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on 19 July 2013
Another fab book!! I really wanted to keep this book and read it on my holiday. However I couldn't wait and ended up reading it straight away hardly pausing for food or sleep! It is really funny, imaginative and inciteful. The main character boarders on slightly mental at times but manages to stay on the right side of sanity. This book made me literally laugh out loud from the first page,I shouted, sympathised and cringed. References to high school loves and breakups took me back to remind us how hard life seems at 16.The attention to detail throughout the book allows you to really feel part of it, making it impossible to put down.It will make a great holiday read.
I really enjoyed this authors first book. I just hope that they keep on coming.
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on 12 April 2015
this book will have you laughing right from the word go! I loved Tracy's first book, no one ever has sex on a Tuesday and so I could pretty much guarantee I was going to like this book too. I was surprised by how different this book was from her other two novels. it was funny and light-hearted just like the others but this has a very real message about girl power and about feminism not just about women being man haters or feminists being bitter spinsters but about this main character standing up for herself and not being controlled by anyone except herself.

Alongside this fabulous feminist vein runs a gorgeous little love story interspersed with some proper-laugh out loud hilarity! Suzie is an amazing character. She might not know everything about the world but she has just worked out how to get everything she wants. Some of her methods for getting revenge on the men who have wronged her are seriously wickedly evil but at the same time, she knows to be there for her friends and she still wants a man who will love her and respect her in the right way. I could really identify with Suzie as I'm sure a lot of readers will be able to.

There are some very funny supporting characters in this novel. I love Suzie's best friend and Drew's dead pan humour is sure to make you fall in love with him just a little bit. The writing style and the style of humour in this novel reminds me in Milly Johnson's writing, I could almost hear her reading this out loud in her fab Yorkshire accent! I loved the fact that this wasn't set in London as well, its always refreshing to have a novel set elsewhere in the UK!

Overall this novel was a fairly quick read, I actually listened to it on audio book which was really superb. I'm sure if you're looking for a love story you'll find it here but if you're look for a book that is laugh a minute, you'll also find it here. This is full of girl power and interesting thoughts on life as well so definitely something for everyone here!
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on 4 January 2014
Suzie is an agony aunt on the Manchester Herald. Her love life is in pieces and she would love to meet a man who won't let her down. The paper's circulation figures are down and the staff are under pressure from the editor to boost them. Suzie has had enough of advising lovelorn women how to get their men back and starts telling them how to stand up for themselves and get their revenge. Circulation figures rocket.
But is the man of her dreams closer to home? Such is her suspicion and distrust of all men, perhaps she can't see what (or who) might be right under her nose.
This is a girly book and, whilst it will never win any prizes for literature, is great fun, reminiscent of Bridget Jones at times although not quite so well written. A good read.
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I love Tracy Bloom's books, I thoroughly enjoyed her book No-One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday, which by the way, if you haven't read it yet then I really urge you to try it because it is just fantastic! So having enjoyed that one, I was very much looking forward to her latest book.

Suzie Miller is an agony aunt, giving advice to many readers who turn to her for help. But after she is dumped yet again in the most awful way (what type of man dumps a woman by text, seriously?!), she decides to take action. Suzie is going to get revenge on the men who broke her heart.

I LOVED this! Tracy bloom has come back with another gripping and brilliantly written story. Single Woman Seeks revenge is one of those stories where you can't just read a little bit and then put it down - you have to read it in one sitting. The story is fast-paced and addictive, so that once you get started you are caught up in a whirlwind and you won't want to put this down!

One thing I particularly like about Tracy Bloom is that she knows how to write hilarious scenes that have you spluttering with laughter and eager to read more. Tracy Bloom is back with many sharp lines and humourous moments - I laughed out loud, I cringed, and at times I really felt for our main character Suzie. I'm sure there are many of us out there who have been dumped at some point in our lives, and I was able to relate to some of Suzie's life. There is a range of other brilliant characters, and oh this book is so worth reading!

This story is so easy to get into, within the first pages I genuinely felt as though I had known Suzie my whole life, and I thoroughly enjoyed being by her side as she progressed through the book. I could not tear myself a way from the pages, I so desperately wanted to see where her journey would go and what would happen.

Single Woman Seeks Revenge is a fantastic story full of moments that will make you cry with laughter, likeable characters, revenge, drama, and some romance too! Tracy Bloom is a firm favourite author of mine and I, like many others, will be eagerly awaiting her future releases!
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on 7 October 2013
I found it hard to identify with the egoistic heroine, and it seemed barely credible that the "hero" of the story should be so attracted to anyone who jumps up and down shrieking "Me! Me! Me!" at the prospect of becoming famous. Presumably her looks more than atone for her personality. To make matters worse, the writing is littered with basic spelling and grammar mistakes: "lead" v. "led", etc, etc, which only add to the irritation, detracting considerably from what entertainment value there might be. And the outcome - however unrealistic - can be predicted almost from the start. All in all, a very disappointing read.
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on 25 March 2015
Tracy Bloom is fast becoming a favourite Chick-Lit author of mine, seeing as this is the second brilliant book of hers that I have thoroughly enjoyed and found hard to put down for want of reading just one more page before I do this, that or the other and ten pages later I was still saying it. The premise of the plot centres on an agony aunt who is fed up with telling women what they want to hear from her replies to their letters and when she is dumped by someone who’d handled the whole thing badly. Well she sets out to tell it like it is and not only seeks revenge on every man that has done her wrong personally, but she encourages other women out there to follow suit and not put up with being treated second best to a man when they deserve so much better than that. The story moved along at a cracking pace and the big reveal towards the finish line about who our heroine Suzie Miller had slept with just at the point when she’s about to get a romantic surprise of her own was fabulously shocking. But it all ended perfectly of course, which is what we want from a ‘happy ever after’ type of book as I for one feel cheated if I don’t get one. The novel was totally relatable and written with a wonderful witty attitude on life’s little issues that I just get. I get the humour, I get the characters and most of all, I get the fact that this book along with the author’s previous work should be around the top of the Kindle charts so long may her success continue and I for one can’t wait for the next book.
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on 30 October 2013
If it is a feel-good romantic story for a bit of escapism / light-reading (like the sort I was looking for), look elsewhere.
The best thing I can say about this story is that, it being an e-book, no trees were damaged for it to be published.
Hated the "heroine", and her stupid carry-on at her workplace (specifically, the meeting she holds early in the book with her new editor, her mate and her ex); a totally unbelievable scene; a farce.
Her clingy personality and air-headed-ness just made me want to slap her..
Then she decides to get some pay-back for being dumped / having her heart broken.. Completely boring take on a well-traveled road.
And the "hero" of the story? Unbelievable. Truly. The inspiration for him must have been an ET.
So, yes, I disliked the leads, but the honest truth is that the story is completely boring, predictable, and forgettable.. There are other light reads that have made more of an impression on me..
I couldn't even see what was supposed to be "funny" about this rom-COM... It was so dull!
Personally, I would say: don't waste your time with this.
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A funny laugh out loud type of read with one woman seeking revenge, well funny from a females point of view anyway.
High school reminders and what happened with who made me laugh and probably any one else reading it would get transported back to that time when things seemed hard to cope with then. Later on in life though some things can not be forgotten and hence the revenge factor sets in. Is revenge really a dish best served cold? I did wonder but also had to laugh at the way it got served up. Easy going reading.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 April 2015
Isn't revenge sweet? Oh yes, it is, especially when you are Suzie!

"Single Woman Seeks Revenge" was first published only as ebook, and it was a bestseller, which is not a wonder, and now you can also put your mittens on a paperback copy. Isn't it great? And! The biggest news is that the sequel to "No - One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday" will be published in September this year! Roll on, September!

"Single Woman Seeks Revenge" is about... yes, revenge! Suzie Miller works in a magazine as an agony aunt and after being dumped one time too many, and through a text (!!! I mean, TEXT?!?!) her column gains a new make - over. No more sympathy, no more compassion, no more patting on the back, now Suzie is writing how IT IS. And, instead of moping over the men that dumped her, she takes matters in her own delicate, womanly hands. No more broken heart, no more drunk evenings, no more poured tears, oh no, now it's time to get revenge on every men who broke her heart. No matter how many years ago it happened. Revenge is a dish best served cold... Her work colleague Drew, engaged and soon to be married to his school - sweetheart, is going to help her to organize the revenges. But - is Suzie taking the whole idea too far? Doesn't she have any feelings to her exes anymore? Or maybe she doesn't see the real feeling, so very close to her?

So, it may all sound verrrrry serious, right? I mean, revenge. But don't worry. It couldn't be written in a more easy, light, funny way, and the revenges are not bloody, vindictive or terrible, and no violence is needed. Maybe a little persuasion... I was incredibly curious what kind of revenges is Tracy going to write about, I mean, cutting the exes suits or putting sugar in the petrol tank - we all know those, right? But Tracy has concocted the most original revenges and yes, those guys deserved them. I absolutely loved the football revenge, it was the best one and I felt like punching the air and shouting: Hooray, you got him, girl!

Suzie was brilliant, and her column was even more brilliant, please give me a magazine with an agony aunt who writes how it IS, now! The letters to her and her answers were priceless, and the feedback that she got told us that it works! Some of her advices were seriously wicked, same as some of her revenges but oh my, she hasn't murdered anybody, right? And still she believes in love, she had the best friends ever and I couldn't wish for a more likeable, relatable character.
Drew was a great character as well. So serious, but so funny in this seriousness, with his dead pan humour, and so patient when it came to women. I absolutely enjoyed chapters devoted to Drew and Emily, and it was also great to read about Drew's thought on Suzie and her plans as well.
All the other characters, especially Jackie and Emily, were larger than life, down - to - earth and more than funny. Even Emily, with her tightness and all things concrete was hilarious.

The story was fast - paced and addictive, I really couldn't put it down. There is a lot happening and while all the ideas that Suzie has, and the situations are absolutely realistic, they are written in a lot of humour and irony, and it makes the reading much, much more entertaining. Tracy really knows how to write her scenes in a colourful, vivid way, and no matter if it is on a football game, in a bar, choosing wedding gifts or very clearly explaining what Suzie would do to her last ex - there is sparkle, there is wit, there is heart, and I really felt for our Suzie. I think I was so rooting for her because she is so normal and well, I guess we can all relate to her - probably all of us was dumped once or twice in our life, and who wasn't plotting a terrible revenge? Only Suzie has the guts to take matters in her hands, and she's taking us with her on this brilliant journey.

The writing style of Tracy is so smooth and easy to follow and I didn't have any problems to get straight into the heart of the story. This book has it all: friendship, great characters, s little romance that was so unexpected, and revenge of course. I am not the biggest fan of cinema or films or other things, but reading the book I could see it being done to a film, I just could imagine all the scenes on the big screen and I would be the first in the queue to buy a ticket to see it!

So if you haven't read Tracy Bloom's books yet, it's now time to do this! They are all fantastic, full of laugh - out - loud moments and this down - to - earth feeling, with great characters that you very quickly start to love and root for, witty dialogues and incredibly, original, fresh plots. I love Tracy Bloom's books. I just love them. I can't sing them enough prises. It was really brilliant story about girl power!
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on 3 August 2013
Manchester Heralds female readers are thrown into revenge schemes when columnist and agony aunt Dear Suzie puts her own vengeful spin into her column. After being heartbroken several times and a heart to heart chat with colleague, friend and good guy Drew, she decided to seek revenge on her ex's. Little does she know how much it may cost her.

After reviewing Nobody ever has sex on a Tuesday and loving it, I was really excited to get stuck into Single woman seeks revenge. In typical Tracy style this is a book you will love. It is full of drama and excitement, romance and love. It will be like it is made out of super glue because it will not leave your hands.

The best thing about this book is that even though the book is based on Suzie and her revenge plan, we get Drew thrown in for extra measures and we are able to read his side and thoughts on her plans too. This gives the book more depth and helps it flow perfectly.

When I see the name Tracy bloom I will always think dry witt, good humoured and very now. Both her books have cemented her into this category and I am truly looking forward to seeing what she pulls out of her sleeve next.

Get the wine out, put your feet up and get yourself involved in Suzies revenge.
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