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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 29 April 2014
I got this album on release shortly before I saw them up in London. Realistically I would probably give it three stars if it weren’t for how good the gig was. I’m reviewing it now just because I realised I hadn’t listened to it in a while and thought I would give it another try.

It was with rather a heavy heart then that I found myself simply skipping song after song until I was at the end of the album before I knew it. There have always been short songs which feel a little like filler and the odd jokey song on previous Turisas albums but that has been fine due to how long they are. I’d forgotten how damn short this album actually is.

Sometimes a band will release an album which just has to be listened to in its entirety and other times it kind of demands you to be choosy and select tracks from across several albums to add to a playlist. Battle Metal falls into the first category but with this album I realistically just get kind of... bored. Once you skip one song it becomes easier to skip another which you just don’t much feel like. If I make a Turisas playlist then Greek Fire and Piece by Piece are usually the only ones to make it onto it from this album.

That’s not to say that there aren’t other songs which are good but some are just too generic whilst other ones employ some rather annoying sampling that just comes out of nowhere. No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea for instance is a fun song and was great live but the dramatically sped up lyrics from Varangian Guard which cut into it randomly are really off putting. Especially with headphones on and something which would make me almost embarrassed to play it out loud in front of friends not familiar with the band.

I saw Turisas twice last year both times on very small stages which made for an absolutely incredible atmosphere. Definitely sets I will remember for a long time to come. Yet somehow the fantastic ambience and sheer power that Turisas have live is just not captured well by the majority of this album (though Greek Fire mosh pit with intense strobe lights was utterly incredible). It feels like the style is slipping from something unique and epic but on the fringes into something more generic and bland. Basically I’m saying that if their first album was like this I never would have discovered them. Hopefully the next album will be back to proper form.
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on 3 February 2014
I accidentally stumbled into "STAND UP AND FIGHT" To just sampling music here. I bought it ,because that album is unique and really good,a real gem. So I figured the next album will be even better.Not so. It is too bad ,since the melodies are good but the instrumentation is not.A big step backward. Why a band would do this ,I have no idea and it caused them lots of bad reviews. Ten more miles is a great song and there are others too ,only too bare. This album sounds very amateur compare to "Stand up and fight." On artistic suicide. If they continue this way,they will disappear from site very quickly. Lets hope they come to their senses and turn this around.
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on 21 May 2017
Absolutely love this album....in my opinion it's their best. Perhaps not as heavy / growley as their earlier stuff, but it's awesome all the same.
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on 5 December 2015
I've loved every track on this album since I got it.

I got into Turisas about a year ago, and did their albums in a totally weird order. I bought Stand Up and Fight, listened to it a bit, wasn't too sure, came back to it later and fell in love with its awesome symphonic metal. Next up, I bought The Varangian Way. I loved that album straight away, and for different reasons. The vocals were raw and epic, and the songs told a story. Then, I got Battle Metal and didn't feel it compared to their second album. However, when you stick all three of those albums on shuffle together, every song delivers something unique and awesome.

Maybe this is the perfect order to enjoy Turisas 2013. With this album, you get a 50/50 split of epic screaming from The Varangian Way and deep, melodic vocals from Stand Up and Fight. Musically, you get a lot of the symphonic feel from Stand Up and Fight, and other tracks deliver a more thrashy, drum-centric feel that Turisas' first two albums had.

My only wish is that it had a more thematic focus like previous albums. Nevertheless, this is a thoroughly enjoyable album from a very talented metal band.
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on 16 December 2013
I have enjoyed the last three Turisas CD s but was much later turning to this one as the reviews seemed a bit mixed and in the case of many of these bands it always seems like dwindling returns the further you get in.
So does their dark Viking folk metal hold up or as it become blunted by familiarity or tainted by a need to overtly experiment thus creating a different sound which no longer delivers?
Turisas have fell into neither trap,this album is unmistakably their style but it has a hint of progressive rock excess which in fairness works well,initiall listens do show certain tracks shine more than others and in some ways a keyboard present on some tracks can detract initially from the previous rustic feel of the band.
In some ways this seems more of a folky power metal album and possibly the most commercial the band have released so far..it's still pretty anthem heavy so far and if a commercial spike in their career happens off the back of this CD allowing them to record another occurs?...well that will be no bad thing.
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on 31 January 2014
If I'd have rated this album after one listen, I'd have probably only given it three stars. I'm glad I didn't as this is an album that needs a good few listens to really show how good it is. I think the main problem on the first listen is that the huge orchestration of the previous couple of albums seem to have been toned down a little and the songs don't have as much of an immediate impact as a result. However, a few listens later and that doesn't matter; it's still Turisas and they know how to make a cracking tune.

Standout tracks are For Your Own Good and Ten More Miles but the whole album is great; just give it a chance.
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on 3 October 2013
I wasn't sure about this album to begin with, but then the same can be said for stand up and fight and I ended up thinking that was one of their best.
This album (or some of it) definitely grows on you.

I would say I wasn't as thrilled with this album as I hoped though, I only really like 4 of the 9 tracks whereas previously I don't feel that Turisas had ever done a bad song.
The songs which are good are alone worth buying the album for.
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on 9 September 2013
Usually the name Turisas is equal with quality, but the new album is a big let down. It seems as though it has been very rushed. Only 3 songs are any good. The rest is boring and feels very flat. I hope in the future, that they will return to the great music they made before this boring album.
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on 8 September 2013
I lie. Or do I?

Well, well, the fourth pillaging platter from Finland's Finest Turisas is upon us and what do we find? We find a more mature bunch of battle-hardened beserkers, that's what! There's a greater stylistic diversity here and the Warlord Nygard has marshalled his troops marvellously with many textured multi ethnic song stylings.
I must say that I let out a gates of Valhalla rattling roar recently when I discovered that Turisas are listed on Prog Archives, however 2013 sees Turisas knocking at the Prog Gates. Well, not knocking, more like hacking with trusty (inflatable) swords.

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on 29 September 2014
Another great album from a great band!
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