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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2013
Nearly a decade after he last competed in a wrestling ring, WWE has finally got around to releasing a profile DVD / Blu-ray of one of the biggest stars from the legendary Monday Night Wars, and one of WCW's very few home-grown success stories: Bill Goldberg.
Whilst I was never a fan of the WCW product as much as I was of the (then) WWF, in truth no follower of wrestling in the late 1990s could ignore Goldberg. It is generally claimed amongst more knowledgeable critics that he couldn't wrestle for toffee, never paid his dues in the accepted sense, and had to be carried to anything more than the most elementary match by many opponents; but the fact remains that despite his limitations he was a red-hot fan favourite, and whilst there have been many monster heels, Goldberg, with his raw power and turbo-charged, MMA-influenced fighting style, was the one and only determinedly `indestructible' monster babyface of the period, who could energise a WCW crowd like no other. However, despite his success, Goldberg himself was never a mark for the business, and especially not for the WWE product (he freely admits that the reason he stopped wrestling after a year with the company was that he simply didn't enjoy it anymore), so it is not difficult to see why it has taken this long for them to get around to profiling him.
The matches featured on this very lengthy collection are, expectedly, both a comprehensive overview of Goldberg's career, and a distinct mixed bag in terms of quality. Squash bouts against the likes of Hugh Morrus and The Barbarian are pretty undistinguished examples of his famed 1997 / 1998 undefeated streak, though match quality, perhaps surprisingly, gets better as Goldberg moves up the card and faces the likes of Raven and Scott Hall in more competitive and even-handed contests (his opponents in both those matches are of a higher skill level, admittedly).
The most famous bout featured is undoubtedly Goldberg's WCW World Title victory over Hollywood Hulk Hogan from July 1998, which is less than brilliant as a match, but is carried by the incredible fan heat in the Georgia Dome (it is still baffling that WCW chose to throw this clash out on Monday Nitro with no build-up, rather than on a pay-per-view that would have earned them millions of dollars). Other featured matches with the likes of Curt Hennig and Diamond Dallas Page are generally entertaining, as are bouts against WCW franchise players Ric Flair and Sting, but these are topped by Goldberg's Fall Brawl 2000 blinder with Scott Steiner, which saw not only the best in-ring performance of his entire WCW run, but was also, in the opinion of many, the finest singles contest of Steiner's career too. Less rewarding are clashes with Sid Vicious (also known as `Psycho' Sid in the WWF), Kevin Nash, and The Giant (now The Big Show), though the latter bout doubt does feature the incredible sight of Goldberg nailing the 400lb Paul Wight with a Jackhammer. The WCW portion of the profile concludes with a couple of duds, as Goldberg takes on the woeful Kronik (Bryan Adams and Brian Clark) in a handicap bout, and then goes out with a whimper rather than a bang in his final WCW match, losing in tag team action (in conjunction with his Power Plant trainer DeWayne Bruce) to the duo of the fast-fading Lex Luger and the worthless Buff Bagwell.
Though Goldberg's 2003 arrival in WWE was hailed as a huge happening at the time (I was present in the Key Arena in Seattle when Goldberg debuted, the night after Wrestlemania XIX, and he received probably the loudest live ovation I've ever heard), his one-year stint with his former competition eventually proved to be nothing more than a frustrating epilogue to his WCW glory days. Unwilling to feature Goldberg in the kind of high-powered dominations that had made his name in WCW, WWE unwittingly raised the ire of the fans by putting him in lengthy, plodding marquee matches against the likes of The Rock (at Backlash) and Chris Jericho (at Bad Blood), which most definitely did not play to his strengths, and make for very dull watching. Originally scheduled to defeat Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam 2003, Goldberg saw his reign delayed when the champion suffered some kind of groin injury, and their singles contest was turned into a six-man Elimination Chamber bout instead, which, despite featuring Goldberg smashing through the likes of Jericho and Randy Orton, features an ending so wrong-headed and frustratingly badly booked, it had fans ripping up the seats in the arena, and still angers when viewed today. By the time Goldberg finally won the title one month later at Unforgiven, his momentum was shot; his token run with the belt lacked any kind of heat or any genuinely interesting contenders (defences featured here have him going up against the then-green Batista and the ever-awful Mark Henry), and was geared purely towards marking time until he inevitably dropped it back to the loathed Triple H in December (thankfully, the rubbish three-way bout in which this happened, from Armageddon 2003 and also featuring Glen `Kane' Jacobs, is omitted from this profile). Lastly, the collection, and Goldberg's wrestling career, concludes with his infamous showdown with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XX, which saw him exit the business in the most silly and disrespectful circumstances, thus leaving potentially lucrative 'dream match' scenarios with the likes of The Undertaker and Kurt Angle to go unrealised.
The Blu-ray version features a couple of other bouts that will be of interest to fans; however, whilst an early WCW contest against the vastly underrated Bam Bam Bigelow is very welcome, I would in all fairness have happily swapped the mediocre contests in which Goldberg faces off against legends Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels for one of his hilarious batterings of the hapless WCW jobber Jerry Flynn, his February 1998 match against long-term WWE employee Dave Finlay, and his twenty-six second demolition of the useless Rodney Mack from a July 2003 edition of Monday Night Raw (quite possibly the high point of his entire WWE run).
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on 25 October 2013
Bill Goldberg was one of the greatest wrestler's of all time ! Why, because under fair conditions he hardly ever lost a match! Apart from his defeat by Booker T in 2000, the only other times he was ever defeated was when his opponents cheated - GUTLESS COWARDS like kevin nash, scott steiner, bagwell/luger and wimp triple h could only ever beat goldberg with the help of additional lackeys and weapons like sledgehammers, iron rods and mace ! Pathetic loser's the lot of them - not one of them had the guts to take on Goldberg honestly. The only other wrestler who ever came close to beating Goldberg in a fair fight was the brilliant Sting, if hogan hadn't gotten involved who knows what would've happened ?
All of Goldberg's key matches are here including his defeat of The rock - try finding that one amongst the endless rock boxsets, 'the great one' doesn't like to be reminded of that loss.
Bottom line is Goldberg was the real deal - he came in, did the job, always fought clean - everything a genuine wrestler should be. This collection truly honours the man by letting all his matches speak for themselves. Of that Goldberg himself would approve.
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on 8 January 2015
I was a real fan of Goldberg when he was in WCW, and of course a real fan of him when came to the WWE.

This set includes some amazing matches from both his WCW & WWE days, including five additional extra matches including x4 in WCW and x1 with Shawn Michaels on RAW.

The only disappointment is that we don't get a documentary or any moments of Goldberg's career on the microphone, but to be honest I would recommend this set if your a fan of Goldberg.
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on 19 February 2014
GoldbergGoldbergGoldberg that is what you will be chanting when you see this this is a great collection of his finest and most well known matches with some ones probably that you will have never seen it shows his greatest wins and some of his controversal losses some of which will have you shouting at the screen as some of those losses where done by the other party cheating and using dirty tricks ok its entertainment and part of the show but still not clean and simple such as when kevin nash uses a taser gun which is well known and you will have probably seen so i dont think im giving anything away there and other scenes which have been on youtube like the elemination chamber match which is shown here in full but its is still a great collection by wrestler who I feel has not been given the credit he deserves he is and i quote the Rock ' he is one mean cat'
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on 30 May 2014
Being a fan of Goldberg this set is pretty decent, the match selections are all pretty good but I would of replaced the match with lesnar and earlier in the set put in the ladder match with Scott Hall from souled out 99. Also I would like to have seen a documentary included or at least Goldberg talking about the matches but apart from that it's great....
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on 30 November 2013
This could be so much better, if Goldberg had been involved and they made this more of a documentary style then this would have been a really really good DVD. instead it goes from match to match with only a few clips to provide background info on a couple of the fights. This is a wasted opportunity by WWE to produce a very interesting DVD about a guy who had a massive impact on the busy, no matter what people think of him.

If you're a Goldberg fan though, this is still a must see.
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on 20 October 2013
Although I was not a big watcher of WCW in the late 90's I always liked Goldberg and still enjoy watching his matches to this day. Obviously he wasn't the greatest ever technical wrestler but I liked his high impact style and I thought he had a certain charisma in the way he carried off the persona.

This DVD is a good look back at his career in WCW, as well as his year in the WWE. The selection of matches is pretty good, showing him up against the likes of Sting, Curt Henning and, of course, Hogan. I was also pleased to see them include his match against The Giant in November 1998 - seeing him hit that Jackhammer is amazing. If you're looking for great technical wrestling then this isn't for you but then if you know anything about Goldberg then you will probably know that without having to buy the DVD so I think it would be unfair to criticise it for that reason.

What you essentially get here is one match following on from another, with a narrator coming in for a minute or two on 4 or 5 occasions through the DVD to build up to a particularly big match or to tie things together. One way I'd say the DVD could have been improved is if there was a bit more of this, or even better, if there was a short documentary on the Goldberg character and how it came about etc, but as the WWE didn't involve Goldberg in the making of it that didn't happen.

Overall though, if you were a fan of Goldberg and enjoyed seeing him smash through opponents then I think you'll like this.
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on 10 October 2013
I got this yesterday waited along time for this come out and I have to say that I think that some of the matches are good and entertaining to watch but I could see that for the other superstars it must of been tough wrestling him I say this because Goldberg is not a very good wrestler by any means the other wrestlers try to make him look good he has a good build to the ring snorts growls and spits but as soon as he enters the ring it's a different story. I'll admit this it's great when he does his power moves I still scream BOOM when he hits the spear and the jack hammer.

Overall if you are Goldberg fan and wrestling fan you will love this.
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on 23 April 2014
Would have been nice to have some interviews even if not from the man himself but lets be real WWE just released this DVD to cash in on his legacy.
none the less decent DVD 20 matches 15 great, 2 good and 3 OK
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on 11 October 2014
the 3 DVD discs shows ONLY a few of Goldbergs wrestling matches

the following KEY matches are NOT included:
MISSING/ NOT INCLUDED: Goldberg and psycho sid tag teaming together wcw nov/ dec 1999

MISSING/ NOT INCLUDED: Goldberg kicking bret hart at starcade 1999

MISSING/ NOT INCLUDED: Goldberg in Japan 2002 era

MISSING/ NOT INCLUDED: Goldberg versus Rodney mack 2003

Nearly all the matches found on THIS DVD can be found on ANY streamline site for FREE

worth renting

do NOT buy because it only shows a few of Goldberg's matches

2/ 3 star out of 5
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