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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 January 2015
I was a bit reluctant to read a series as I have the attention span of a gnat, so long stories have a hard time grabbing my interest. However, I was on the lookout for an author I wasn’t familiar with, and since the first book was free, I gave it a go. I was impressed from the very first chapter. The writer’s style is right up my street.

The way the book flows is excellent, he tends to write about a character or group’s point of view in short bursts, then moves onto the next. I loved this, it kept me on my toes and more importantly, I was interested to see what happened next, it was like multiple relentless cliffhangers. I didn’t know how tense I’d been reading these books until I realised my shoulders ached afterwards.

The characters were brilliant. The main ones were all people I could identify with, and I had a physical reaction to a lot of the things they did, I was so engrossed in their stories. There were also parts that were very sad, and I felt despair for the characters.

The gore wasn’t too bad at all for me, I don’t mind ultra-violent stories. It ramped up a bit as the series went on, and I cringed a bit whilst reading some of the rather vivid descriptions, but it was never enough to put me off.

If I had only one complaint, it was some of the character development in the 6th book. New characters were always being introduced, which prevented it from getting stale, but by the last book, I found it a bit jarring that the writer spent so much time talking about characters we’d only glanced upon early on in the series. I understand the logic behind it because of the direction of the storyline, but by that stage, I was so into all the mayhem and action, it felt a bit deflating to change the pace so drastically.

That said, I could hardly put these books down, and the ending was very satisfying. It isn’t just another zombie apocalypse story. I’m gutted that the author hasn’t written more books, but I’ve bought another couple of his, and I hope to enjoy them just as much.
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on 20 November 2013
I loved Panic and was very excited about reading the follow up. I was a little disappointed it was so short but now understand its purpose. It acts as a bridge between Panic and Shock. I think its an interesting way of breaking the story up. We're introduced to some exciting new characters that are key to driving the overall narrative. This book reveals more on the sinister very conscious driving forces of the apocalypse. I loved the social commentary, it could be read as a metaphor for the financial collapse. Again the writing is excellent, accessible, the plot rattling along at a great pace drawing you into a strange but familiar world with a range characters you can't help but love and hate. Again I can't recommend it enough!
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on 21 December 2014
I am not one for short stories but as it is part of the series it had to be done. This book introduces John, a formidable character. Ex army and knowledgeable about the events from the inside, if only he could remember. As the story progresses the three main characters become four. A book full of savage and brutal killings not only from the infected but also from survivors. An excellent introduction to John.
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on 11 August 2013
I loved Panic, the first instalment of this series.

This book builds upon that story & fills in some of the gaps that you were dying to know about, taking a slightly different perspective & it builds an interesting, original & compelling back-story for the series this book & it's predecessor.

Much like the first book though, you literally cannot put this down until you've finished it. Well written, well thought out, wonderfully paced & with some exceptional use of language & imagery, you'll be dragged into this book within the first page & it wont let you out of it's grip until you've read the last line!

This book has that quality so few have, it leaves me yearning to learn more about the characters, the reasons for their actions, what happens next, the 'ifs', 'whys' & 'wherefores' seem to ache to be answered.

Thankfully the third instalment isn't too far off, so I don't have to wait that long for some more answers!
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This novella starts with an elite team tracking down the bunker in the woods and losing several of their party on the way. What they came to find is there but not there anymore.......cryptic or what?

The book also mentions Rachel, Jason her Brother and the now crippled Policeman Michael.

It could be read as a stand alone book but better I think if you have read Panic first.

I was sorry it was so short but am looking forward to the next book impatiently.
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on 15 January 2015
I found this book to be better than the first, although saying that I loved the first. Would recommend this to all who enjoy horror mixed action. Now a fan of K.R Griffiths . Getting the next book now.
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on 9 December 2013
Short, but action packed intro to Psychosis, introduces a new character to the little band of roving survivors, read it then go straight on to Psychosis so you can follow the full story.
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on 10 July 2013
Another great read that sits well alongside the action of 'Panic', it gives a nice insight into the background of previous events and cleverly hints at the motivation behind the actions of those in charge. Leaves you wanting to find out more!
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on 14 July 2013
Loving this story and cant wait to see where it takes us in the future. Looking forward to the next book.
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on 3 December 2014
I got bored ,thought I would give Mr Griffiths a chance and boy ,he didn't disappoint ! I read the set of wildfire books in 4 sum up wildfire series in one word ,AWESOME ! Well done Sir .
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