antlers won't hold your hand through Burst Apart, which will inevitably make it more of a grower, but stick around-- it's all the more affecting for how it allows you to pick your own stumbling, lonely path.
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on 9 January 2014
I'm a pretty big CD collector and I want to have all my favourite ablums, in physical, in GOOD Condition.
Now the antlers are a pretty big favourite of mine so I wanted the follow-up to their magnificent Hospice on physical after giving it a few listens on Spotify.
I ordered the CD and waited for the thing to come, since it was initially out of stock it took about three weeks.
So it comes this morning and, lo and behold! There is an eyesore of a great yellow sticker telling me what all the music reviewers say.
I've bought the damn thing haven't I? Do I really still need convincing. Now of course, the sticker is far too stubborn to remove in one piece, it tears, rips and leaves s*** all over my CD cover effectively ruining it!
Thanks guys! Now I have a CD that I can use to compare to the lovely, non-jewel case using, unblemished packaging on Hospice.
One day I'll show it my grandchildren to show what a terrible, terrible place the world is.
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The Antlers' 2009 album 'Hospice' was about as far from easy-listening
as it is possible to travel but in its own way was a magnificent invention.
The intensity of both the music and the subject matter was overwhelming.

'Burst Apart' is not without its difficult moments too but the general
mood seems to have lightened somewhat. The structure of many of the
new songs is more open-textured and approachable (on 'French Exit',
for example things become almost jolly!) The melodic content is more
defined, less elusive; the rhythms not so ambiguous or abrasive (although
the howling 'Parenthesis' packs a bitter punch to the solar plexus!)

Peter Silberman's voice finds a wider range of tone and colour than of
yore too; his falsetto sounds ever more confident and affecting.
His performances on the lovely 'No Windows', 'Hounds' and 'Corsicana'
are particularly (especially the latter) contemplative and beautiful.

The tiny 'Tiptoe' slips in and out of focus like a dream; a shadowy
wordless interlude haunted by disembodied hums and whines and clatters.

Final track 'Putting The Dog To Sleep' finds the band back in fine
maudlin form. Mr Silberman sings his heart out with authentic passion.
It is a slow-moving, sad and deeply-stirring coda to a very fine album.

With 'Burst Apart' The Antlers may well have delivered one of the year's
finest recordings so-far. Once heard it's hard to get it out of your head.

Highly Recommended.
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