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on 9 February 2014
My previous all-in-one failed at awkward time and I urgently required a reasonably priced replacement. I found this one and on the basis of other reviews thought it would fit the bill.It appears to be a great all-in-one printer which more than meets my needs and is more flexible, lighter and slightly smaller than the previous Epson PX710W which I thought was perfect. It has the additional advantage of duplex printing and I can print to it directly from my Ipad which I never managed with the previous one. Also, Wi-Fi set up was very straightforward and ink usage to date seems quite acceptable. All as good as expected and would recommend this printer.
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on 1 June 2017
top printer
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on 1 November 2014
ink cartridges are small but the qulaity of the prints are fantastic. the scanner is decent and control panel is useful
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on 15 September 2017
Brilliant printer. Easy to use, all singing all dancing, cheap compatible cartridges. A+
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on 3 August 2015
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on 4 March 2014
For what this printer costs, I am more than happy with the print quality, speed and reliability. Only downside for myself is there is no feed tray instead you have to load a cassette. This can be frustrating at times but I guess it's what enables this to be a reasonably small printer! Also price is even better as Epson are currently offering £20 cash back on these at the moment.
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on 29 April 2014
Ok this printer is perfect for what I need it for. Set up is straight forward and easy just please be patient when ever setting up devices for the first time.

Wifi printing is great especially once you've downloaded the mobile apps. This on my iphone let's me review how much ink is left over and carry out any other maintenance.

Print quality is good so far as I have been using generic ink cartridges from amazon. Prints fairly quick. Mainly for casual printing needs.

People have complained about poor print quality under a magnifying glass. But you really need to evaluate your self if you go out and expect a £99 printer to help you print your first magazine.

I bought this under recommendation and so far for my needs : CV, word docents, photographs, photoshop and illustration art works. It's been more than efficient.

Scanner is standard and does what it says on the tin. Also features a cd printing bay, can't wait to use it.

I've had the printer for 1 month now.

I would recommend it especially for the price and the vast amount of features this printer supports.

P.s please ignore the reviews that complain about Ink, customer service in a shop and avoid this printer like the plague.

I've worked in electronics retail for 6 years and I have found now and again you will be dealt a bad egg but that doesn't necessarily mean that the product is awful and should be avoided.

Amazon has great customer service and will always replace or refund if you are not satisfied.
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I can see why some people were having problems with this printer. It took me a bit longer than I thought it would to sort it out myself.
The instruction leaflet is definitely not helpful and downloading the manual, all 168 pages of it dealing with two printers, isn’t particularly helpful when looking for what was the problem, which was finding the cassettes. Yeah! Really. They had to be there but whatever I pulled out didn’t look like it. I pulled out a slender one from out of flap which had cassette two labelled on it and my assumption that the one above it had to be cassette one but more of that in a few paragraphs.
Lets give a quick guide so you don’t make the mistakes I made. Once you’ve got all the gubbins off the printer and put the ink cartridges in properly so they lay flat and don’t forget to shake the big ink cartridge before putting it in. Turn on the printer and install the Wi-Fi settings, essentially your router’s password, be sure to have it in in the right text case and your router on.
The CD really was near useless because it directs you to the website, so be sure your computer is turned on and linked. If it doesn’t do a connection, find the Epson website and key in the printer name. I found that even when selecting Windows 7, I still have to search around for the initial drivers and software. Once that’s installed, you can use that software to get everything else downloaded you need. Be sure to get it signed on your all updates. There is also a firmware download that will transfer to the printer as well so everything needs be to turned on while it does a transfer.
You need to use Windows own software to set up the wi-fi link from the computer to the printer. The important thing to remember is to select the virtual printer link but other than that, it’s as straight forward as when connected up to your router providing you remember you’re after the printer settings.
Once all that’s settled, I went back to the problem with the cartridges. What wasn’t was the fact that the flap I pulled down was the front of the bottom cassette and if you give a gentle pull the entire thing will come out and can be loaded with paper or card, with the latter ensure you put it in glossy side down as it was be rolled inside the printer. Where card is concerned, I wouldn’t bet on anything above 210g-240g weight myself. Either side of the bottom cassette is a frame for printing smaller than A4 (the B cassette) and one for printing on CDs. The former can too easily be pushed in too far and the latter protrudes slightly and you’d wish could go in deeper. Once it’s loaded with the paper of choice, you can send print instructions from the computer or slot a memory stick into the printer and follow its instructions for printing. If you chose to print to the edge of the paper it will stay that way until you turn that option off. Don’t forget to choose the number of copies or you’ll be wondering why it isn’t printing. Sound like something you shouldn’t forget but easily done. According to the info the computer receives, there’s enough ink in the initial cartridges for about 20 pages although there is no clue as to how many with a low resolution. Don’t go too crazy buying ink ahead of time, once you’ve emailed details of your purchase to Epson, a few days later they will offer a discount on your inks as a further option.
One thing the pamphlet does point out is all the access points (including one at the rear) if the paper or thin card jams, so if it does happen, open to get out rather than tug and damage the printer heads. If you put the cassette B frame in for small cards and use them, anything at A4 will be shrunk down to their size without being told.
The turnover of printing an A4 page is really, really fast printing off jpgs. It took longer with 10mb BMPs but the info is received before printing starts. You can slow the setting down but it doesn’t make much different and the end result in either way looks as good as my old Stylus R360. Don’t forget to leave the top cassette open – it’ll give warning messages if you don’t – cos the paper has to come out from somewhere. If anything, this is probably what confused me from reading about this printer because it seemed to imply that there was a cassette for paper and card. There isn’t, just one in and one out.
Contrary to other comments here, you don’t need a cable to connect to your computer to do a scan. Use Epson’s own software and it will download and then assign the picture to your selected art software. To transfer it, you just have to press the command that appears on the computer screen and it brings it over and then loads up your art software. It was so easy I’m surprised no one tried it on wireless although you do have to give it a couple minutes to warm up but that’s true of any scanner. Doing it from the printer is just as quick and the controls makes it easy to direct it to where it has to go. The Epson test scan didn’t pick up although you can fiddle with settings to find it, this isn’t really necessary. The default setting is colour with a 300 resolution (that’s the highest it can go) but that’s all you really need for an A4 scan anyway and would please most people.
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on 29 October 2013
After many years my last Epson printer failed - clogged printer head. I replaced it with an HP printer which, after 1 month of frustration, has now vanished. I replaced the HP with an XP610, verdict, a magnificent printer, easy to install and with superb print quality.
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on 11 March 2014
Totally impressed. Easy to install and use. Quality of photos and prints is excellent. Scanner also great and the ability to print wirelessly from laptops & iPads makes life so much easier.
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