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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 1 October 2015
I first read this when I was around eleven or twelve and absolutely loved it. Now as an adult, and having since read Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, I am very conscious of the similarities, especially in some of the characterisation and dialogue, and can see how much Garner has been influenced by the Tolkien classic. However, I certainly wasn't ready for Tolkien when I read this book and Weirdstone filled a special place in my childhood reading, and I'm glad to have been able to reread it now. Recommended for children of all ages.
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on 20 June 2017
Sorry to say that the damage done to this book was by a price ticket being stuck to the back of it and then from someone (who has never heard of steaming) has removed the ticket by pulling and rubbing until the cover of the book is permanently ruined.
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on 2 March 2017
Just reread this book after 30 years. It was just as good as I remembered. The scenes in the tunnels are particularly gripping.
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on 1 May 2017
Item as described. Prompt delivery Excellent packaging. I recommend this Seller
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on 31 May 2017
Much more than a children's book, this is in the tradition of ancient folk tales, a story beautifully crafted and skilfully told.
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on 14 February 2003
This is the book that first got me hooked on reading. Our teacher read the first couple of chapters to a class of spellbound 9 year olds, then shut the book up and told us to read it ourselves if we wanted to find out what happens. We all did.

Whilst Weirdstone is far from Garner's best work, it is a gripping adventure story and a real page-turner. There are also hints, in certain passages, of Garner's developed style (he went on to produce two of the best ever works of 20th century fiction - Red Shift and the Stone Book Quartet.)

I've been waiting 8 years to read Weirdstone to my own children and I am pleased to say that they are enjoying it as much as I did all those years ago.

Two brief comments on its suitability for the Harry Potter generation. Firstly, in the opinion of my children, it is a much much scarier book than the Potter stories. Secondly, Garner includes some local dialect in the book which may be difficult for younger readers.
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on 28 June 2001
Have you ever been to Alderley Edge? Read this book and you will be transported there, the high hill black and somber... Visit Alderley Edge and you will be transported into the events and deeds of 'The Weirdstone of Brisingamen'. Alan Garner instills a vision that connects the world of old dreams with our day to day lives. The book is fantastic. The audio tape although abridged is great for the car.
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on 2 June 2016
This book was written the year I was born, 1960, and having read it and loved it as a teenager, I thought I would review it now, via the unabridged audiobook version. Is that fair? Not sure really, because my conclusion is only 3 stars now. There seem to be 2 big issues with this "fantasy" genre: firstly, it seems to be immune from proper editing (Tolkein, Rowling and definitely Garner just write far too much, far too unevenly), and secondly, authors make a choice of writing "pure" fantasy (Tolkein), or (as in this case) fantasy that touches the real world (Garner, Rowling, Lewis). My preference is definitely the fantasy/real world combination, so that is a big plus for Weirdstone - in fact the Alderley Legend and the real locations and imagined 'real' people (especially Gowther) are the big strengths of the book. Where TWOB really falls down, though, is with the editing issue. The book is just FAR too long, rambling and unbalanced. Essentially, after the initial scene-setting, assembling of characters and inciting incident (the disappearance of the "Weirdstone"), this is really just two incredibly drawn-out descriptions of two incredibly drawn-out journeys, one underground, and one over-ground. And boy, does the author waffle freely on each journey . . . in fact the second journey is a completely ludicrous plot device to spin out the tension - in their quest to return the Weirdstone to a certain place by a certain time, Colin, Susan, Gowther and two dwarves (whose spelling escapes my memory) opt not to travel by bus, train or car, but decide instead for the much safer option of going cross-country on foot through the night! This sojourn is so drawn out that by the time it ends and they are confronted by their arch enemy, I'd completely forgotten his name and where he fitted into the story! My other criticism, is that for a story that relies on its connection to the real world for its contrast and impact, our two main protagonists, Colin and Susan are as incredibly under-developed character-wise, as their names suggest. What do they look like? How old are they? What are they thinking about? No idea. They are as bland as their names suggest. Weirdly disappointing, despite Philip Madoc's excellent narration.
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on 4 January 2004
I read this as a child and was totally enthralled. going on to read the moon of gomrath. the fact that it is set in 'real' places adds to the magic. it cleverly links old legend with modern life and a childrens adventure and proper writing(unlike the potter series). It started me on the road to the hobbit and lord of the rings trilogy and a life enjoying fantasy fiction. as a child i related to the charactors and felt part of the story and not just a spectator. excellent read.
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on 14 March 2017
I can't remember how I came across this book back in the day, probably about 1980 from Cheadle Hulme library I would think.

It completely captured my imagination turning me to reading, opening my mind to other worlds and possibilities.

All my friends read it and we used to make the train journey most weekends to Alderely Edge, we must have covered every blade of grass, foolishly tried to get inside every mine (now closed off).

There is certainly something 'other worldly' about the place, writing these words I can feel a 'pull' to return.

My 10 year old Daughter came back from school carrying 'Gangsta Gran'...... that just won't do i'm afraid so I have ordered her, her own copy of The Weirdstone of Brisingamen. I'm hoping it will fire her imagination like it did mine.
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