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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 26 April 2017
The cd is awesome
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on 7 February 2006
This is really the first album i have ever bought that features a proper high and low vocal style. Obviously I'm not including early Deicide albums or their like, as this style of "modern" death metal, and those old skool styles can't be compared today. The two are just worlds apart vocally and musically.
I like it !!!! Thats the first thing I'd like to say. Its quite catchy, and cetainly never really gets monotonous or boring.
The high pitched ranting is nasty and aggressive, whilst the low death growling is still audiable enough to understand, yet still brutal. Which at the end of the day I think most death metal fans want.
The style of the music is quite clean and crisp. I've read that T.B.D.M. are similar to certain Scandonavian Death metal bands, but the ones mentioned have never made it into my collection, so i am lucky really in that I don't get to judge, and it all sounds quite original to me.
The drumming is very fast, with numerous blast beat sections and thumping double bass kicks.
The soloing should also be mentioned as it often has a kind of NWOBHM feel to it, with long soaring notes and lots of widdling (for want of a better expression!) to keep the average guitar fan happy.
Over all an enjoyable album, making a change from the usual (and still excellent) all out grunting death metal style so popular in todays extreme metal genre.
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on 28 December 2003
I've been into Death Metal since the g(l)ory days! When bands like At The Gates, Carcass, Napalm Death, Gorgoth, Morbid Angel, Death, Nuclear Assualt et al... we're all still touring and _the_ bands to be into from the underground. Nu metal was still the unborn melancholic baby of cock rock, and Iron Maiden ruled the world! (ah those were the days!)
ANYWAY! The Black Dahlia Murder are amazing! They take influence from bands like Maiden, slayer, carcass, and At The Gates, but make it they're own.
Although bands like Nasum and Nile are very popular amongst death metal fans (and grind a like), they get annoying with all their extremeness and relentlessness.
The Black Dahlia Murder manage to combine extreme metal with melody, with song structures you can get your head round with out it being hammered in with a brick! Don't get me wrong, they are brutal, there is blast beats on this album, but as with all great song writters they don't over do it with gimmics and leave you wanting more after each and every song!
Top Marks for bring death metal back into my car stereo!
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on 23 February 2006
the black dahlia murder are an interesting band,they wear their influences on their sleeves clearly but they use so many styles and forms of metal that they are very much their own band,they are known by some as a deathcore band which makes sense as they blast betweeen death metal and metalcore,it does make for some interesting listening,the bands lyrics wouldnt be out of place in a cannibal corpse album,gritty lyrics and expressions of death and deviant acts are expressed throughout but its better than cannibal corpses debut thats for sure
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on 18 July 2004
When people think of the phrase 'melodic death metal', they automatically think "Ohh, In Flames!". Well, 'Unhallowed' from the mighty Black Dahlia Murder wipes the floor with anything In Flames have ever put out.
From the haunting intro which then explodes into the ferocious 'Funeral Thirst, right through to the final track 'Apex', this album is simply mindblowing. Musically, these guys are at the top of their game. Trevor the vocalist is amazing - going straight from the highest screams ever directly into cookie-monster deep death vocals. The rest of the band are also fantastic and the entire album is jam-packed full of heavy, fast riffs (sometimes similar to the legendary At The Gates) and blast-beats coming from every direction.
So on the whole, if you're a fan of any genre of metal, this cd is an essential purchase and you can feel proud that you are suppling this wonderful band with more incentive to keep producing this great noise!
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on 27 September 2003
this album is brillient the drumming is some of the best ive heard EVER! the riffs are medlodic but brutal the twin vocals work great and the lyrics are just immense and makes me wish i could write lyrics like. this is some of the best music to come out of america in a long while buy this album if u like melodic death metal thats fast and brutal but also has intelligence.
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