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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 April 2002
When Patti Smith burst onto the NYC underground scene in 74' with Hey Joe/Piss Factory, she was exciting - something which the music scene just now could do with a dose of.
The interest in the NYC punk scene, CGBG club and the bands who have passed through these scenes (The VU, The Strokes, Patti Smith herself, Blondie et al) seems to have rekindled in part thanks to the resurgence of blues-punk like the White Stripes and The Moldy Peaches, and pop-punk like the everpresent Strokes. I can only hope that Patti Smith will not be forgotten as a key player in the development of the Underground scene, and hopefully this CD will open more people up to her music.
This CD is comprehensive, taking in Smiths' whole career, and standout tracks are undoubtedly '1959' off 1998's Peace and Noise, about both a little girl and her love of a car and the plight of the Dalai Lama, and her only charting UK single 'Because The Night', as well as the beautiful 'Dancing Barefoot' and 'Gloria'. From CD2, live cuts such as '25th Floor' (culminating in a guitar battle between Smith and her bandleader Lenny Kaye) and 'Wander I Go' are stunning. 'Wander I Go' is pure poetry, and the second side of that double-A-side, Piss Factory, is as raw and exciting as it was the first time I heard it.
Smiths strength lies not only in her strange, primitive rock'n'roll voice, but also in her way with words, the ease with which she spins a tale and compresses it into four minutes.
The fact that I am only 16 proves that Smith is still relevant today - she doesn't belong to the 70's or the 80's where she made her name, her mark can still be seen here in todays burgeoning garage-rock and underground scene - try it...
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on 29 January 2007
Patti Smith - original artist, punk rocker, poet of the political and surreal. She is a powerfully feminist figure, not by any divisive rhetoric or populist agenda, but rather by virtue of being a woman wilful enough to reject the superficial, sexualised cliche that has claimed so many of her female contemporaries. The music she makes is vicious, exhaltant, brooding and intimate. Her lyrics are often obscure, and yet filled with images potent enough to spark a personal connection in the mind of the listener. As a singer, her voice is uniquely confrontational - it simply demands your attention of any song in which it resides.

'Land' is an excellent combination of Smith's better known songs with demos, live performances and spoken word tracks. The precise balance between rare and accessible material makes it appealing to both long-term fans and newcomers (which most compilations aspire to, but precious few have achieved). Everything on the album deserves its place, the quality never wavers, and Amazon's asking price is a welcome bonus. If there is a more fiercely courageous and strikingly individual female musician than Patti Smith alive today, I have yet to hear her.
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on 3 May 2007
I'm so tempted to buy this again even though I've already got it.Really at this price its got to be worth a try even if you dont know any Patti stuff at all.
Its not really a 'Best Of' album.If you want the best of Patti Smith then just buy the sublime Horses album.
But this 2 disc set is packed with classics from the 70s ,with several cuts from Horses included.Highlights are Gloria,Free Money,Because The Night,Dancing Barefoot,Piss Factory,Redondo Beach,Birdland (live) and many others.This album mixes Patti's 70s stuff with cuts from her later more subdued albums such as Gone Again,Peace and Noise,and Gung Ho, which for me don't compare well to her classic albums Horses,Easter,and Radio Ethiopia.But here you can get a taster of what all those albums sound like,plus some rare demo and live stuff.The package also includes a great booklet packed with photos and lyrics.Really for £4 you cant go wrong here,so buy it now before they put the price up !!
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This is the perfect CD to replace those scratched vinyl albums, as it contains the best of Smith's seventies and eighties masterpieces like Babelogue, Gloria, People Have The Power, Frederick and Because The Night, plus live versions of old and more recent classics and interesting demo versions of Redondo Beach and Distant Fingers. Even if you have already replaced your vinyl with CD's, this is still a must have. The rare early single P-Factory, a true collector's item, makes this an essential purchase for the true fan. There is no one quite like Patti Smith with her talent for merging rock and poetry. It is luxuriously packaged with an informative booklet. Watch out for the hidden track - it's a lovely surprise to hear her take on the Broadway song Tomorrow!
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on 9 February 2013
The first Patti Smith product that I've bought since the single 'Piss Factory' back in '77, this album is a real mixture of stuff - from performance poetry with musical accompaniment, to minimalist moody Velvet Undergroundy numbers to punky rocking out songs to more familiar commercial songs such as 'Because the Night'. The mixture works well and shows how versatile Patti Smith is. No matter what style of song (or poem) she's doing, she performs with passion and originality. The lyrics are intelligent and bespeak a non-conformist spirit that follows in the lineage of such 'Beat' writers as Kerouac and Ginsberg.
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on 13 May 2013
A must for all Patti Smith fans, all her best songs are on this album. Listening to the album as a whole really highlights just how amazing this woman is as a singer, songwriter and the High Priestess of Punk.
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on 24 August 2013
Patti Smith is 67 years old and many years ago was the so-called Queen of Punk. At the time I was vaguely aware of some of her better known stuff, but that's all. A month or so ago I was in Vence (Alpes Maritime) where she was billed as the headline act in their annual music festival called 'Nuits du Sud', after which I just had to have this retrospective album. Given her history and the way she fuses many cultural influences into her music, you'd expect her to be a star in France and so it proves ---the town square was filled with 8,000 or so French fans of all ages loving her attitude, poetry and good honest rock and roll. I don't do pop concerts, but this was memorable and LAND is a reminder of a great few hours on a balmy night in the south.
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on 31 January 2015
This is a perfect addition to my music collection.It contains all her work from the 70s and 80s and at a bargain price!! Well worth a look.

Because The Night was always a firm favourite from my childhood and remains so to this day. I liked a few songs by her so this was the perfect buy just to gain an incite into the rest of her music. Listening to Dancing Barefoot was brilliant as my only knowledge of this song was of The Mission cover version, a track that I've always loved. The original is so much better I have to say.

Whether you're a fan or a Patti newcomer,this gives a good overview of her amazing work. Next buy has to be Horses,
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 July 2008
This is a mouthwateringly superb collection of Patti Smith material from throughout much of her career, mixing some classic studio tracks with live or previously unreleased and 'demo' pieces. The two cds are split into one of studio tracks, including the classic 'because the night', 'pissing in the river', 'gloria' and the irresistible 'free money'. I held my breath as I played the second cd, given my experience of the music quality of so called 'rareties and out-takes', which status is usually deserved as they're normally crap. Eventually I almost passed out,as it was all good stuff, with some outstanding tracks such as 'redondo beach' 'spell' and 'wing' which you just have to return to, again and again. Really though, it's just quality throughout this cd as well, with the bonus of some useful info on the accompanying booklet. Whether you're new to Patti, or already have her studio albums, this double set is brimful of quality, a staggering bargain at the price and an undoubted 'must have'. Finally, I'd echo the words of another reviewer: buy 'Horses' if you don't already have it, as this is her other essential album.
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on 7 May 2012
Patti Smith is one of the most influential artists of all time and this is a great snapshot. You'll never please everyone with the track listing but this is still a great collection. I love her!
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