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First up; Alyssa was such a good narrator! I sometimes find in YA books that surround several characters that entwine into the dialogue frequently, that sometimes the main character voice can get lost, but Alyssa is up there with my favourites. And being her point of view, I felt that extra connection with the plot, and it really does help a reader when we can empathize and root for the main character throughout, by bonding with them.
Onto the story! Wow. Lucy Carver is on her way to becoming the next Ally Carter. I was hooked without a doubt to the suspicion surrounding Lily's death and the whirlwind of chaos that became Alyssa's life. Lily's death is supposedly a suicide, but Alyssa knew Lily in a different way to how she was perceived, and knew better than to think that anything that felt sinister wasn't just a coincidence. But what I wasn't expecting was the further thrills of more bodies and a tale of the back story that would uncover the truth...if it didn't tear apart the lives of the ones the death effected first.
I was slightly reminded of Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series, not because of similar storylines or plots, but because of the incredible rollercoaster-of-a-book that Young, Gifted and Dead truly was. I knew it was going to be great, but it totally exceeded my expectations by miles! From diary entries to parties and sneaking out of St Jude's Academy to the hints of romance, I had my eyes peeled on clues and the mystery for the whole time.
Everything came together in an epic conclusion with an ending I couldn't have flawed at all; totally how I would've ended it--better, though, a thousand times more amazing. I can already tell that Lucy Carver's Young, Gifted and Dead is going to be a huge hit for the other YA-lovers who will choose to be taken on a ride of secrecy, enchantment and thrills.
A massive 5 star novel! A favourite of mine this year, definitely.
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I liked Young, Gifted and Dead right from the first page. The writing - fast and snarky - immediately pulled me in and before I knew it I was hooked. Like Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars, Young, Gifted and Dead is a cracking read that will keep you awake well into the night.

Set at St Jude's Academy, a prestigious UK boarding school for gifted students, this story kicks off like any self-respecting mystery should: with a murder. Lily, new girl Alyssa's friend and roommate, is found floating in a lake, the victim of an apparent suicide. Alyssa's knows all too well that Lily, this girl she knows and trusts, would never have killed herself, and so begins a dangerous, frantic search for the truth.

Lucy Carver's ability to weave an upper-class murder mystery involving teenagers is quite an achievement. All too often novels like this are tired and unbelievable; everything has been done before, nothing is new. While this book isn't new as such, it's the first time I've come across a story like this set in England. More often than not, these rich, spoilt young adults live in preppy schools on New York's Upper East Side, and bide their time by planning parties or shopping at Macy's. With this book, the stereotypes have moved closer to home, and it makes for a very satisfying read. Like I said, uproot the cast of Gossip Girl to a dreary English town and you've got Young, Gifted and Dead.

This story, along with its characters, is built on deceit and lies. It weaves a tangled web, leaving no stone unturned and throwing out some truly unexpected plot twists. The people can be abhorrent, the setting is ludicrous, but it all works when fitted together to make this huge puzzle ready for unravelling. The more I got embroiled in the story, the more I enjoyed it and wanted to race to the end to uncover the truth. It's a fantastic start to a series and it's one I'll be continuing with. I've seen this book be compared to the Gallagher Girls series and, while I do see certain similarities, Young, Gifted and Dead is so much better. Here's to more gossip and scandal from St Jude's Academy!
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on 26 October 2015
It was a good read but sometimes it felt as if the author was in a rush to write sections. Apart from that I enjoyed it did not esprit some of the tragedies tbh so that was refreshing in its own way.
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on 3 January 2015
Was a great book couldn't put it down, if you like love story mystery murder and twist this is for you 😃 Book 2 ~ killing you softly is next ! You will be hooked
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on 12 August 2016
Really enjoyed this book, keeps you intrigued and keeps you guessing! I liked the detective and murder mystery them the book has, would definately recommend
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on 17 April 2014
This book has a great story line. It is full of twists and i could not put it down!!!! I would recomend it to young adults. Great murder mystery. 5 stars!!!!
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on 8 April 2014
Great read, interesting story. Kept teenager engaged for a few hours. Will be picking up further books by this author in the future.
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on 1 September 2014
Luved reading this book!!!!!!! Definitely worth reading, especially if you have read some of a ally carters stories !! ,
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on 15 November 2013
I really liked the story, but the quality of the writing was not very good and could have been much better.
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on 27 July 2015
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