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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Ciara [Explicit]
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on 8 July 2013
Ciara isn't playing around! She means business! After her last album Basic Instinct didn't do that well things were looking bad, she parted ways with her label saying that they basically sucked which is very true, fast forward 3 years and she has a new deal with L.A Reid, the man who discovered her and is back on form!
The album is probably one of the best RnB albums I've heard in years, it mixes the genre with crunk, pop, electro, drum and bass as well as hip/hop.

I'll go track by track!

1. I'm Out featuring Nicki Minaj: A great opener, Nicki's rap is fierce and Ciara brings it with her sultry tones on this superb RnB track, Ciara is telling a man she isn't putting up with him anymore, great stuff.
2. Sophomore: This song oozes sexiness, Ciara coo's about how "experienced" she is, a good song and certinaly keeps the momentum up.
3. Body Party: This song is pure sex, no beating around the bush here, the song is gorgeous, amazing melody and production with Ciara's sexy vocals keeping things creative enough for repeated listens, it's no wonder this was a single, it's slow jam at it's finest!
4. Keep On Lookin': This song almost has a reggae feel with the beginning shouting, this is about Ciara telling a guy to look the other way because she aint interested! This track is probably the definition of good filler.
5. Read My Lips: This song is so pretty, creative lyrics and a gorgeous beat, it's a song about Ciara just wanting to take care of her man, this song shows how much her voice has improved.
6. Where You Go featuring Future: This song is beautiful, her voice is just wow, the song is about telling your man not to hold your feelings in, she wants to know how you feel deep inside, it's a cute song and has a great RnB beat in the background thumping away.
7. Super Turnt Up: This song has an almost drum and bass beat, it's about Ciara watching her man be amazing and how much she wants him, it's a really interesting song and even features her rapping!
8. DUI: This song is so interesting, it's about Ciara behind the wheel of a car and not paying attention because all she can think of is her lover, a really catchy chorus and a great beat.
9. Livin' It Up featuring Nicki Minaj: This song HAS to be a single! So catchy, with such an addictive chorus, probably the most pop song on this album, Ciara put's on a faux Caribbean accent for the verses and it really works, great production and very good to dance to.
10. Overdose: This song has an almost 80's feel, Ciara wants you to call her a doctor because she's overdosed on love, an immediately catchy chorus and again, HAS to be a single, it would be a big hit I'm sure, the electro beat is mesmerizing.
11. For those who bought the album on itunes, it comes with an extra track, "Backseat Love", I advise you to download this because it is amazing! It's like an electro/RnB slow jam, it's about Ciara loving her man on the backseat of her car, a very catchy song and I can't believe it got relegated to bonus itunes track!

Overall this was a comeback worth waiting for, Ciara has grown so much, the music is fresh and creative, the production and lyrics are interesting and most importantly her vocals has really improved, she was always able to sing but these days she's taken it to another level!
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on 8 July 2013
The first time I heard Body Party I knew this was going to be a great era for CC and damn, Ciara came back with a bang. This is without doubt her best album to date. CC mixes Hip-hop, R&B and Pop together tastefully on an album you can listen to from beginning to end without skipping a single track. Favourites are Sophomore, Body Party, Read My Lips, Where You Go, Super Turnt Up, DUI, Livin It Up and Overdose. Basically all of them. She's not crazy popular here in the UK but I hope this album gets the recognition it deserves.
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on 8 July 2013
This is my first time leaving a review because the album is just that good!

My girlfriend is a Ciara fan so I got her the album early from Germany. This is the first time I have bought a gift for my girl that I can also enjoy. Infact, she got upset because I borrowed it for my car on the way to work lol.

I am not usually into this sort of music but the album is so versatile and great that it goes against my usual taste. There is something on this album for everyone, guranteed.
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on 6 August 2013
I am a massive Ciara fan, since Love Sex Magic I fell in love and backtracked and bought her other four albums. I like those albums, but they are merely a support act for this, what is undoubtedly Ciara's biggest and best showcase! This is my first ever review on amazon, and I only did it as I need to try and help others see how amazing, talented and worth it Ciara really is. So here it is track by track, by me:

1. I'm Out-Now this song is a fierce opening to the album. A killer verse by Nicki Minaj sets a dominant tone for a song where Ciara ditches all her lazy men in favour of dancing with her girls. Great production matched by Ciara's beautiful vocals 8/10

2. Sophmore-A soft, sexy, melodic song that just entices me with every listen. You can already tell Ciara has unlimited sexual prowess but this song just amplifies her sex appeal to another level. Her vocals seem a little rougher here, not in a bad way, as in she can be an aggressive lover and she wants you to know it. 8/10

3. Body Party-The first single released to actually make the album, and there is no wonder why it did. This delicate but sensual songs oozes sex and vibrancy. Ciara doesn't hold back with the big vocals either, whilst not a belter like Beyonce, her ad libs and such are much to be admired and really add to the song. 9/10

4. Keep On Lookin'-Personally I find this to be quite a dark song. I always picture Ciara in all black strutting through a dark alleyway turning the heads of gangsters and it really appeals to me in the sense that it shows the variety and contrast in songs like this and Livin' It Up (but this tracks review is purely my opinion) A very good filler, would be dissapointed if ti turned out to be anything more. 8/10

5. Read My Lips-A very bouncy, fun song. The beat always has me bopping away and Ciara's gentle vocal chords add an air of pretty excitement to the song. A fan favourite I believe (although not mine) it is defintely a key milestone in Ciara's progression into different genre apart from the original Crunk. 8/10

6. Where You Go-A beautiful, quite dainty beat starts the song off and sets a very gentle calm and happy atmosphere. The only thing that dissapointed me about this song, was the lack of Future. Ciara's lover was only featured on the chorus and I really wanted to see them do a sensual duet where they feed off of each others energy and reply to each other's every word kind of thing. (Again personal opinion I know a lot of you are probably happy that Future's autotune singing hasn't 'ruined' the song) 9/10

7. Super Turnt Up-For me, the worst song on the album. I just can't connect with this sing, it just feels disjointed and all over the place. I love Ciara's vocals and her little venture into rapping, but I think it's the beat that throws me off. Its a shame as I know Ciara loves this one, but I just can get on the hypee. 7/10

8. DUI-Now we start what I consider to be the best section of the album, these next three songs are my favourites. DUI is one of my favourites, if not my absolute favourite from the album. It's slow but hypnotizing and just enchants you. Ciara's subtle but sharp voice echoes through your mind and just fills it with awe, so tender yet so dirty Ciara finds the exact right balance, as per usual. There are no more words for this song apart from 'beautiful perfection' in my opinion. 10/10

9. Livin' It Up-Another one of my favourites as well as another Nicki Minaj assist. This song is so light hearted, catchy and just generally fun. The most poppy song on the album, it stands out as great potential for commercial success and you must understand why. Ciara attempts a slightly Caribbean accent in the verses, but then goes for the high pitched short sweet noted in the chorus, catchy and entertaining you so that you are completely off guard when Nicki comes in, in a rather more subtle and toned down way than usual. She delivers a few short, sharp, harsh but effective lines that add to the songs commercial potential and then it is back to Ciara for a wonderful bridge with lots of stunning ad libs. 10/10

10. Overdose-The final song on the album, as I wont include any bonus tracks from any edition. This hot, club ready piece will be commercial gold when released as a single, because it just has to be released as a single. Ciara sings about getting herself into all types of danger just so her hot doctor can save her, and she does so in such a sultry, sexy tone. She allows you to hear some quite vulnerable vocals at some pointss, but then always reigns back into the powerful woman she is. Catchy and exciting to say the least, this is a great way to end the album. Upset that it fades out though. 9/10

Well I hope this review was helpful, and I'm sorry if I have a differing view to you, please don't feel offended that I criticed your favourite song. Now go forth and buy this wonderous album, you wont regret it, and Ciara needs the album sales. #2 the first week, now #44, with an album like this, she deserved number one!
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on 5 August 2013
simply amazing album, back on form since Goodies.

Dynamic r&b in an age where dance seems to have taken over.

Stand out tracks
Body party
Livin it up
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on 23 July 2013
I haven't bought a CD like this in a while and ive always loved Ciara. I do think its a very girly album with a lot of bass and sounds great in the car! :)
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on 15 August 2013
Have listened to this over and over since purchasing and I'm still loving it!

I'd say that this is Ciara's best album yet. Her collaborations are fantastic. Her voice as beautiful as ever.

If this is the kind of music you like, or even if you just like an easy-going listen then I'd definitely recommend buying it.
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on 16 August 2013
DUI is such an incredible song, but the whole album I havent stopped listening since I bought it. it is constantly on repeat, i have it playing in the car, in my house and on my ipod, its never too far away from my ears!
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on 13 August 2013
Nice/easy songs :)
Works in my car perfectly.Exactly what I was expecting from Ciara :)
Good job girl:)
Many thanks.
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on 2 June 2015
Arrived in perfect state and also very quickly. The CD itself is an awesome collection of urban driven songs.
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