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on 10 August 2017
What can I say James Oswald but brilliant. Yet another page turner, this was another great book. One part of the detail on finding a victim (no spoilers) was very graphic and actually made me think yuk. I wanted to join the force to be part of a murder investigation team and if I found that particular crime scene I think I would be thankful for an empty stomach, not sure I'd want to see that on a TV series either,all I could say is thank heavens we only have television and don't have smelly vision. This writer has an amazing ability to hold on to the story line throughout, it's not all boring, there's a touch a humour thrown in too so keeps the pace moving without getting too droll. I have books 4-7 and now reading number 4, I seem to be wanting more and more, I already like Tony McLean and his team a lot, they gel well and all have their own qualities which make an investigation team what it should be.
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on 17 September 2017
I love this author and his Detective Inspector McLean, I also like the supernatural twists on his stories. However, this one went a little too far for it to be believable and I lost the plot and interest in some parts. This story went way beyond police investigation and into something very dark which stole the whole point of it being about a brilliant young detective and made it far less believable. I was a little disappointed that this seems to be the direction these books are going, I would much rather read about conventional police detection and procedures together with the unconventional as that makes the stories different and exciting, but this was too much the other way for my liking. Also we were ever told what happened to Mrs Mclucheon's cat!
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on 15 March 2017
Having read the previous two novels in sequence the sub story begins to unfold . Questions left hanging from the first books begin to be answered, I'm still not sure how I feel about the books but perhaps that's what the author wants from the reader an engagement of sorts.........
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Without spoiling either story line, I am a huge fan of Stuart Macbride's "Logan McRae" novels, as is (obviously) Mr Oswald. I was worried that the story lines, although obviously similar would become the same, but thankfully I was very very wrong.

The McLean books, so far, i have found to be truly compulsive reading. You have to have something that sets you apart from the raft of UK police novels, and the McLean books are well written, atmospheric, and splendidly twisty... and obviously have that whiff of the paranormal

The only very small niggle I have is that Mr Oswald tends to repeat ideas, and, they can be a bit too dark... we need some of the irony of Rebus, or the gallows humour of McRae but early days I think.

Having said that I'm just about to start No 4

P.S. read 4 and starting 5.... And, yes, Mr O seems to be finding his comic relief feet....
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on 28 July 2017
Another brilliantly told story. Filled with wonderful characters , and scene setting.
This series of books has drawn me into a genre I never really liked before. The supernatural , has always been something I avoided like the plague . Here though the crime story is intermingled with supernatural elements , that seem to work well. Can't wait for book four now.
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on 5 July 2017
The characters are developing. McLean would be a bit to boy scout apart for his interactions with his superior officers. Good follow up and ending not as predictable as I thought approaching the end. Well worth a read.
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on 30 September 2017
Only one criticism, rather too much gory detail about the deaths, but still very good. What happened to the cat? Hope she is in book 4. James Oswald is too good an author to drop a character without an explanation.
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on 9 August 2017
Wow! Yet another book I have struggled to put down because the storyline is so gripping. I'm loving these books.
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on 31 July 2017
I am enjoying DI McLean and his scepticism- there are certainly more things under the sun than we can understand or explain!!
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on 20 September 2014
My favourite author at the moment, I read Natural Causes by accident, and have made sure that I read the sequels as soon as they are out through pre-order.
Inspector McLean's world is so easy to get immersed in, the stories are detective stories with an edge, crossing two genres I really enjoy.
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