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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 1 August 2013
I fully agree with the other reviews. For anyone seeing these 'one-star' reviews on what is widely thought to be one of Peter Gabriel's defining performances, let me give you the background story. A heavily edited version of this concert was released as 'Point of View' in 1990(on VHS and Laserdisc). It was only late in 2012 that the concert in its full form was released on DVD. The DVD was contained in the 'So Super-Deluxe Boxed Set' which was an extremely expensive set. Most people bought the expensive set just to have the Athens 1987 DVD as the other items in the set were not nearly as novel(a remastered So CD, a SO LP, So out-takes, and a CD version of the Athens concert).

Because the concert was filmed in 35mm film and all of the original negatives were used to produce the digital video master, it seemed odd that it would be released only on DVD and not Blu Ray. By contrast, for the audiophiles amongst us, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull have included hi-res audio Blurays in their top of the range boxed sets. It was said that in spite of being transferred from film to digital video in full HD, a blu-ray was not on the cards. Why was anyone's guess.

It turns out the obvious was true and that a reasonably priced blu-ray is coming. People, myself included feel like Real World Records have really let us down. We bought a SO boxed set primarily to have this concert in the highest possible quality being told the DVD in the boxed set was the best we'd get. Now we'll have to buy this blu-ray to get the experience we initially wanted.

You could say 'that's business' and ultimately it is. But since Peter Gabriel has generally overseen his Real World Records personally one would think he'd have a better sense of how to treat his fans than a faceless mega-record label with many popular acts on its roster. If those who purchased the boxed set would be give a voucher for a free blu-ray just about all would be forgiven. EMI on behalf of Pink Floyd issued a free blu-ray replacement to those who purchased the 'Wish You Were Here Immersion Box' because of a defect in the original blu-ray, a defect that wasn't even present on my original copy. But they didn't want to take customers for granted.

If anyone from Real World is reading these, maybe think twice before you force us to purchase this. If PG wants to do another mega-box set based on another of his albums with only one truly unique item in the box, I know I'll wait before purchasing it.

Now hopefully other Amazon users will see why a 5 star product is receiving such low ratings.
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on 5 August 2013
thank you PG and real world for releasing this fine concert on blu ray for everyone to enjoy in HD.
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on 5 October 2013
Exceptional live footage from a concert now over 26 years old. A true blu ray experience. Please ignore the nonsense 1 star reviews here, bemoaning the fact they were not given it free with their So remaster. A wonderful remastering of both video and audio. If the concert is not enough there is included a bonus dvd containing 23 original promo videos of single releases up to and including The Barry Williams Show!
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on 27 July 2013
Like many others - I bought the So box set - primarily to see this show, after PG himself indicated their would be no separate release. Long time fan - very disappointed in Peter and Real World. Really leaves a sour taste in the mouth.
My personal view is everyone who ordered the So Box Set ( mine was from the Real World store direct )- should at the very least receive a free copy of the Blu Ray.
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on 26 October 2013
Excellent concert in the days before the technology give rise to ever more complicated staging. Would have scored 5 if the picture quality could have matched the sound.

As you get the greatest hits videos ( Play ) along with the Athens concert well worth the money at least at the end of watching it you'll still have all your clothes, then again if you crowd surf what do you expect.

Don't Give Up to a Greek crowd is even more relevant today.
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on 25 July 2013
Concert content: Awesome - a great record of the Athens and So tour of '87.

PG Content: Very disapointing that after all the feedback given for the So box setnd the subsequent intention that there was not going to be a blu-ray release for this show the die hard fans are having to bite the tongue and shell out more money in order to keep that collection complete.

Either Peter or his management need to seriously rethink their attitude to his loyalbuying public. I thought the variations of New Blood and Live Blood were bad but this is a very sad day.
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on 30 July 2013
"There are no plans, at present, for a stand-alone version" (Peter Gabriel - August 2012)
"Live In Athens 1987 will be released on 16 Sep 2013 on blu-ray" (Realworld - July 2013)

I'm still smarting from the disappointing content of the ridiculously over-priced So box set containing a DVD version of this concert. Now, as sure as eggs is eggs, along comes the stand-alone blu ray version of Live in Athens to further diminish the box set's value. As a follower of Peter Gabriel since 1972 (when Genesis were still a support band) I feel I have the right to say that this release is an insult to loyal fans. And remember, this is about something far more important than money, it's about respect.

By the way, the concert is great.
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on 31 July 2013
I bought the "So" Deluxe Edition Box set for nearly £100 at time of release. I reviewed that at the time and expressed disappointment on the lack of Blu Ray for Live in Athens. Given that it included access to a FLAC 24 hi resolution audio download of the "So" album and I got FLAC 24 hi resolution of an excerpt of Live in Athens through Society of Sound, it was odd to provide a lower resolution DVD in a premium product. To expect those of us who paid for the box set to pay again for a Blu Ray of Live in Athens is insulting. I normally buy each new Peter Gabriel product on release but am not doing so this time. "New Blood" Deluxe edition came with DVD and Blu Ray. "So" Deluxe Edition should also have come with both. Every owner of the "So" Deluxe Edition box set has a unique download code that was used to access the 24 bit FLAC version from Society of Sound (along with a 720p version of the DVD). Why not reuse that code to give us a free copy of the Blu Ray rather than trying to fleece us for another £16 on top of the £100 we have already paid? Bad show Peter Gabriel. I don't care if it is record label/management pressure, you still have control over official releases in your name. You went on record at the time stating this wouldn't happen and a stand alone Blu Ray wouldn't be released. Time for you to make another statement explaining the about turn? As a long term Peter Gabriel fan who first saw him in concert in 1983 I now feel completely ripped off over the "So" Deluxe Edition.
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on 28 December 2015
This was from the first concert I went to (I saw him in London the year before), and being able to watch it again all these years later. Brilliant. Thanks for the music PG!
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on 23 October 2013
excellent footage and a different take on some of the main hits and picture very clear due to remastering of original footage also had a bonus disc of hits
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