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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 5 October 2013
A quick warning to any UK customer thinking of buying this DVD, this version of the film has been ruined by 6 minutes of cuts by the idiotic UK censor, the US Unrated DVD is the full and complete version and can be bought through at a very reasonable price which includes delivery, I've just ordered my copy :-) See it in it's entirety or not at all.
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on 6 October 2013
Let me start by saying I am reviewing the USA IMPORT UNCUT VERSION! The UK version has been heavily cut by approx. 6 minutes, the movie itself is very good, some parts of the story are a bit stupid in places and were not really necessary but the overall revenge theme thriller was good even if the best bits of revenge are in the last half hour of the film, the story is very different to the original this time its a young model who gets raped by a group of photographers, they abduct her and keep her in the basement where they perform vile torture etc., she manages to make a very random lucky escape and then act out her bloody revenge, the revenge scenes were ok nothing special but the last one with the vice is exceptionally painful to watch, how much of these scenes remains intact in the UK version I don't know as its quite graphic, as for the rape scene it was horrible yes but nothing like the original remake, the first remake overall was probably a better film, especially story wise, still this is worth checking out if you want something nasty to watch, its a pretty good movie but not brilliant.
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on 5 December 2013
The first half of this film is all about the rape, torture and humiliation of an innocent girl. These scenes are far more prolonged and graphic than in the first one and they are depressing to say the least. This girl goes through hell. If anything this first half is far too long, do we really need to see this girl raped and tortured over and over for about an hour? As a result there is very little build up to the actual vengeance that the girl inflicts on the group and it is somewhat brief and less creative than in the first one. Brutal definitely and they certainly suffer but nonetheless short and in a sense it feels like it wasn't enough (with one very obvious exception). This also might have something to do with the acting of the lead girl, the beautiful Jemma Dallender who plays Katie. Her performance is easily the standout and her unfortunate scenes are harrowing and quite believable (I would imagine). She isn't as convincing during her 'revenge' spree but it is good enough for what it is. Even her american accent holds up well. As for the rest of the acting, some dodgy accents aside, they all do the job and you will end up hating these people who have done this to her.

Story wise there are some ridiculous plot holes but really you won't care about those too much. It would have been better if we saw some character development or some sort of story behind the secondary characters though. The Priest, the cop, or the mother Ana, these had potential but instead they are all ignored to make way for some torture. Which is a shame as the ending in particular could have been so much better. It isn't as good as the first but it isn't bad by any means and if you are a fan of these type of films you can't go wrong with this one. Liked the first? Then you will like this. Watch the unrated US version if possible though.

Joe Absolom stars in this as know the guy who used to be in Eastenders all those years back. He is the leader and probably the 'nicest' of these sickos but unfortunately for him he gets by far the worst comeuppance!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 September 2013
**This review is for the film only**

Having really enjoyed the brutal, yet terribly dated, 1978 movie, I watched the 2010 remake expecting it to really suck, however, it really surprised me and was brilliantly tense, shocking and at times, so graphic that it had me squirming in my seat.

Roll on a couple of years and we now have a sequel.

I at first expected this to be a cheap cash in on the first movie but having seen that it was directed by the very same guy (Steven R Monroe) it gave me some confidence that this would be a decent follow up.

The Plot!!!
We are introduced to Katie (Jemma Dallender) an aspiring model. When she innocently accepts an offer to have some new photos taken for her portfolio, free of charge, from a family of Romanian photographers, the experience quickly turns into an unthinkable nightmare, as one of the group takes an obsessive liking to her. What then seems like an innocent act of kindness soon turns into a night of murder, kidnap, rape and torture. When Katie finally escapes she plans and executes her brutal revenge.

This film is in my opinion, on par with part 1. It has a different feel to it in terms of atmosphere and dread and the rape and torture scenes in the first half of the film are not quite as graphic, yet still very difficult to watch.

The second half of the movie though, is jaw droppingly brutal. Some of the revenge scenes, while being so horrific and disturbing (especially if you're a man), are a really uncomfortable yet, un-nervingly satisfying watch, this being down to the bad guys being so despicably horrible.

The acting, production values and simple, yet gruesome effects, are as good as they were in part 1 and the film will be a real treat for revenge style horror movie fans like myself.

However, if you have never seen the first one, or you are more into mainstream horror films, then you may be in for a shock. This film is intense, shocking and uncompromising in its brutality, so don't say I didn't warn you. The last 10 minutes especially, will have most men leaping behind the sofa and covering their eyes lol.

Fans of the first film, or films like Saw and The hills have eyes, will no doubt take great pleasure from this sequel but for the more mainstream audience, it may be a little too graphic for most tastes.

9/10 Twisted and brilliant.
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on 14 October 2015
Standard revenge fayre this, but like I Spit On Your Grave 1 (remake), a wronged girl who rises to the challenge to dispatch a bunch of guys after a rape/attempted murder experience, the vengeance is ruthless and utterly enjoyable. I do like to see really violent reprisals of this nature. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and this rollercoaster ride is exhilarating. Men beware you will be pleased to know these things are not happening to you. Ouch.
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on 16 June 2014
That sums up this movie. Would you believe the 1970's original version was BANNED! Not in the Millenium! More savage and more REVENGE!! The Girl (Little Mouse) is raped in New York after her photo shoot did not go well. The brothers help out the rapist brother,then make it worse for themselves,box her up and next thing she is in Sofia,Bulgaria. These nasty men do unbelieveable cruelty to this woman. Then bury her ALIVE! In the box they transported her in. Now use your imagination on this. She breaks free with underground earth and water MIXED! One of the Men,she slashes and puts infection into his wounds while being tied up, the other,puts his head down a toilet full off disgusting puke and s***,to choke to death. Another,gets tortured by elecrocution like seen in no other film! Very nasty!..and for last.."We all have our 'vices'" So proceeds to clamp his testicles onto a vice,and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze..AAAAAHHHHHH no Knackers!! THIS film should of been BANNED! Very graphic so beware! Absolutely horrific for all!! Director S.Munroe,as was 'I spit on your grave 1' Splendid.
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on 27 December 2013
Firstly I loved the remake of 'I Spit On Your Grave', it was pretty much one of my favourite horrors of that particular year so I was very excited to sit down and watch this. From the start you get the idea of where this is going and start to sense what is going to happen will be truly disturbing.

However you soon start to feel thats its going to be "one of them" movies where you see nothing. It was either heavily edited or they was just to scared to push the viewer to the edge of their seat as it just seemed to lack bite. For example the camera would in most scenes pan away from the actual act of violence to just seeing the victims faces scream and lets face it, we watch these films to see extreme violence along with a good bite of revenge torture. Admittedly the final scene had me cringing a little where as in the remake I was pretty much thinking "oh that's gotta hurt" nearly every scene.

I also just couldn't get to grips with the main character (girl) and her background story (of which was none) didn't leave me caring much for her and compared to the remake I just didn't feel sorry for her that much. The whole movie felt rushed, lack of ideas, low budget and almost like something that should of gone straight to TV. In fact about 50 mins into the movie I was literally trying to stay awake, cause it just becomes so tedious and boring.

Overall I was really disappointed and was missing everything I loved about the recent remake of the original. In fact the more I think about it now, this movie really was pretty lame and will go in my "major disappointment" DVD case to gather dust over the years :(
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on 27 September 2013
Here it inevitably is - the nasty, grubby little sequel to the surprisingly effective 2010 remake of the video nasty kingpin of 1978. Steven Monroe's follow-up (is he REALLY going for a franchise here??!) manages to not so much cross the line as totally destroy it, tumbling into a dark and depressing abyss in the process. The trouble with the torture porn genre - and this certainly earns that dubious though dated label - is an innate, nihilistic inability to know when to stop. With an abuse/rape/kidnap/urination/electric prod first and second act (one in New York, the second in-uh-Bulgaria), Monroe and writers, Neil Elman and Thomas Fenton subject their heroine, a struggling model (Brit thesp, Jemma `Community' Dallender) to relentless attacks, humiliation, violation and degradation before the inevitable escape/revenge finale. But I guess you already knew that.

What on earth this is all meant to be is hard to fathom. It lacks tension, pace or any real kind of plot development and characters remain stuck in their stereotypical templates throughout. Undeniably brutal and relentless, it is ultimately a bit of a worry. There is a little too much relish in the air during the first half and the brutalising of the central character is far more than is necessary to make the point. However, Jemma Dallender acquits herself incredibly well even in the context of this scuzzy material and that ex-Eastender, Joe Absolam does Euro psycho with no small measure of panache. That aside, this is one downer of a movie after which you may well require the services of a good shower.
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on 16 June 2014
a brilliant follow up to the first I spit on your grave,carol a model living in new York goes for a photo session and declines removing her clothes ,a short while after one of the men goes to her apartment and rapes her then she is drugged and finds herself in another country and is beaten ,raped,and buried alive,luckily the box is too heavy and it falls through a thin concrete layer into the sewer system where she plots her revenge,men it will make your eyes water,a brilliant film
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Having watched I spit on your Grave 1 I really wanted to watch this and I wasn't disappointed. A not dissimilar story to the last one but different enough not to make you think you were watching something you had seen before.
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