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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 October 2013
There are so many glowing reviews for these phones and many helpful ones among them, that it almost feels pointless adding to them. Still, there are very few reviews which specifically address these compared with their closest competitors that I felt compelled to write another review for you. For I am lucky enough to own these as well as Beyerdynamic DT 770, Grado Sr60i among others.

Regardless, I bought these, fully expecting to return them, a few days later for a full refund. A rash of five star reviews can often mean that an item is seriously overrated... Yes indeed, I was fully expecting these phones to be all hype - yet another overrated victim of 'group-think'. But wow, was I wrong!? I am now so glad that I kept my mind open to the possibility that the other reviewers were absolutely right; That the hype *is* all justified? Indeed it is. Anyway, with that being said, which headphones come close to these?

Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO Headset - 80 OHM are pretty close to these phones. That much can't be doubted. If these phones didn't exist I would definitely advise those who can't stretch their budget closer to Momentum territory (see below) to buy the Beyerdymnamics. However, the DT770's honestly sound a just little tame compared to these - as if there is more oxygen, more life, more vibrancy, a wider sound-stage and most excellent stereo separation in the sound delivered by these ATHM50 cans. What's more the fact that these M50's sport 32 Ohms, means that they'll be plenty loud enough when coupled with any music portable player. And that's not forgetting, I could say now with all honesty, and in all seriousness - if you can't hear that these are the world's best sub 200 pound phones, then you should seek a hearing test.

These phones simply deliver - if it's 100 per cent in the music then it's 100 percent in these phones. Period. The Beyerdynamic DT770 phones are, don't get me wrong, excellent phones, a few even say that they're neck to neck with these. But to me, they're clearly just not as good: the aural 'also rans'! There is in fact so much detail in the sound of these ATHM50's that I occasionally have to remove my phones because I mistakenly thought I heard someone else in the room etc. As for Grado Sr60i - they are leagues behind: Nowhere near as beautifully transparent sounding.

A few months ago, I wouldn't have thought that anything, even close to their price could even match, let alone sound better than Beyerdynamic DT770, but I now know that to be most untrue. The better sounding phones are these Audio Technica ATHM50. Still, if you are not only buying headphones but also would like to sample these, versus their closest sounding competitors, then do seek out Sennheiser MomentumSennheiser Momentum Closed Circumaural Headphone with Smart Remote - Black, exceptionally clear and transparent phones with perhaps more of a 'bass-wards' nod than these; which is no bad thing, for they too are exceptional, albeit a great deal more expensive than these outright winners.
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on 8 February 2014
Been using these for quite a while now, I still love them.

Anyone expecting fat bass or highly EQd sound for your listening pleasure, look elsewhere. These are audio engineering headphones. They can do the big bass and sound fantastic, but you'll have to EQ your system rather than relying on any kind of natural bass boost.

But for engineering, they really shine. They're fantastic, awesome clarity, no muddyness at all even with crazy amounts of bass put through them. Now I'm used to them, I use them for everything. I've heard stuff in my favourite tracks that I've never heard before even after hundreds of listens.
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on 4 February 2014
These guys rule, simply put.

I haven't been lucky enough to try every headphone out there, especially those in the pricey brackets. However I am a music writer/producer/engineer, and I can tell you these babies are the most luxuriant headphones I've ever heard.

I'm quite sure they are not as flat as the guff would like you to believe, but they still deliver one hell of a sweet sound. I would say the bass is a tad heavy, but only slightly...especially compared to other headphones I've had.

This said, it makes finding FLAC versions of all your favourite music an imperitive, espeically if you mp3'd all your cd's and sold them to music magpie to make a few quid and free up some space. I assure you, a 320 bit mp3 sounds muddy compared to FLAC versions on these babies.

They completely clarify the sound, and you notice all the nuances...it's one of those slightly overused phrases where you literally hear things in mixes you've known for years completely new aspects...whether it's the tone or depth of a reverb, or the click on a bass guitar, it all seems like the sound has been brought out from behind a curtain and offered to you with champagne n truffles.

That is not to say it suffers from over trebling the sound either. There is no tiring of the ears with these dudes, unless you pump up your favourite dirty d'n'b for too long...and even then those lovely, house rattling bass lines sounds clean and powerful without winding up any one in the vicinity who isn't in the hardcore mode...

...oh, and if you like listening to singers and guitars then the mids are just as clean too....I have heard some complain about the soundstage, but I found it was wide, clear, and allowed electronica pad's to wibble/wabble the way we all like them too.

In short, for £120, you cannot go wrong if you like listening to music, as in LISTENING...not just putting it on and doing something else, but conciously choosing to only listen to the music.

Oh and watching films is great too (Elysium on a laptop was beautiful on the Eurostar to Paris).

Five stars from me. Very happy indeed.

PS the are comfy too, no complaints with the build or the length of lead.
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on 18 December 2013
What did I like/dislike about the product?
I've been researching for headphones for a while until I came across these amazing headphones. I've tried many headphones but I'm convinced that none sound better than this. I like my music to be pure with no boosts added by the headphones. These produce the purest music I've ever come across. The way artist intended it to be. Even music from your iPhone/iPod sound substantially better than any other headphones I've used/tested before. For the price, it is a no brainer to just purchase these. These are closed back and around ear design. That may be a downside to some who don't find around ears to be comfortable. They are made of plastic but look alright for something made entirely of plastic. The only negative about these headphones would be the fact that the cable comes connected and cannot be replace unless done professionally. I would hate to throw them away only for the sake of cable going awry.

Why did I choose the rating?
I haven't come across anything that produces better flats than these

Who would I recommend the product to?
Any music lover who wants to listen to music as it was intended to be
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on 12 October 2014
I am a big fan of Headphone, I have spent more money on headphones/musical equipments than anything else and I meant it. I have almost 20 pairs of headphones which are over 100 GBP and the Audio Technica ATH-M50SV is by far one of the best headphone I have ever used.

Sound Quality,

With ATH-M50SV, it does sound like Sennheiser 5 Series (598) for me. I have started off listening some classical music and later with some POP music. It has already been a year with this pair of headphone and the sound quality is by far the best I have seen in this price level.


ATH-M50SV is a plastic headphone, but it does not feel Mediocre at all. At least, it feels more solid than the Monster Studio Headphone and Bose QC 15 Headphone. It is quite flexible too, sadly I could not show you how does this headphone look like, but I bet there are ton of reviews on Youtube.

Headphone bag: It is a soft bag, alright quality. Not expecting much from a pair of 100 GBP headphone.
Price: Very reasonable, I will say 80-95 GBP for M50 and 115-130 GBP for M50SV. Good for you if could find it cheaper.
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on 7 October 2014
Not really one for leaving reviews but I just need to for these, these are the best headphones I own and have ever owned and saying that hurts a little since I have the sennheiser momentums, don't get me wrong the Senns are really nice sounding headphones and beautiful too but Its just a case of I prefer the sound of these than the sennheisers, one thing I will say about the m50's is I have discovered after a couple months that the jack plug has become what feels like loose, what is happening is when I hold the jack plug itself and try to spin the metal housing its in it turns slightly, this has gotten very very slightly worse over these couple months, I shall update you if it gets worse or breaks just so other people know with this fact I give it four stars but otherwise these are some absolutely wonderful headphones for the price I got them at (£100)
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on 12 June 2014
I'm just going to say that I am no audiophile for a start. But I thought I'd spend a bit more than normal on headphones for DJing and after reading article after article, I went for these.
Sound quality is great, best I've had however I've only ever used headphones with a price tag of up to £40.
Bass is nice and low, while mid and high are crisp and clear.
The build quality should be mentioned. They feel sturdy and well made, the ear part rotates 180degrees which is great for DJing.
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on 21 April 2014
I'd love to write a super detailed review, but if you google this or look them up on headfi.org (where they are rated as the #1 over ear headphone for all price ranges based on average review) and you'll know why to get them. Managed to snag them at the bargain £99.

Never going back to anything. I will admit after extensive use, they can be a tiny bit uncomfortable, but if you move them a tiny bit to a new position, that will solve the issue.
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on 22 June 2014
At 105 pounds these guys are so undervalued. The best headphones out there in my opinion for under 200ish quid.

They are bulky and really sturdy. I went for the thick coiled cable option.The sound quality is so crisp - once you use them everything else sounds like s*** in comparison. These headphones are more than capable of drowning out everything around you, and with perfectly balanced highs, mids and lows.
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on 17 March 2014
I previously owned beats studios before getting a pair of m50's a year ago. The difference was staggering and I'm happily buyimh my second pair.. Only complaint was that, after paying for next day delivery on the Thursday, the headphones didn't arrive until Wednesday. Then again delivery makes no odds to the product which is why it still gets the 5 stars it deserves
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