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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 30 September 2013
This is gay but it is really a thriller from Argentina, as mentioned in my lack lustre title. We meet the rather dashing Manuel who has been on an online dating chat room. And it is just a pick up site. Well he gets `chatting' to Julio and they agree to meet despite Julio having no on line profile. Then he brings him back and after a lot of pauses and describing how they have been hurt by selfish lovers before in their lives, they finally go for the action bits.

After the bedroom `eurhythmics', they decide they must be in love and are going to run away together, very romantically by coach. However, Julio seems to have far too much interest in Manuel's savings account and security arrangements than would be seen as normal and soon we all start to realise that something very wrong is going on.

To say anymore would be a plot spoiler and there is a fair bit more of the story so please do not be put off. This is a small budget film and most of the action takes place in Manuel's flat. The beginning is a bit on the slow side too and might have been done to build emotion, empathy or tension, but for me it did drag a bit. The good news is that once it does start to get moving it does so very fast and it did have me surprised.

It is not a long film either at 80 minutes but for the reasons mentioned above it felt longer. It is in Spanish with good sub titles. The cast are very good indeed, and we do have some frontal nudity but very fleeting, there is some bedroom encounters too but that is not the raison d'être of this film, it is first and foremost a thriller. I wanted to give this 3 stars but it is probably 3.5 so am rounding it up as I thought the ending was done in a very good way indeed.
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on 1 January 2014
I only just finished watching this film. I wasn't sure that I would like it before I started to watch it but boy was I in for a treat!!! It starts off slow but ends with a shocking conclusion. It helps that the two lead guys are easy on the eye. Whilst watching I thought "oh I know where this is going" then I was sucker punched. The ending was one I never would have seen coming. I'm not going to give anything away but it's a nasty surprise ending. Just when you think "ahhh happy ending" then the rugs pulled out from under you. Worth watching.
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on 24 January 2015
I had been eager to watch this film since seeing its trailer, and I was not disappointed.

Without giving too much away, the twists and turns in this story were wholly unexpected and the characters perversely attractive in a unsettling way. The main character draws you in, and your sense of pity for his deep seated innocence is almost permeable. The decent into darkness however, is profoundly disturbing and one cannot help but feel a little betrayed along the way.

Superb acting, with a profound message.
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on 12 July 2014
(see upbeat UPDATE at end after second viewing)

I loved the first part of this movie because it was very well written and acted, but the sexual attraction between Julio and Miguel was completely unconvincing. Weekend is much better in that regard (and in every other way too - there are too many superficial similarities to avoid comparing the two movies).

Julio and Miguel were naked a lot, and the two actors are very, very attractive as individuals, but I never believed in them as a couple. The dialog was sexy, but the physical interaction between them was so tightly choreographed that it was more like ballet than sex. I found myself wishing for more talk and less sex, which is a first. Their conversations were fascinating; their sex was cold and phony.

The story was pretty stupid, especially when it turned psycho at the end, but no more so than classic psycho thrillers like Psycho - realism is not a hallmark of the genre.

For acting and intelligent dialog, Solo is a definite winner. I'm amazed that this is the only feature-length film either actor has made so far; they're both extraordinarily good looking and talented. But the story is overwrought, the sex unbelievable, and the ending tiresome and very predictable.

UPDATE: I watched it again and liked it much more the second time. Knowing the ending makes me appreciate the writing even more than I already did. It is very intelligent and cleverly constructed. The sex is still unbelievable and cold, but everything else is really good. I'm adding another star.
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on 9 November 2013
I'm usually not a big fan of "gay" movie as they usually used too much of outdated code and/or gay cliché for my liking.

Solo is somehow very different. If the storyline is about gay life... Internet dating / quick hook up / easy sex and emotional emptiness and loneliness, the approach is different. Actually far away from the cliché, the movie is approaching a wide range of issues that any human being (straight or gay) is encountering at least sometimes in his life.

In a way it is a very clever movie as the style is definitely a thriller with that permanent feeling that something is wrong and you're just waiting for it to happen, the scenario brings the two main characters in an interesting and deep emotional state where anyone can rely to.

I only watched once... but I'm willing to see it again as I believe you may see a different story everytime you watch it.

I def. recommend it !
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on 8 July 2016
The film is well made, the production is good and, is well directed. Almost a solid script if it were not for the characters actions during the films climax. A film worth renting, however, not a good addition to my collection.
To the distributors (TLA): why do you insist on burning in the bright yellow subtitles? A choice would be nice.
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on 1 February 2014
The storyline makes you think it's just another gay themed sexy romatic film, but surely you'd be very surprised to find out that there's more to it and that looks can be deceiving...

Both actors really shine and are truly convincing, equally contributing to the tensed feeling as the film progresses.

Highly recommended to everyone.
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on 14 June 2014
what can i say about some of the reviews i believe that this film should be available to a wider audience. it should be used as a warning of online chatrooms, and who are you hooking up with tonight? as it says on the package.
it is about two guys alone (solo) who meet online and eventually meet for real. they start to trust each other and tell each other their problems. or do they.

(spoiler alert )

what happens at the end is this
oh no you don't you have to buy or rent the movie to find out and when you find out it's like being hit with an hammer out the blue.
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on 10 July 2014
This seems to start life as a gay love story, beginning with a rather slow pace, but finishes as a thriller, with an unexpected ending. Probably worth 3.5 stars, rather than 4.
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on 17 February 2015
I found that this film was excellent. Really gripping and with a twist at the end that I did not expect.
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