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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 April 2013
I've just finished Insurgent and 'Hmmmm...' is the overwhelming thought in my head. There is something with this series I just don't feel, and I think it's because I find Tris difficult. There's also the 'faction thing' for the people within the system: I find it hard to believe that they do not question a system that would seem to want you to be a particular way, but then encourages divergence by allowing the movement of people between the factions (nature / nurture...If they want pure, faction-matched people, why would the system allow movement...?) The conclusion of the book did go some way towards alleviating my issues there, in that it gives you an answer to the 'why'; but it doesn't explain why people inside the system should not see it as a flaw in their faction system to allow movement from one to another.

I'm not a Tris fan - I find her reactions to things too variable; she veers from being ultra-logical and self-aware to being obtuse and reactionary. Even with her 'divergent' brain I find it difficult to believe in someone so wildly erratic. It's almost as though she switches from one faction stereotype to another, without a natural blending of the various faction natures coming together. Maybe I'm wrong and she's like this exactly because of how she's been raised and so she cannot blend the various elements together, just use one at a time...if that's the case, there's some logic to that, but I find it difficult to believe as a true reflection of human nature.

There are characters I like in this series: I like the Dauntless banter and passion (with people like Uriah) and I'm OK with Four; Christina I also like, just as I did in Divergent. And the books are well-written, so that you get a feel for the environment...but I find I'm just mildly ambivalent with the book as a whole.

Overall, I found this book more interesting that the first - although it is reasonably long and I could walk away from reading it, so I know I wasn't gripped. Seeing more of the other factions was good - Divergent was too much Dauntless training for me, with not much of interest until the end of the book.
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on 1 June 2016
This second volume in the Divergent series manages to be both thrilling and thought provoking. It takes the story on from the seemingly entrenched factions, where self righteous Abnegation jostle with the cold thinking of Erudite for power both trying to use the gung ho Dauntless to support them while Amity try to stay out of it. The philosophical war between these aspects of human nature are cleverly developed as a metaphor for the human condition. I am looking forward to reading the concluding novel. This trilogy will appeal to all ages and to people who like to have to think about the substance of the plot rather than just rattle through it.
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on 4 April 2015
Reading this book made the issues I'd had with Divergent make more sense. This starts right where Divergent finishes, and they can be seen as a single long story. The world makes a lot more sense when you get to the end of Insurgent, and there is more to be explained in Allegiant (I haven't read it yet, so I cannot be sure whether or not things are explained).

I like Veronica Roth's writing style. She keeps me wanting to keep on reading just to find out what is going to happen next. Stuff is trailed as a teaser and I want to crack on through the story to find out what happens next. I hadn't intended to read both books back to back, or even all of them right away. I picked up Divergent to read a little of the first chapter to put it into priority order in my to read pile. I ended up finishing it a few days later. Same with Insurgent.

The writing style aside there's a reason I haven't given it five stars. Some of the world still doesn't make sense to me, although now there are signs that this is deliberate and not sloppy world building. However until I read the end of Allegiant I'm not quite ready to give the benefit of the doubt or the fifth star.
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on 16 February 2016
Insurgent carries on with the story where Divergent left off. There is no recap, so if it has been a while since you read Divergent, then I suggest that you have a quick recap so that you can jump straight back into the story.
I did enjoy this book, but maybe not quite as much as the first, but it's cliffhanger ending had me yearning to read the third and final book in the trilogy - Allegient.
The book contains lots of thrills and excitement and I also like that it tells more about the Amity faction, which we didn't really hear much about in the first book.
If you enjoyed Divergent, then you will also enjoy carrying on with the adventures of Tris and Tobias in Insurgent.
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on 15 February 2015
It's safe to say that Divergent was one of the best book I read in 2014, so when I bought Insurgent I couldn't wait to read it.

I had high expectations for this book and held it back for a little while, expecting it to be bad because of some bad reviews. All I can say is why the hell did't I read it sooner? It was amazing. It was action packed, there was running, shooting and fighting. For a distopian book, what more could you ask for?

I expected to hate the relationship between Tris and Tobias is Divergent but was very surprised by it. I think Divergent was just the build up with their relationship. This book shows the more "real" side to their relationship. Some people may say that Tris was a bitch and that Tobias had more mood swings that a teenage girl in this book. I would somewhat agree, but you would understand their relationship considering what's going on in their world.

There is twists and turns in this book that were amazing and the one at the end, wow. It really made me want to read more. I can't wait to get my hands on the last book and gave this book 5 stars, and can recommend.
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on 2 March 2016
Ok, I'll admit that I'm not exactly the intended demographic audience for this book, but I really enjoyed the first one so thought I'd try this one too..... It's OK, but the characters seem to spend most of the book fumbling around not really knowing what they're doing. Also the strong, vibrant Tris and Tobias become a bit wet in this story, not really doing much... I watched the film first, and thought that was a bit weak, but assumed the book would be better. Unfortunately it was not. Such a shame, as the first book Divergent is a really good read!
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on 28 December 2014
I was expecting this series of books to be like the Hunger Games, which I just couldn't put down... it turned out to be the opposite... I couldn't will myself to pick this up, it's dull and doesn't really keep you hooked in the slightest.
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on 10 January 2015
“Insurgent, he says. Noun. A person who acts in opposition to the established authority, who is not necessarily regarded as a belligerent.”

A lot of the time, the second book in a trilogy becomes a "filler" book, basically just to fill the gap between an amazing start and brilliant ending. But this was not the case with Insurgent, It held its own, and gave us a lot of vital information as well as including some of the most memorable scenes.

Insurgent carries on immediately where Divergent ended, leaving our characters to deal with the consequences of the simulation that ended many lives lost. For many of the Dauntless this means dealing with the fact they are now murderers, for Tris this means dealing with the death of her parents and Will, for Tobias this means dealing with the fact that his father back in his life.

This book very much tests the friendships and relationships made in Divergent. Family betrays family, lovers lie and friendships are tested when the ultimate forgiveness is required.

“Cruelty does not make a person dishonest, the same way bravery does not make a person kind.”

Divergent was all about making the choice of who you wanted to be, Insurgent seems to be more about fighting for the right to be that person. We have previously only seen life in Abnegation and Dauntless, but in Insurgent we are given glimpses into the lives of Amity, Erudite and Candor. I found it fascinating seeing how each faction worked and seeing the differences in the beliefs and ways of life. Each faction has something that is important to them, whether its honesty, peace, intelligence, bravery or selflessness. The way Veronica Roth wrote about each faction allows us to see both the good and bad of each faction, and the importance of them all both separately and as a whole.

“It reminds me why I chose Dauntless in the first place: not because they are perfect, but because they are alive. Because they are free.”

Insurgent is an intense emotional rollercoaster for Tris who is dealing with the death of her parents and the guilt she feels over Will's death. This results in Tris making a lot of careless decisions which leave her in some extremely dangerous situations. It was quite hard to see her in such a desperate way at times, but even so she remained a strong character and eventually finds her way.

“Sleep,” he says. “I'll fight the bad dreams off if they come to get you.” “With what?” “My bare hands, obviously.”

Insurgent allows us to see a lot more of Four/Tobias then just the strong and brave trainer he was in Divergent. He is still that strong character, but we also get to see him at his most vulnerable, at his most frustrated and at his most loving. Tobias has a lot to deal with in the book; an unwanted reunion with his dad at the end of Divergent really shakes him and he has difficulty deciding how he wants to deal with it whilst trying to survive and fight for the survival of those he loves.

“We both have war inside us. Sometimes it keeps us alive. Sometimes it threatens to destroy us.”

Insurgent makes way for the development of Tris and Tobias'/Fours relationship. It's not easy or beautiful, there are a lot of obstacles and emotional baggage, with each keeping secrets from the other to try and protect them, which doesn't help matters. But it makes it real. They are forced into this tough situation, of course there's going to be struggles, and that's what makes it believable. I will admit, there were points when I was slightly worried for them, but they always overcame it, and it made their relationship even stronger, and made me love them even more!

“The truth has a way of changing people's plans.”

This book is action packed and a shock cliff hanger ending really leaves you wanting more. I actually had to read the ending a few times it was that much of a shock. I can't wait to see were Veronica Roth takes it after this.
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on 20 March 2016
You always wonder if a follow up is going to be as good as the first one. Having enjoyed the beginning, I was compelled to read the next one, book 2. I felt that it was interesting and followed a logical theme although there were areas which lacked pace and some actions by our heroine which didn't quite ring true. This did not prevent me from finishing and I still went on to read the last one, Book 3.
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on 30 April 2014
This book takes off immediately where the last one ended.

The story gets more complicated and the relationship develops,but at a certain point I felt that it all plateaued in terms of keeping my interest.
There are some logic and moral issues in the story, but you keep reading and don't think so much about it.
I thought it was a bit boring for the first eighty pages. Then, it definitely picked up and I got into the story.
The last 150 pages are very intense. VERY intense.
It was nice to see how Veronica Roth explored so many different characters and relationships and integrated that aspect seamlessly into the non-stop action.
Tris is a teenage girl, trying to make some sense out of the world around her.
Tris's guilt seemed to be overwhelming in the book, but that's probably how we were supposed to feel, like her...overwhelemed.

The ending was predictable and underwhelming but it makes you want to read the next book because the author did leave us with a pretty good cliff-hanger at the end. This is the reason for my 4 stars. The book makes you want to read the next one.

There are lots of good quotes on the book that will make you smile, laugh, cry(?) or just think about it -

"Cruelty does not make a person dishonest, the same way bravery does not make a person kind."

“It reminds me why I chose Dauntless in the first place: not because they are perfect, but because they are alive. Because they are free.”

“I don't want to stop you. I want you to stop yourself.”
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