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on 26 June 2014
This wallet does the job sufficiently. The magnet hasn't dropped out yet which I hear is quite an issue with this item. Looks-wise, it does look very cheap, it actually looks like plastic covered cardboard.
The window is a great feature, and has proven to extend battery life a bit as the whole screen doesn't light up unless the wallet is opened. Unfortunately, there is no access to the volume button and there is no cut out for the speaker either, so I don't think you can speak on the phone with the wallet closed. Maybe you can't anyway, I've never tried it.

Polite note to supplier:

Please don't email me because I've only given it three stars like you did with the previous wallet.

Thank you.
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on 20 May 2014
Good cover and it does do what it has stated.
Quite solid cover. The front screen works good and its sensitive enough to control the phone (answer calls and manage notifications.)

The only improvement I would suggest, and this is my "but" is the feature as holder for the cover. When on horizontal position this could be used as desk holder. After some minutes it starts loosing grip and its just falls into almost level position.. The cover should be more robust to support the phone weight for longer period of time.

Price vs quality vs expectations, I recommend the buy.

Shipping and packaging follows expected standards.
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on 2 September 2014
This was £5.99 when I bought it from EasyAcc.U Store and my comments are based on that.

I don't have a Samsung S4 but I bought this knowing it would not fit my tiny bit bigger CubotP9, removed the plastic clip on back cover by splitting the adhesive bond with a craft knife then re-bonded the PU leather flip case to the loose back cover of the CubotP9 and now have a perfect flip case for it.

Great Value 5 stars from me at the point of purchase.
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on 19 May 2014
Ok so full disclosure: I bought this item a while ago & it was very poorly made (broke in less than a week), I sent it back, gave them my feedback & got a full refund.

Then a couple of weeks ago EasyAcc sent me an email apologising for the poor quality of the product, explained that they were redesigning it & would value my feedback if they sent me a free replacement & let them know if the new product was better.

So the verdict: Simply put it is a far better product now & I would recommend it. Also with customer service like that I will definitely be buying from them again when I get a new phone that needs a new case! Great customer service & great product thanks.
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on 24 January 2014
I have had two of these cases and both of them the magnet has fallen out of! The first one within a week of getting it and the replacement they sent after lasted only another one or two weeks... I emailed the company easyacc which were very good offering to send me a different product due to this product having a manufacturing fault with the magnet... The views below are mostly bad about this... If you order based on the reviews you probably have a 20% to 30% chance of getting a good one :(
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on 28 March 2014
I've only had this cover for 4wks but have to say I'm absolutely delighted with it so far. It provides all the protection you'd need for the phone without spoiling the S4's slim profile. It handles like a traditional slim leather diary, not like a phone at all: I like! Little sign of wear so far, I guess it will age a bit like leather, but still remain fully serviceable. The opening-closing action is very tactile, I find myself doing this just for fun (and partner's annoyance!). No problems with the magnetic catch, quite the reverse, it's part of the joy. True: the card-holder isn't much use for credit cards, although it'd probably be OK with a single non-embossed card (eg bus-pass). Or for a piece of card to write on. But then who wants to ensure their credit cards are stolen with their phone? The window serves its purpose in showing incoming calls without having to open the cover. And opening-closing the cover switches the phone on-off: since I got it at the same time as the phone from new, I haven't worked out how to switch the phone on-off otherwise. Slightly fiddly for camera work, but do-able. Reasonably priced and delivered promptly, what more can one ask?
This is the first review I've bothered to write in over a year, the product is that good.
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on 14 July 2014
Looks like the cover has not been finished as on the top left it is not cut out curved like on the right hand side of the cover. This small details makes a huge difference on the way it looks. When in a position of stand function which holds your device at an angle for watching videos and slideshows the magnetic flap comes in the way so you end up taking the phone out of the cover, this defies the purpose.
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on 11 March 2014
I have had this case less than 2 weeks and already the magnetic strip that holds it together has come apart and now won't close not impressed in the slightest.

Update. after speaking with a gentleman named Koby tang i can now inform everybody That there second generation cases are a lot more sturdier due to them fixing the problem with the magnetic clasp this 1 is a lot better my many thanks to mr tang for his support and communication
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on 14 June 2014
The case works really well.
It is easy to fit and stays in place well, the magnetic fastener is good and I can answer the phone with the cover in place.
The only drawback is that the case does not support the phone in the reading view as shown in the picture - the phone tends to slide forward and then lie on top of the case.
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on 17 October 2014
This cover is excellent for the price. The fitting is not perfect but for £6 I'm not complaining. I have no problems with it, I can answer the phone with the cover closed through the view window and my phone is completely covered and when I open the cover the phone screen wakes up. Very good!
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