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on 30 May 2015
I never write Amazon reviews. I don't usually have the time and I never have the inclination. That being said I just had to review this product. I have 3 keyboards for my iPad Mini and they have been a disappointment. From keys not working, slow responsiveness, unable to immediately connect via bluetooth; just about every headach a bluetooth keyboard can have! I then stumbled upon Zagg and it is a REAL keyboard in every sense. It is small yes, but so is the Mini! I am 6'2 so my handspan is very big with large fingers! I can touch type ona regular keyboard, as I use computers all day long. This keyboard is very responsive. I can still type at my normal speed without waiting for the keys to keep up with me. I'm not hitting two keys at the same time either! My only minor moan is that the 1 key is a little tiny, so I have make a very conscious effort to use it, but all the other keys are a beauty to use. Speaking of which, the design is flawless. I really does complete the iPad design and the backlit keyboard has more than one colour! How can this not be a five start product in anyone's eyes?

I'm writing this review with the keyboard and a few people have asked me when Apple started making MacBook Minis!! A 10 star product well worth the money
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on 29 November 2013
this keyboard has clearly been thought out very well. it's light, well laid-out, nice action and "feel" under the fingers.
it's back-lit which is unbelievable for such a small item
BUT it's just clearly not thought for the mini retina. the clamp that holds it onto the ipad mini is just too tight. you can eventually make it work, but I noticed that the portion of the screen near the clamp becomes slightly warped (you can notice it but holding the screen towards a light), which surely cannot do it any good in the long terms. also you can notice this by opening or closing the keyboard onto the ipad, that the screen shows some signs of extra pressure in that area (small black shapes, similar to what you would see in those watches or calculators if you push a finger on the LCD screen)./

that's why I will return it. it's a shame but they need to release a 2.0 version. the IPAD mini 2 retina is (fact) thicker than the IPAD mini so beware when acquiring accessories. a number of times it's just not clear
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on 4 December 2013
Two weeks ago, I got in touch with the Zagg online customer assistance chat service in the zagg site. I inquired about compatibility between the Zaggkeys Cover and the iPad mini with retina display, a few days after the ipad mini retina had come out. I was told by a lady (whose name I do not remember) that the cover just had been tested with the iPad mini 2 and that it worked fine. I immediately went on Amazon and ordered it to be delivered to my parent's house in Rome, where I will be going next month. It arrived there yesterday.

I was surprised, however, to find a recent change (two days ago) in Zagg's webpage about the cover, where it now says it is not compatible with the iPad mini ([...]

I wrote to Zagg customer service about it yesterday and got no response so far. I then was able to get in touch again with customer service using the chat - I was told (this time by "Chris") I need to call tech support, which I can't do from Brazil (it's a US 1-800 number). He also told me I would have to get it sorted out with amazon, even though I only got the product because Zagg lied to me about it. They seem not to care at all about my problem.

Be very careful and do not trust information you get from Zagg.
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on 11 October 2015
I bought this as a nice complement for my wifes iPad Mini 1st Generation. It was a steal at the price I got it for and with Amazin Prime membership, a breeze to have it delivered to our door step.

We got it as we didnt want to own two laptops, however using the iPad Mini on-screen keyboard wasn't productive enough when needing to do some browsing etc. efficiently.

This keyboard was bought after a number of reviews and comparisons of similar items were sought. We went for this instead of an 'unknown' brand due to its mainly positive reputation. There is another similar version by the manufacturer which doubles as a rugged case, but since our iPad stays indoors mostly, we went for this sleek option.

The item does exactly what you expect it to. It allows the iPad to be slotted neatly into the crevice and keeps it in place by magnetism. I tested the strength of this by holding it by the iPad only and shaking it, the keyboard hung on tightly without any indication of release! The keyboard lets the iPad be folded completely, giving you the impression of a notebook while adding security to your screen protection. It is light enough to be carried with yourself at all times and the colour matches pretty much the same as the 'space grey' Apple choice.
It has light up keys in colour in 7 choices! We like this as my wife and I can have a choice that suits our mood, preference and readability of the keys. What's more, the light up function gives you 4 settings of intensity, off, dim, medium and full, providing you with enough light to suit your ambient needs. To be honest, even on the dim setting we have great results in the dark.

There are some good practical features on this keyboard. It has a power switch, allowing you to turn it off when unused for long periods. I say long periods as the keyboard actually switches off on its own due to an idle timer. I can't comment on the duration of the timeout feature length as it automatically turns on and pairs when you hit a key! But it definitely times out as you can't search to pair it after it turns off.
There is a bluetooth pair button beside the power switch, it does the obvious!
A number of convenient keys darted along the top row. A lock/unlock button, a home button and a myriad of multimedia buttons such as pause, play, forward, volume etc.

Two very important features of the keyboard. A battery indicator light activated by pressing the cmd and battery icon together. Flashes green a few times for above 50%, flashes fewer times for lower than that, and flashes red every now and then for low power. I have charged this once since I bought this. I believe it has been a month since th charge and I still get full battery strength indication.
Second good feature, more if an iPad feature though. The iPad gives you pairing to two devices. This is great as I can use my music steaming account on my iPad to connect to both the keyboard and my bluetooth activated soundbase for my tv. Excellent to navigate through playlists while entertaining.

Now some gripes, very minor, but evident. The device is quite light. This means when the iPad is slotted into the keyboard and the setup is placed on your lap, a desk or your chest whilst browsing in bed, the taps on the screen lift the keyboard off of its platform. One way to overcome this is to hold the keyboard down in the lower corner with your non-key-pressing hand. This could become annoying but you get used to it soon enough.
Second and last gripe but it could be a patent blocker. The charger port on the keyboard is a micro usb style. How much better it would have made the product to have the apple lightning cable type? Given the battery last ages, you have no real concept of when you may need to charge the keyboard. You might find yourself without a micro usb charger if all you are used to carrying is your Apple charger.

Overall, a brilliant product from Zagg! Excellent design, wonderful simplicity and utter practicality. Get it for a good price and never look back.
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on 23 April 2015
bought for grand daughter who is very pleased with it. she says it is much better than the one it replaces which lasted only a short time.
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on 13 February 2014
Bought for my wife who loves it. Great useful backlit keyboard. I think it will last as long as we look after it.
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on 7 May 2015
It was a very tight fit for my iPad Mini 3 (16GB WIFI) as the newer models are slightly thicker than the older ones. I used it ok for about a week then it started slipping out of the hinges slowly and therefore would have been a big accident waiting to happen. I returned it straightaway for a refund.

If you have an older iPad Mini then it might work fine.....
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on 15 May 2015
This is a well built keyboard which looks great. It's about the same thickness as the mini, so does as some bulk.
We have found that you can't rely on opening the case as you would a laptop because the attachment is quite small, this in no way affect the use of the keyboard though which is extremely nice to type on. The key lights are cool too.
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on 15 May 2015
Great keyboard. Disappointed to see the lead wasn't enclosed though - appreciate I have bought a used product but it's misleading not to declare missing parts. Lucky I already have a ZAGG keyboard and therefore a spare adaptor!
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on 23 June 2015
Fallen apart in a matter of days. Unable to return or get a refund. Zagg customer services are useless. Keys are very close together and make typing difficult and uncomfortable. Steer clear of this one.
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