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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
Roxanne Desired (Prime Wolf Book 2)
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 12 May 2017
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on 3 May 2014
I loved this book,it was so well written and kept me interested from start to finish,I would recommend to fellow readers
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on 9 December 2017
Excellent read just as I expected. Now just to carry on to hopefully the next book in the series x
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on 20 May 2014
Read Ember's Curse first as it will help you understand the main characters as there isn't really any recapping in this book (YAY!) This book continues a week after Ember’s Curse finishes but despite that, Dane has managed to age 2 years in a matter of weeks! Aside from that obvious error, I also have to question the likelihood of any pack beta being used as a live in nanny rather than having an omega wolf babysit Dane. We see more of Ariel, the nymph princess as well as being introduced to a dragon shifter and zombie wolves that have been created by the dreaded Tyson who has a new partner in crime.

A week after being turned, Roxanne takes off by herself to get accustomed to her new life as a hybrid and the existence of the supernatural world. She hits the road with plans to return to the childhood home she fled from years before. Whilst driving on a desolate road, she is deliberately rear ended by her arch enemy David who has been stalking her for the past two years. David isn’t happy that he hasn’t been able to find her for the last week or so and in an attempt to protect herself, Roxanne accidentally turns David into a werewolf. Aside from the fact that Roxanne is considered to be a new born who shouldn’t be siring wolves of her own, there is also the problem that as a human, David is a sociopath and he now has the enhanced strengths of a werewolf. His sociopathic tendencies become clear after he not only kills the first human he comes across after being turned but literally rips him apart! After calling Ember for advice, Roxanne and David start the return journey back to Adelphi territory and meet up with Nathan on the way. Back on safe turf, David is taken to the cells whilst Nathan and Roxanne return to his house to rest up. A surprise visit from Ariel, turns those plans upside down when she becomes drawn to a decorative egg in Nathan’s house. As Roxanne and Nathan look on in stunned surprise, Ariel starts dancing and singing to the egg. After a blinding flash of light, a seven foot dragon shifter appears. We learn that his name is Harek, his true love is Moira who is still trapped inside a decorative egg and he has definitely lit Ariel’s fire! Ariel also tells them about the zombie wolves that Tyson has created from the wolves he abducted from different packs to make up for the wolves that Ember and Collin released from Ash Island.

Returning to the Adelphi pack house to update Ember and Collin of Ariel’s news, Roxanne discovers that Paige, the Alpha from the Greyson pack, has designs on Nathan and unwittingly issues a challenge to her. Before the challenge can take place however, they discover where the abducted wolves are being held and a rescue mission is launched by the Prime pack, the Adelphi warriors and the Greyson pack. During the battle, they discover how useful it is to have a dragon shifter on their side and Roxanne changes her allegiance! Tyson’s secret laboratory is discovered and they are also able to free some of Paige’s wolves that were abducted. The water witch that helped create the zombie wolves is dead, Tyson and Sylvia have been captured and all the zombie wolves have been put down so you’d think that all’s well that ends well. Not so….. Just when you think there’s a happy-ish ending and they’re all in the war room for a de-brief, they discover that not only do they have a traitor in their midst but an important member of the Prime pack is missing. If that’s not bad enough, they also discover that Tyson and the sociopathic David have escaped.

Although these books are considered to be a paranormal romantic suspense, the romance is missing somewhat. Yes there are two characters that fall deeply in love, but the suspense element outstrips the romantic element by far and this book has several storylines running alongside each other. If you’re a sucker for romance, I would say that these books are not for you as there is no angst or Danielle Steele style love story. But if you enjoy paranormal suspense stories, then you’ll enjoy these books as you just don’t know where the next twist or turn will come from. Having said that, I believe the next love interests will be Milo and maybe Sadie, although I’m not sure where that will leave the devoted Mojo!
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on 10 July 2014
Action packed thrills keep readers on the edge of their seat in the second battle with the evil Tyson. Roxanne is bound the sexy wolf Nathan, that she’s okay with but being a wolf-vampire hybrid is taking some getting used to, too bad she has to get over it because the bad guys have sent otherworldly creatures hell bent on their destruction.

Ember and Collin’s pack just can’t catch a break as this fast paced and smooth flowing story continues their war against the evil Tyson and his minions who are determined to bring pure evil into their world. The author brings the story to life with well written scenes and details which inspire vivid images that capture the imagination and the well orchestrated action scenes are exciting and believable. The strong compelling characters are easily related to and grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning.

The chemistry between Nathan and Roxanne burns up the pages and the sex scenes explode in a fiery inferno of passion, the relationship however is under a little stress with rabid wolves attacking at every opportunity, not to mention jealous she wolves who want Nathan for themselves. The reader can’t help but empathize with Roxanne as she tries to deal with everything that is happening to her and new found abilities that add a little stress to the situation as well.

The characters from the previous book continue to captivate the reader and some new characters are added to the group as well. There is lots of action and suspense to keep the reader’s on their toes as well as some twists and turns to keep them guessing. I found the story to be exciting and entertaining and there was never a dull moment and I can’t wait to read the next book in this fascinating world. I do recommend that this series by read in order because to better understand and get the full impact of the evil this group of wolves are up against.

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on 17 April 2014
I loved the first in the series and I thought the mix of different paranormals was wonderfully done, well here are even more in this story and the mix is incredibly done.
We met Roxanne and Nathan in the first book and I really liked them so I'm glad this book was about them, while not forgetting our old friends Ember and Collin among others but also meeting new friends.
Roxanne is best described by this quote "Roxanne, human and timid doormat for any ***hole who came into her life, died the day she woke up with a half gaping throat, on the hard, cold ground slicked with her own blood. Roxanne, Adelphi soldier and bond mate to a loving, burn your eyes into a pile of ash if you looked at him too long, sexy werewolf, was given a new start, an incredible chance at a new life that day" and I loved this, it showed so much how you can grow past what you were to who you are meant to be.
And Nathan, "His hypnotic brown eyes bore into me. I took a moment to fall into the warm depths of them. Light frolicked off the green specks that streaked through the dark brown colouring. His eyes weren't the only feature that boasted brilliant highlights. His medium brown hair was shaded with tiny blonde streaks as well." But this is a man who although loving and protective realises what his mate is and gives her the freedom to be who she is, not holding her back but supporting her "The way you’ve faced straight on, everything that’s been thrown at you with so much courage is…well, it’s just incredible. I am so proud of you, Rox.” You can see the struggle he has in Roxanne fulling accepting her new responsibilities that will put her in mortal danger but he loves her so much he supports her decision.
You have to love Ariel the nymph we quickly met her in the first book but she pops in and out with alarming regularity in this book and often at inappropriate times, sometimes it seems that Roxanne and Nathan just can't catch a break.
Also loved Harek the dragon thought he was wonderfully written and I can't wait to learn more about his story. And just wait for it there are zombies too, werewolf zombies to be exact how much more exciting can you get.
Once again a very well crafted book that will hold your attention, simply calling it a paranormal romance doesn't do it justice, with it's mixture of romance that can be quite steamy, action and adventure it's a joy to read.
I received a free copy for an honest review.
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on 30 June 2013
I am the 1st to moan when an author repeats facts about previous books, in this case since I hadn't read both books together so characters names were lost on me, and I felt a bit more explaining of important characters was needed, nut this was a minor thing.
Gena introduced us to some new and exciting characters in this book as well as the already established ones that I hope we will see more of.
This is a great book and as the series progresses it is well worth continuing and I look forward to the next part of the story.
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on 10 November 2014
Wow.... I really loved this book and finding out more about Roxanne and Nathan and the rest of the pack can't wait to ready more books by this author.I would definitely recommend this book to any who wants a good book to read.
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on 26 March 2014
This book held my attention from.start to finish
I read her first book last night and immediately downloaded this book straight after
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