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on 6 July 2015
After a little bit of work to get it to connect, I found this a very effective device. The problems I initially ran into may be useful for others.

The issues are really the way the camera works ( as mentioned elsewhere) and also how your phone/tablet/PC connects to WiFi. I hope this helps others as I am sure it relates to all these WiFi SD card devices, not just this one. Once solved, the card works fine. This one is slightly thicker than my ordinary card, so a little snug when it fits into my camera (Nikon D3100).

The first challenge is keeping the WiFi on the card active once inserted in the camera. By default, mine stayed active for around 30 seconds. But after changing all the default timeouts on my camera to higher values, that got fixed. (i.e. display timeout, liveview timeout, etc.). Essentially, one of these being active maintains the power to the SD Card and hence keeps the WiFi signal active. So, not a card fault, just the way the camera operates.

The second challenge was getting my Android phone and my PC to "see" the card. In my case, both the phone and PC were setup to auto-connect to my home Wi-Fi. So it will always connect to that by default, rather than the SD Card. To solve this, I gave up using the supplied Flash Air app and just used the standard utilities on my phone/PC. On the Phone, switch on Wi-Fi and see it auto-connect to your home Wi-Fi, then press and hold the "connection" to bring up the settings and change it to NOT auto connect to your home Wi-Fi. Then Switch Wi-Fi off and back on again. Now switch on the Camera and then you will see the Flashair Wi-Fi connection. Connect to it and you are away. Also, download the official user guide as it has loads of help - including how to connect to the card via an internet explorer connection rather than using the app. For me, my PC would not work when using the supplied app - but if I used internet explorer to navigate to the published flashair link (http://flashair/) it worked fine.
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on 16 April 2015
In itself this is a very good product. I would recommend researching thoroughly how this product actually works and be certain it fits your requirements.

The companion application for iPhone was easy to set up, but it was a little buggy. Sometimes thumbnails didn't appear and on a couple of occasions I had to attempt to download a file twice. It didn't work very well with videos, if you're just using your camera to take pictures then you will be fine.

The ability to download images from my camera without a computer or a network was very useful, the SD Card creates a standalone Ad Hoc Access Point. There is an option to pass through a Network connection, the SD Card shares internet from another Wifi hotspot so that your iPhone can still access internet whilst you are downloading content from the SD Card. This really isn't a feature you will make much use of, and I didn't put it to the test so I'm unable to comment on it's reliability.

The SD Card only works whilst your camera is switched on, since it needs to draw power. That does mean that if your Camera is set to automatically go to sleep after a set period of inactivity you could find the download breaks mid transmission. It's not a big deal but you have to be constantly mindful of it. This is a common issue with these types of SD Cards, don't turn to an alternative product expecting better results.
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on 20 July 2016
I am using this with a Panasonic Lumix FZ200. Set up was reasonably straight forward. To save battery life I wanted to turn the WIFI off until I came to download which meant opting for the control image on boot. On the Lumix FZ200 the protect menu cannot be accessed in the automatic mode so use P or C modes and the playback menu. This is were the Flashair instructions were confusing. To turn the WIFI on you need to display the control image and turn the Protect function to OFF. When you have finished downloading turn the Protect function on again so that the control image cannot be deleted. The card has its own network so you need to change your network connection. The card does what it says on the box and for my purposes ( I usually need to download a few pictures at a time) I prefer to use the WIFI rather than remove the card continually. I would have preferred a Drive interface from which one could download several chosen images at a time and hope an update will provide one in the future.
UPDATE: With this Lumix camera I find that I can take photos and the WiFi remains connected at least 15 metres away from the computer and through three brick walls.
I also found that once I switched the camera off and on again the WiFi connection had to activated again. I assume this means the WiFi card will not use battery power in normal use.
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on 8 July 2016
The information supplied with the product was extremely confusing. It did not explain how the product worked, and was an obvious translation from Japanese. The Toshiba web site had all the necessary information, but it was still not clearly explained. It was not until I read the reviews from previous Amazon customers that I finally understood exactly how to set it up. It is important for users to know that it works on an entirely different principle from the Eye-Fi products which have a similar function. It does not use your household wi-Fi network, it generates its own. I have tested it, and it works fine, but I do not yet know how it will perform if I need to transfer several hundred pictures from my camera to my IMac. I don't think I could have got it working so easily without the help of the information in the customer reviews, for which I am very grateful.
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on 22 November 2017
its ok, not as good as a camera with dedicated built in wifi. Connecting this to my iphone was a bit of a nightmare at times and required a good bit of patience, wouldn't recommend for those who are not that tech savvy, as a professional photographer it irritated me at first but once you get around its drawbacks it does become a somewhat useful tool. Definitely not essential, but I did find it useful on holiday where I could wifi over a jpeg to my phone for instagram etc but if you intend on using it all the time it will drive you nuts...
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on 14 March 2016
This works fine in normal SD function - I am using it in a camera. Where it loses points for me personally is in the Wifi function. It works well with my Android phone, which seems to have no problem finding and linking to the card, although it does not transfer files particularly quickly. However it is very temperamental with my Mac and to be honest it is much less frustrating just to pull the card out of the camera and put it into the SD slot on the computer, rather defeating the object! It works for occasions where I need to do an upload to the internet out in the field from my phone, but I'd struggle to use it for a big batch of transfers in that situation. I find the use of a jpeg file to toggle the wifi on and off fairly straightforward to ensure that battery life is preserved, but it is a bit fiddly. My other camera has built in Wifi (that doesn't work with the computer) which is far superior on the phone.
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on 20 June 2016
I have been watching for the price of these SD cards dropping before chancing a purchase. I am using in a Nikon D3200. Works well but as others have explained you have too understand what it can do and what it is. Like others I had to change the power save settings on my camera. I then downloaded a free app on to my Ipod Touch and connection and transfer of photos was relatively simply. As an alternative I have been using a micro SD card in a converter in my camera so that I can the put the micro SD for example in to my tablet or phone to then share photos on say FB or Twitter. This card saves the messing about of taking the memory card out of the camera. However, would need more effort if transferring a large number of photos as connection can be a little twitchy.
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on 4 August 2015
I ordered this on Saturday and it just arrived about 10 minutes ago and was set up to my iPad in under 5. I'm happy with it. I gave it 4 stars because it seems to keep disconnecting from the flash air wifi to my own home wifi, but that's just a minor issue. The images transfer instantly from the camera to my iPad, via an app. Basically, all you do is

• Insert the SD into your camera
• Enable wifi on your camera menu
• Download the flash air app on iPad or iPhone
• Connect your iPad to the flash air wifi in settings and enter password which is in the little leaflet.
• Take a photo on your camera and it should already be in the flash air app.

It's just that easy! The camera has to be on in order for the images to transfer to any other device. This is going to do the job perfectly, which is to have the images on my iPad to edit and add to my food blog and Instagram, as my laptop doesn't edit photos very well. After reading some of the reviews I wasn't going to bother with this, but I'm glad I went ahead and bought it anyway.
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on 17 April 2016
Had this card on my 'wish list' for a while, but was dubious & wary, having read some of the reviews. Seems to work well with my camera & my iPad mini & my android phone, once I'd downloaded the appropriate apps & understood how it worked. Not given it a prolonged test yet, but so far, so good. Makes my Pentax X90 bridge camera far more usable, as I don't always have access to a reliable laptop to download onto. Makes saving & sharing better quality photos easy. Would anticipate that when out & about, with no access to other wifi, it'll be really easy to save items to my phone for later.
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on 28 October 2014
This card is a great little device, configuring it is simple and worth doing so. Once you use the software from a PC you can tailor what the card does and doesn't do, mostly you can configure the WiFi very easily to either be manually switched on, or automatically connects to a WiFi, including a much easier way of setting up internet pass through. The software for downloading images on an Android device works really well, its incredibly simple and straight forward to select one, several or all photos. One thing with the software though is you have to exit the app whilst in the app otherwise it'll leave your normal WiFi connection disabled, its easy enough to reset but its far simpler to just exit via the app which then switches back over to your normal WiFi for you.

The card write-speed is a little slow with RAW files if you're used to the speed you can get from the Sandisk Extreme series, which is what I was using before this card. If you do need that quick buffer speed don't sell all your old cards and make sure you keep on you those faster cards for those moments!

One small issue is the speed of transfer between the card and phone is unpredictable at times, I don't know whether it my phone not being able to cache the photos quick enough and throttling the connection or the card itself but sometimes the photos can transfer in a few seconds and sometimes it takes over 10 seconds per photo. These are all similar sized images too so its not just simply larger data transmission. Its not a huge issue it just means making sure you keep the camera awake so the connection doesn't time out.

Overall though it does the job perfectly, it allows me to instantly upload images and then send off to whatever website straight from my phone.
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