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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Sony All-in-One Audio System with DAB Radio
Style: DAB|Change
Price:£119.99+ £8.99 shipping

on 4 April 2017
It's OK, sound is a little boxey, and not very loud. Wish I didn't buy it.
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on 17 October 2015
great little machine.
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on 6 June 2016
This "Hi-Fi" unit is perfect for a person who is not too concerned with audio quality. That is to say; it's not BAD just very slight (would be the kind phrase)! I have a love of all things truly Hi-Fi and drive my wife mad with the fact that every room has floor standing speakers and separates. I bought this unit for the one room (master bedroom) that is "hers". She is well made up with it and loves the functionality. Rather than go over ground that others have already done, here is my review:

The Good = DAB, and a very good one at that - 2nd generation (means you can get newly broadcast channels like Absolute 80's "New") reception is no problem, even without the aerial mounted & just hanging down at the back. CD performance is fine, with player handling MP3 CD's and audio CD's alike. A nice touch it that it continues to play from the exact point it stopped last time, regardless. It has a 3.5mm "Standard" jack input for external source such as laptop/PC/MP3/Ipod/Iphone/Ipad, which actually adds quite a bit in terms of functionality. Main unit electronics seem pretty solid to be fair. DAB radio sound quality is very satisfactory (once speaker upgraded-see below).

The Bad = The speakers are terrible...this unit replaces her previous Sony (grey one from 6 years ago-still had a tape deck, but one thing I will say for it - it had 2 way speakers, which to be fair were very adequate), these units are one-way 3.5" driver unit and sound awful!! I truly mean that...even she complained that there was no bass or definition in the music and trust me when I say that is not something she is normally ever likely to come out with, unless things are really bad! I have replaced them with an old pair of KEF Coda 7's I have knocking about and it completely re-invents this little thing. Now there is actually a semblance of bass, mid-range & treble in the music. Performance from Audio CD & DAB is strongest (unsurprisingly).

Overall = If you are looking for a functional, small audio solution where space is a premium, then look no further. Packed with features and sporting an aux stage for line level inputs (no gain or volume adjustment on the unit, so that needs to be handled on the "sending" end). I would suggest you upgrade the speaker package as I did, but if you are truly not bothered you may find the standard units satisfactory...just don't say I didn't warn you ;)
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 November 2016
I was looking for a Micro Hi-Fi system that had all the features but came in a small package and reading some of the reviews bad and good I decided to give this system a go.
For the first time, I looked into the Amazon Warehouse to see if I could pick up a deal and boy did I get one. I didnt want to pay full price as reading from some of the reviews and from other sites, a small portion of people returned the product because of the lack of DAB signals in there areas, hence some were in new condition. So I took a chance and based my purchase on this from the returns warehouse on Amazon. The first thing I did before ordering was to look at the DAB stations in my area and there way quite a few. So I went ahead and ordered the unit at a lower price than normal i.e "Used but only slight damage to the box". Boy was I glad, there wasnt even damage to the box and the united was in PERFECT condition. Now this might not apply to all units sold, this is just my case. Instead of paying £106.94, I got mine for £83.79. Needless to say I was over the moon and the DAB worked a treat and some as the site I checked for DAB stations had not been updated for 3 years, therefore I had even more stations than I expected.
The unit itself surprised me as to how small yet how good it performed, the speakers had more bass/treble than I expected, the USB port meant I could play my favorite music downloaded from my computer to a flash drive. the unit is very easy to work and even wakes you up with your favorite radio station as you can set the times, stations to do this.
All in all Im very pleased with it and glad I made the purchase. 10/10
review image
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 May 2014
The CMT S220 is simple and small compact micro hi fi (I have the FM version)
It's a low cost system, but has enough of the basics covered, and sounds a bit better than the price might suggest.

The main unit houses the CD drive (a tray eject type), a simple LCD display, with a front USB port on the lower left hand side
The top part has button controls for the hi fi (play, pause, eject and EQ etc so you are ok if you misplace the remote)
Connectors are minimal, 2 x speaker outputs, an audio input, and a socket to fix the aerial connector

Other notes:
* USB playback supports MP3, WMA, and Walkman formats (you can also use the port to charge USB devices)
* You get a remote controls with it too
* Output is rated at 10watts RMS (2x5 watts) per channel

It's a small size overall the main unit is about 17cm wide and 21cm deep so it's easy to fit in a tight space or a kitchen for example. As others have noted the speaker cables are not that long, but I suspect most will not be seperating the speakers much.

Build is basic but adequate at this price point. Sound wise it does a fairly good job with the bass boost and pre-sets on EQ it's above average compared to some units I have tried. Mid range could be better but for the rated output it's really quite good overall more than loud enough.

There is nothing fancy on the Sony at all just the essentials here CD, and USB playback with the radio (reception is fine for FM/AM) The DAB model is a bit more expensive (I've not tried this) but it's the same unit for both options.

At this price it's a decent purchase for a budget micro system. I have mine in the shed and it's been working with no problems for months.
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on 12 February 2014
Our main source of audio is a BOSE system but we wanted something smaller for another living room. The Sony CMT arrived bang on time, was in perfect condition and was assembled within 10 minutes. It took me a while longer to tune in the radio stations but that was a mixture of unclear instructions and operator error/impatience. Like may other reviewers, I note the shortness of leads meaning that you cannot space the speakers as far apart as you might like. The max I get is 70 cm (distance between a speaker and the CD player). This wasn't an issue for us. Sound quality is room filling and OK. At ~ £74-00 it is a bargain.
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on 8 October 2014
I didn't actually buy this from Amazon but I thought a review might be helpful to those who may do so. The features, for a basic machine, were better than I expected. It will read mp3 CD's for a start. Sound quality isn't bad either. The aerial could probably do with being longer. As I don't like leaving things on standby (wastes electricity) I would have liked a proper mains on-off switch. The downside of switching off completely is that preset/stored stations will be lost after a certain time. Even here, though, machine exceeded specifications; it states that, if switched off completely, stored stations will be lost after about half a day. However, switching on over 12 hours later, stations were still there! It will be interesting to see how long they are retained. It would be good if a future model had some kind of on-board battery which would enable presets to be stored indefinitely. In all this is pretty good and I am glad I bought it.
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on 12 September 2015
Could be better. No external sound jack for headphones. Sound lacking any base depth. I know it's what you pay for but not happy with this product.
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on 18 October 2017
Died within several years. Naff. Would not recommend.
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on 7 October 2017
Didn't even last 2 years before the mechanism broke. Also the USB function doesn't work properly, You can't play your phone through it - so has been advertised incorrectly. I wouldn't bother.
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