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Customer reviews

3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
Vikingdom  [DVD] [2013]
Format: DVD|Change
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 July 2015
This film is ok it started of promasing but went very strange when thor played by (conan stevens) turned up with red hair so bright I had to go and get my sunglasses. It had a good story line one you would expect the vikings to be like but somebody must have forgotten to inform anybody involved with this film that you do not need so much cheesiness in one film apart from a red hair coloured thor and the odd thunder bolts from the hands of gods you get elf looking people drifting in and out of scenes and the land of the dead who did not make it to valhalla gaurded by some worm like monster. The scenery is good but the film at times just does not seem right they try to slow down the killing and sword fights then build them back up to normal speed again a bit like 300 but not that good the film lacks a good leading man with the rugged look you expect in these films I mean Dominic Purcell through the whole film is extreamly clean shaven and as a actor very ridged. If you want to watch this either borrow a copy or wait till you buy it in a car boot for 50p
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on 16 April 2017
good film thanks
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on 8 November 2017
Brill thanks
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on 29 October 2013
I was just commenting the other day, what the world really needs is a faux-Viking saga starring Dominic Purcell, a ballet dancer, and an oriental martial arts fighter. Eirick (Purcell) has been brought back from the dead by the goddess Freya (Tegan Moss). He is tasked by Frey (Jesse Moss) to travel to Hellheim to get a horn so he can defeat the evil Thor (Conan Stevens), sorry Avenger fans. Thor wields a huge molded plastic ax while wearing Emo dyed red hair speaking with a voice enhancer. Oh yes, he also hates Jesus, a plot point which made the film more inane.

The film is about Eirick's quest which includes companions in this "Middle Earth Period". Some of the people speak modern English, while others prefer bad Renaissance English. Some fighters are endowed with anti-gravity fighting ability, other are less fortunate. There is also a Druid Priest who subs as a wizard (Patrick Murray) an oriental fighter (Jon Foo) and a ballet dancer (Natassia Malthe) who join the quest. Druids, Vikings: they're both old and lived somewhere in Europe, who would know they weren't the same especially after having a guy speaking Chinese. Our hairy Druid wizard has a walking stick with the large proverbial crystal on the end.

The set was overly CG. I can't imagine how fake this would look in Blu-Ray. For a serious viewer, I would recommend watching this film on an analog TV to blur the fake looking CG effects. For those who watch for the cheese, digital is just fine especially that big monster head thing. The dialog and speeches given in the film closely resemble those of other famous films, particularly LOTR.

The film is Asylum/ SyFy bad. But for those of us who like horrible anachronistic films, this one is worth a peek.

Parental Guide: Viking F-bombs. Sex, side breast nudity.
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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2014
Vikingdom is a silly action film nominally featuring Vikings in which a small band of misfits must battle to take on the Thunder God, Thor. Surprisingly it is a Malaysian-made film. Not entirely clear what Malaysians thought they were up to in developing a Norse tale with a largely western cast. Directed by a Malaysian pop-rap artist, it is a badly made film with some redeeming qualities.

Some of the redeeming qualities include parts of the cast. The band of adventurers is quite large. It includes a couple of interesting people with the occasional usable bit of banter. There is though one excellent piece of character development where a character with a shady past shunned by his peers turns out to have a genuine motive for his otherwise unacceptable actions. It is the most interesting piece of character in the film as the viewer is so conditioned to look for the traitor amidst heroes that it is an abrupt shock to find this idea completely turned on its head.

The downside to the size of the adventure group is that it is hard to tell them all apart. Some of them do not make it to the end. It is not always easy to recall which one is which as they have largely generically Scandic names like Sven and tend to look pretty similar in battle gear.

Other parts of the casting are laughable. The idea of a Chinese martialist battling in the frozen north is ridiculous. The development of the Yang character and casting of John Foo is such a blatant effort to add to the Asian market that it cannot surely have worked at all. Yang does not really speak the English of those around him which makes sense as presumably that English would have been Old Norse which in turn would not have been widely accessed in the Far East. It does though mean that Foo's interactions are inherently childlike. He is so much smaller than the rest and can only use visual responses to comment. One Asian character is cast, it is a silly decision, and that character is treated like a joke.

The casting of ballerina Natassia Malthe as a warrior woman is more forgiveable because she is pretty. She's stilted and wooden but is generally ok on screen. However, Malthe is far too skinny to play a combat role. In a part of the world which once had female characters who could easily best the strongest of men, Natassia Malthe was not the image anyone could have had in mind.

The worst piece of casting though is the lead man Dominic Purcell. It is largely his fault that this film falls below average. For all the failings of plot and directing, an acceptable quality lead could have made this a light hearted bit of fun. Purcell is not acceptable quality. He is so lacking charisma it is almost painful to watch. This is a man who is more a box of muscle than a leader. As henchman no 3 he would have filled in well. As the lead he is appalling. The one positive about Purcell is that his physical size fits perfectly for the final showdown with Thor. Purcell is just the right amount of size smaller than Conan Stevens to make him a massive underdog but not a completely implausible opponent. Purcell's fight scenes are generally ok, and his weight adds to the physicality.

The best piece of casting is Conan Stevens as Thor. Stevens is a professional Big Guy. He is a monster of a man so naturally he is intimidating as the Thunder God. He's actually pretty decent in this film as an actor. The red beard adds to his impressive appearance but it is his wild eyes and menacing voice that make his Thor fascinating to watch. Stevens is a lot of fun in this film.

The plot of Vikingdom is almost ok. The good guys must prevent a god from using artifacts during a 'blood eclipse' which would bring about the end of humanity if he succeeds. Along the way they must also fight the jealousies of rival clans and go into pitched battle against the forces of darkness.

The early part of the film is largely about the bringing together of a group of adventurers under the leadership of outcast former king Eirick. Eirick is not a great recruiter. He's not much of a leader at all - perhaps a nod to Dominic Purcell's lack of charisma. He can only draw upon the weird and the not so wonderful. Eventually that group must deal with betrayal en route to a showdown in pitched combat.

There is quite a lot of combat, most of it highly gory. The battle scenes are quite good. Choreography is not particularly complex. The scenes largely boil down to larger people out-muscling smaller ones or very skinny people using agility/marksmanship in one-on-one efforts. Blood splatter happens most times which is fine.

The final battle is really badly directed. There is never really any sense that the shape of the battle is understandable. It is hard to know how the various clips of fighting interact with one another as they all seem to be happening entirely in isolation. The tension is also absent. The good guys seem to have things well in hand pretty much throughout with only Thor vs Eirick being a risk to their victory. The final battle is an example of what not to do when directing a film.

Of course, knowledge of Norse mythology is a distinct disadvantage when it comes to enjoying this film. It goes without saying that there is nothing here for fans of the various sagas to be pleased about.

The special effects and CGIa are ok. The slightly cartoonish elements around Thor are fine because they work well with Conan Stevens. The visual look of the film is generally pretty good. The frozen north is entirely believable, it does look as though the adventurers are traipsing through the high north. The sets and costume are ok, a little on the cheap side at times but the recreation of a Norse village for instance is fine.

There is allegedly a making of video somewhere. It was not immediately discoverable on a cheap DVD.

Vikingdom allegedly cost more than $15m to make. It seems to have lost pretty much all that money. It lost it because it is badly made, terribly directed, and features one of the worst leading men ever to disgrace cinema. On the plus side Conan Stevens is awesome and there are some nice performances amid the adventurer group including the odd witty joke. Until the end sequences the action scenes are quite good.
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on 2 July 2014
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on 30 April 2014
I really don't get the negative reviews on this movie. How come some people look at low budget productions as if they would have to have the same technical quality as a James Cameron movie ? Movies like Vikingdom should be praised by what they have achieved with such low budget. Ok, there's a ton of really bad stuff, the story moves too fast, some actors are wooden, some sets are a joke and some special effects idem.
So what's good about it ?
The atmosphere is fantastic. You dont even think for a minute this viking movie set on snowlands was shot in Thailand where there's no snow in sight or high european mountains in sight.
Some effects might be bad but others are trully excelent. Particulary the ones that set the scene and you dont even think about them. Mountain "helicopter shots", "natural" landscapes and all that.
Its a great adventure movie because it's fun ! Compeling action sequences, a lot of variety in the fights and for a small budget it really builds a vast fantasy world out of no money at all. Fun quest, with lots of locations, different battles, lots of blood, good cinematography and a sense of fun and adventure that is totally missing nowadays in hollywood.
Vikingdom is a movie that we can see was made with fun and everyone seems to have a ball while making it.

So, if you're looking for a diferent b-movie, love fantasy and are not expecting it to be a visual masterpiece or have some sort of amazing plot, this adventure is for you. Fun, fun movie. Oh and by the way, this 3D BLURAY VERSION is FANTASTIC !

I had first seen the movie out of a torrent , but five minutes after it ended, i went and bought this disc. The only thing about this bluray is that it does not have any english subs, (dont worry the movie is in english anyway), and there's no extras at all despite an excelent making of documentary exists on youtube.

Vikingdom has more soul and is more fun than 98% of the ultra produced bubblegum boring crap hollywood sends out these days.
If you like b-movies, understand their spirit and want to see a really amazing low budget fantasy production you cannot go wrong with this bluray disk, which by the way has an excellent image and sound quality too.

If after reading this you feel this movie can be for you , it probably is. Get it. Ignore the bad hype from people who are also really annoyed because Thor here is the bad guy and it's not a Marvel Comics character. Good !

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on 4 October 2016
I haven't a clue what the budget was for this but I've never seen a film as cheaply made since those early 1970s dinosaur movies when they glued horns onto a gecko in an attempt to pass it off as a T-Rex!

The plot line stumbles from one cliche to the next with no obvious cinematic link to give you the vaguest idea as to why it's in there in the first place. Whoever wrote the script must have been paid in turnips, it's that poor; this is matched only by the acting which is one step up from a school nativity play. The actors are flat and give the impression they are only doing this film because their families have been taken hostage.

Cinematographically, the film tries to emulate the vast worldscape of Lord of the Rings with the action style of 300. Given the fact that there are more beer-bellies than six-packs, and the set is clearly made of polystyrene, the film-makers seem to have confused ambition with ability. With a glut of films featuring Thor around at the moment, the foam hammer covered in aluminium foil doesn't exactly pose a convincing threat to his opponents, who would be more likely to be injured from a badly made piece of set than the weaponry on offer.

I have to say however that this film is a must see, simply for the wigs! The actors plod around each wearing what could seriously be described as upturned mop-heads covered in tinsel. All heads are constantly bowed as if they are trying to balance a particularly dry cow pat on their 'bonce'. We were compelled to watch every minute in the hope that one would fall off mid-scene.

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on 29 September 2014
Great. Film as they mixed up five of the sargers tell one grate story I loved it and would recommend this film to any one to watch
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on 16 July 2016
Ok - there is nothing wrong with "cheap and cheerful". But there is a LOT wrong with a film in which scenes appear to begin in the middle, and end without a conclusion.....This is good fun and, if the swear words had been removed and the cartoon violence slightly toned down, it would have found an audience in the 12A market. But as it stands it has a 15/18 certificate which means that more grown up audiences will sit down to it - and find it wanting.

I lasted half an hour. The cast do their best but up against the jumbled story telling they can only do so much. The costumes appear to be straight out of a school nativity circa 1970 - nylon and naff. Particularly for the 'Gods'. As mentioned the script needs major surgery - things happen (characters being introduced, plot lines established) with no sense at all. Viewers are left floundering - who is that? what does he mean? where are they going?

It should be so much better, but sadly it is limp and lifeless.
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