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on 27 February 2014
When it was taken off for review, i was worried that the one i ordered would arrive faulty. Amazon CS representative said he can inform the driver not to continue the delivery and return it to base for a instant refund. But i was brave and told him not to, and glad i did!
Arrived in perfect condition with all features working smoothly.
It is fast, responsive, light and paper thin.
Pre-installed apps are very useful and my favorite thing - nice folder widgets, preloaded and set on your desktop. No more cluttered screen, everything is neat and organized. Sure you can get apps to do that and download widgets separately, but it is time consuming and not always works the way you want. Top notch customization job there.

Performance is excellent for the price. It actually looks worse on paper than it actually is. After doing extensive benchmarks, it actually nearly matches Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and surpassing it in some aspects. Not "AS" good, but nearly there, and considering the price - it's impressive.
I have made comparisons with other tablets i've owned, my previous 10.1 tab which was far superior in specs (1.5Ghz Quad Core, 2GB DDRIII 1333 RAM, Mali 420Mhz QuadCore GPU) performed WORSE than this one. After doing some research and testing, and getting opinions from other tech-geeks i found out why. Because power is very efficiently balanced between the hardware. It is a thing where many tablets go wrong (budget tablets that is). And it is true, a proper and efficient power supply can boost your PC's performance, same applies here. Many don't realize that. It is not all about the hardware, if there's not a appropriate power distribution behind it, it literally performs poorly.

The sound is good. It is not excellent - sounds a bit "tinny" on max volume, not exactly Kindle Fire HD's dolby digital surround sound, but it is... good. Enough for watching youtube and a film here or there. No problems with headphones.

The 5MP camera does not excel in greatness. Takes a good photo if natural lighting (sun) is present, but not so well indoors with artificial light. My 5MP Nokia 520 takes a far superior picture, but then again, a tablet is not a digital camera or phone... It's main focus lies elsewhere.
Front cam is well... it is what it is. It is meant for webcam conversations and nothing more nothing less. Don't expect taking HD pictures of yourself for Facebook. Not meant for that.
If camera plays a big role in your everyday life, this is not for you, a 20 quid cheapo from Tesco does it better.

Battery - praised and worshiped. Never seen a battery on a budget 10.1 incher this good as of yet. It surpasses the big dog counterparts like Ipad, Samsung etc by a large margin. Due to the efficient pwr distribution which i stated earlier, it does very well at maintaining a charge even on full load. 300h+ in standby.
Nice little built-in feature is overnight auto-shutdown, and wake-up in the morning. Set its sleep and wake-up time - it will increase the battery duration even longer. Only charged it once in 3 days, and even then for about an hour and a half.
I'm not saying there aren't longer lasting devices out there, of course there are, but not for under 200 pounds. The new Lenovo Yoga can reach up to 20hrs on full load. But it also costs almost 3 times more.

Some cons are... Sometimes it's difficult to update the firmware. Lenovo download servers often are down or overloaded, which prevents the updates. But do not panic, it will work, just try in a few hours or a day, and off-peak time.
Switching from landscape-portrait is slightly twitchy, but it is understandable, since it doesn't have the greatest graphics unit in the world, but it is far from underperforming or annoying.

I've not encountered any problems other than these, but they are not such a big deal to reduce my rating. Even big brand products have their faults, and many of them.
So far, price/performance wise, this is more superior than any I-Pad or Galaxy. It is worth every single penny.

Of course, nobody is ever safe from a dud or faulty product, they exist, but reviews are not based upon the minority. So far it has met all my expectations and much more.

Kudos to Lenovo, great product overall.
Hope this helps your decision.
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on 27 January 2014
Easy to use android tablet with a large crystal clear screen. Bought as a present for my aged parents to save them having to walk up and down stairs to their computer. They have never owned a tablet before yet are already making good use of it on a daily basis. Already being used for all their email, web surfing and watching catch up TV such as BBC iPlayer.
They think it is brilliant and easy to use.
Only downside compared to an iPad is the slightly slower screen transition when rotating the tablet through 90 degrees.
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on 19 July 2017
Good price
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on 12 January 2015
So easy to use even I can use it.
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on 9 October 2013
I bought my first tablet earlier this year. I was looking for something to use when travelling/away to watch video, do some light browsing and use a handful of apps. I settled on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. Despite the fact that it does everything expected with ease, upon delivery I have to admit I did not realise how small a 7 inch screen is. Thus, while the Tab 2 did the job, I really wanted a 10 inch tablet.

Enter the Lenovo IdeaTab S6000. It does all of the above, but is just so much better on a 10 inch screen. I find that the larger screen makes interaction with the device so much more fluid as it is very rare that you mis-touch an icon, app, link etc in comparison to the 7 inch screen. Also, battery is excellent which is important when travelling. Based on early experience, Lenovos' claims of 9 hours use off a full charge seem pretty accurate.

Ok, so the drawbacks (all minor for me). Processor speed and screen resolution are not up to some of the S6000s' more fashionable (and expensive) competitors. This is evident when rotating from landscape to portrait which is relatively slow and a little jumpy. However, other than this I've not noticed any other performance issues impeding my requirements of a tablet.

Another minor drawback is Lenovo's customisations to Android 4.2 which mean that it is only possible to have 2 screens to the left and 2 screens to the right of the home screen (making 5 screens in all). I believe it's impossible to add additional screens, unlike the Tab 2 and most other Android devices. However, at 56 apps per screen on the S6000, this should really not be an issue for anyone. Only other drawback is the lack of detailed documentation, either supplied or online.

I showed the S6000 to my 72 year old Dad last weekend, and it was a struggle to get it back. An absolute beginner re computers (struggles to use laptop), he found the device so easy to use.... watch movies, check news, view photos, he loved it. I'm going to buy another for him.

So, if you're looking for a 10 inch tablet, with Android 4.2 for basic use (browsing, email, video etc), while commuting/holidaying, at a very competitive price, you'll do well to beat the S6000. Of course, the specs of the iPad, Note 10.1, Nexus 10 etc are considerably better, but the prices are considerably higher. For me the S6000 does what it's 10 inch competitors do at half the price (or less in some cases).
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on 15 November 2013
It's under £200.
It doesn't have a fancy apple retina display "just" a superbly crisp high contrast with rich black background IPS display.
Set brightness on 25%, install and run Kindle and set Kindle brightness to minimum and you have an eBook reader that's comfortable to read on for hours.
I've had retina display iPads in my hands before and can't really se a difference in quality with this.
The Lenovo is slick and fast transitioning between landscape and portrait modes very smoothly. Touch screen is responsive and the case design good for the price.
You have to be really picky to consider the case sub standard compared to more expensive iPad etc.
The whole family loved the Lenovo straight away. One of my all time favorite computing devices and I've encountered thousands in my 23 years as an IT consultant.
You don't have to be a technical expert to use these things I hasten to add.
That is part of the appeal of tablet computers in general, simpler and easier to understand than a conventional computer.
Simply brilliant.
You can spend two, three or more times this amount on a tablet computer but you don't need to.
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on 7 November 2013
First android item I have purchased and very pleased. Well made Tablet nicely presented and producing at least 9 hours between charges... unfortunately as per usual a bit light on the instruction manual side, and I include in that the download version. Good clear screen plus back and front camera, sound surprisingly reasonable and a perfect little skype machine. So easy to handle and operate, mine is used by the 3 yr. old grandson and the 97 yr. old mother-in-law (although they do argue a lot about who's turn it is) -WARNING DO YOUR ANDROID SOFTWARE UPDATE BEFORE LOADING ANYTHING as you will otherwise find all you have put on is wiped out!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The S6000 is a very good value tablet that handles most everyday task absolutely fine. Though how relevant it remains in the face of stiff competition from the likes of Amazon Kindle Fire's is questionable.

First off, it is very nicely made. It feels solid in hand yet light. It looks nice and comes bundled with the necessary cable and charging adaptor. Setup was a breeze and I already have a google account so I was up and running quite quickly.

Being a ten inch screen it has plenty of real estate for browsing/watching videos and being an IPS panel I found it both crisp and nice to look at.

Whilst not the cutting edge it is a quad core machine and handles web/apps and video with ease.

On the storage front it has 16 gb which should be enough, but should you start wanting to stick a load of vids/music etc on it the storage can be expanded by micro sd. There's also micro hdmi for hooking it up to a big screen.

It has front and rear cameras. The rear 5mp snapper didn't exactly blow me away, and it really struggled in low light. But to be fair I didn't expect much from it. The front camera was plenty for skype which the tablet handled nicely.

Once setup it prompted me to do a firmware upgrade which subsequently wiped my settings. Once re-entered it again found two more updates but they didn't interfere with my settings/installed programmes.

This was my first foray with Android having been an iOS user for some time and I must say I'm not a fan. Though what didn't help is Lenovo's customisations which I felt were unnecessary. I think if you could put stock Android on it, it would be a much nicer experience.

Overall I do think it is a good tablet at a great price. How much longer it stays relevant in the face of such stiff competition though is anyone's guess. Anyone looking for an above average tablet at a great price would do well with this.
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on 13 June 2014
I bought the Lenovo S6000 as a present. I own an iPad3 and was initially sceptical that such a cheap tablet could match an Apple product. However, on trying the Lenovo, I was surprised to find that it is extremely responsive. The screen is sharp enough to watch videos comfortably. The sound is not bad either. All in all, it is a good, no-nonsense tablet that can easily compete with other more expensive models.
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on 29 January 2014
I have had this machine for 1 day, so these are first impressions/comments to some of which hopefully I can get some answers also from other owners, having reviewed this tablet and still follwing this thread.


1. Apparently price; I don't think there is any other 10 inch tablet from a well known manufacturer at this price. Even the ones from manufacturers where your instinctive reaction when you first hear their name is "say that again??" struggle to match the specs at this price point.

2. Quite well built and very slim and light

3. Screen is neither super high resolution or brightness but I have found that for inside use, even at 50% maximum brightness it is enough.

4. Baterry life; 4 hours mild/moderate use (youtube videos, internet/email and chatting) and I was down to 60 something percent.

Negatives/unresolved issues (I am sure some can be resoolved but I haven't gone the extra mile to do so yet)

1. Both cameras are of basic quality (personally I don't mind, some people though think that they will be buying a tablet/phone to take pictures for the national geographic magazine)

2. External SD use; you can expand, yes, but it seems there is no way to move apps to the SD card. The option "move to SD" does not appear at all under the Settings>Apps menu neither any app2sd app I downloaded was able to help. You can store there music, videos etc but if one intends to install 15 1GB games may have a problem since the 16GB internal storage will be depleted fast.

3. There is a slight delay when swapping between screens and especially when browsing through the app pages. Given that the tablet is otherwise fast and that my moto g phone which has very similar specifications does not have this issue, I think that either it has to do with the android version (4.2.2 here vs 4.4.2 in the moto g) or -most likely- with a very poorly implemented interface from lenovo. In the latter case maybe trying a different launcher will solve it (or by rooting it if you are an adventurous soul). Myself while in warranty I will not go the rooting way, may try a few launchers though.

4. The apps are not sorted in alphabetic order and there doesn't seem to be a way to do so; that's very minor though, a launcher will address this.

5. The OTG function seems to work; I connected 3 external usb flash drives and the tablet tried to read them but it gave me a corruption warning and suggested to reformat. I think though that is is because all 3 drives were in NTFS format, very likely the good old FAT32 format will not pose a problem.

UPDATE: Having installed a third party launcher (free nova launcher) negatives 3 and 4 have been solved; interface nice is super fast and smooth like butter. Having looked around a bit, rooting appears to be a piece of cake, however there do not seem to be any 4.3 or 4.4 images around at this time, so by rooting you can simply unlock certain features which are not by default available to the user.
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