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on 5 June 2017
After 10yrs of gym experience; understanding how supplements work, diet, nutrition, routine etc there comes a point where you know what is best for your body in order to achieve your goals and aspirations. Creatine has always been a grey area for me personally, I never understood how creatine could be marketed at different prices. After all, creatine is just simply.... creatine. There is no variance in quality. Save your money and avoid all the fancy labels and high end sports brands. The muscle form micropure creatine is quite possibly the best in terms of value and overall quality. No gimmicks, just 100% pure creatine. Mix with a sugary fruit juice to spike insulin levels (this increases creatine uptake in the muscle) and away you go. Also recommend drinking 2l of water daily.
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on 26 March 2017
Excellent product!!
As opposed to other supplements there are tonnes of scientific evidence to back the health and ergogenic benefits of taking creatine monohydrate. The only issue was it would destroy me from the inside - even the smallest amounts mixed well and diluted with lots of water (I tried dissolving it in warm water too!) would give me stomach cramps, major headaches, lots of gas, bloating and very painful gritty bouts of diarrhea. Supplementing creatine pre-workout would actually make me lose motivation to workout because of the side effects, and also interfere with other aspects of my day. I never understood why this was happening until I started researching micronized creatine monohydrate. This product was the first ever form of micronized creatine I have ever tried and the result - unbelieveable!! I can actually take 5g of this stuff in one go (5x the dose I used to be able barely handle with regular creatine) and no side effects!! I have taken this stuff daily for the past few days and have noticed great improvement in strength in my Bench Press, Overhead Press and Dips. My other lifts seem to have not changed but I guess it's early days! Also supplementing this product in the morning (as opposed to just drinking water) helps me feel less dehydrated upon waking.
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on 11 April 2018
I have found this to be very beneficial, though I'm not entirely sure if some of the positive effects may not be pure placebo.

In any case, for me this has increased both strength and endurance during resistance training and thus I have noticed some good results.

Also, as a chap in my late fifties, I have noticed some pronounced cognitive benefits which I was not expecting. I seem to have better short-term memory and more mental energy and concentration. I think these powerful effects may be because I am a near-vegetarian and therefore do not obtain much creatine naturally and I would continue taking it just for these benefits alone.

The product seems fine, mixes OK in water. Mine came with a handy 2.5 gm scoop which fits nicely to a 2 x 2.5 gm/day dose. The scoop also just fits the neck of a 2 L bottle of water. I save a used one and shake it up in that. The volume of the bottle and a little water means it mixes well.

I shall buy again.
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on 14 July 2016
I purchased this Creatine approximately 6 weeks ago. The item arrived quickly and well packaged.
The Creatine itself has a very slight flavour and I use to mix either with water or milk for pre/post workout shakes and it mixes easily.
Since taking Creatine I feel I have more energy when lifting when I take pre workout and this has helped me lift heavier weights.(5kg more in some compound moves)
I have gained approximately 1 lb in weight which is not as much as others but I think this is because I get high amounts in my diet (fish, beef etc)
I have had no side effects of taking it and have not felt bloated or constantly thirsty as I drink 2 to 3 litres of water per day any way.
This product won't turn you into Arnie overnight but helps provide a great energy boost to get those extra gainz.
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on 18 July 2016
Excellent stuff, just pure creatine.

I googled the best quantity to take for my weight and didn't bother with loading and the result have been great. I did always consume it with plenty of protein and some carbs though.

Don't waste money on fancy packaging or marketing. This stuff is 100 pure so just the same as the most expensive alternatives.

I'm lifting slightly more and for slightly longer on this stuff.
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on 27 June 2016
Very easy to mix and the instructions in front give a guideline of usage. I've heard that apparently it can be taken with fruit juice or carbohydrates to enhance results and not to be taken with caffeine, but I'd recommend doing some research into this (as I intend to do also)

I've been using the product for a few weeks now. It's very difficult to say if endurance increases as a result of continued training or if the creatine is helping; but for the price, it's hard to see why you wouldn't give it a shot
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on 11 July 2016
My husband has been taking this for 4 days now and noticed his appetite increase and his endurance at the gym i.e. (lifting more weights for longer reps,sets). this can give you bad headaches if you don't drink plenty of water, so stay hydrated !!! :D
Overall great product and he will definitely be ordering some more in the not so distant future...
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on 6 June 2017
The creatine seemed to be made from high quality ingredients and performed just as well as any other creatine Ive tried. Overall a good purchase.
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on 1 December 2016
As I am currently on a strength cycle I noticed that I was both struggling as the weight increased and could not recover quick enough. I introduced this product and immediately felt both strength gains and a quicker recovery. I have never taken creatine as a separate supplement before just as part of an all-in-one like Maximuscle Cyclone so this was my first trial.

The product is effectively tasteless and can even be mixed with water and a little fruit juice, it mixes well and I take it with my protein shake during the day. I have read a few articles on creatine and the loading phase and I am of the mind that the loading phase is not necessary, I have taken the maintenance dose from day 1 as part of my supplement routine and I am starting to see some real benefits.
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on 24 December 2017
Great quality creatine - can’t really go wrong with this simple formula, hence I won’t buy these aminos from competitors.

Delivers exactly what you expect - water pumped muscles and godly strength. 5g a day keeps the gains at bay
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