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on 21 January 2014
I have been put off this authors books of late, she used to be an automatic buy but not anymore I'm afraid, it's read the sample and see where we go. I gave up on dark predator, and after reading reviews on dark storm I didn't have the heart to even try it. Anyway I really wanted to read dimitri's and skylars book, but I read a review somewhere that this book is important to read dark lycan first and they were correct. In my opinion feehan is back on tract with this book, she introduced a brilliant new twist to the series, the sange rau vampire/wolf mix, and lycan/carpathian guardians of all. I really liked fen and tatijana story and with the new twist I thought the book was really good.i can't wait to read dark wolf now. I've not given up on this series but once in a while she does come out with a book I just don't like.

Kindle locations on this books stops at 83%, so beware if your reading on kindle the rest of the book is filled with carpathian healing chants, appendix one and two, and I see no reason for this even having to be there, it also has a sample on dark wolf at the end.

The only thing I would also of liked to see was the text in italic, when the couple was talking telepathically, she has done this with all of her books, but not this one, whether it's just on the kindle, I don't know, can't say for paperback, but I do like it, so we can tell they were having a conversation, it just suddenly seemed to jump to telephatic talk with no warning,
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 April 2014
I've been a fan of Christine Feehan's Carpathian series since the beginning, collecting each paperback as it's released. They were my first foray into paranormal romance and I think I'll always have a certain loyalty to them which, often more than the stories themselves, will keep me reading. The earlier stories are, in my opinion, the best. Because there was a time when they became a little too spiritual for my liking, and the heroes and heroines within them became a lot less likeable. Not to mentioned the authors insistence to teach us all Carpathian language, lullabies and customs, which started taking up a sizable chunk of each book. Several times with the more recent tales I wondered if it was time to walk away.

There's no denying that Feehan has created a fantastic world, where old world charm meets new world tech, and of course we all love to get swept up into a frenzy with the exploits of her heroic, stoic, dominant and strong Carpathian Hunters. But 24 books in and it's clear from the direction of this novel, Dark Lycan, that the author is looking for new ways to keep the stories fresh and exciting.

In book #10, Dark Symphony she tried to introduce the Leopard People, which didn't seem to go down very well; Byron and his lifemate were the first time I couldn't engage with the characters as much as I wanted to, and for a lifemate, I didn't the female lead very likeable.

However way back in Book #7, Dark Legend, we met a young human girl called Skyler, destined to become the lifemate of an ancient warrior, Dimitri; and it's their story I've been hanging out for all this time. Dark Lycan is not their story, but they do feature in it and it does lay the groundwork for them. Including a taster of Dark Wolf, at the end.

As for Dark Lychan ... Well, it was lovely to meet up with some old friends and see how everyone was doing with their lifemates and children. It was also great to see the Carpathians coming together to work as a people, rather than have just one-on-one battles between the vampire and the hunter. Fenris Dalka and Tatijana Dragonseeker are very likeable main characters and went through all the ceremonies and rituals of claiming one another, although I felt their attraction was rushed because so many other aspects of the story were being packed in. And so much of the story included so many other characters we've met in previous novels that it felt like the author spent a little too much time trying to remind her readers of all the family connections. So I have to wonder how much more life this series has in it. With Dark Lycan we see the emergence of two new species, where both carpathian and vampire blood mix with wolf and as Dark Wolf is next in line, it looks like we'll be following they path for a while. Dark Lycan gets three stars as I did enjoy it, but I have even greater hopes for what comes next.

Dark Wolf is book #25 and the next in series--I can't wait to get my hands on it!
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on 27 September 2013
Right let me firstly state I am a complete Feehan Fan! To the point of "E - calm down!" Honestly I am! However the last 2 books bored me to tears and then I skipped the very last one. I could tell you exactly whats coming up on the next chapter, how the male will be, how the female will be ... all in all a bit boring, been there done that, rehash of previous stories. Should I waste 8Euro on a book I know what the outcome is and can find out on Goodreads reviews? Nah! Sorry! Call me a jaded reader as I am!

So before I get absolutely lynched I will state again I was GAGGING to get Dark Lycan being a huge Feehan Fan since like ever and that my favorite couple Dim and Skyler is the next book. I for the reasons above went against better judgement and bought it.

Oh dear! (NO Spoilers)

Ok - first thing wrong. All the grammar and conversion from the manuscript to the kindle reader is off. There is no "italics" to indicate mind talk and no proper grammar for the Carp language. FRUSTRATING!! Only after you read it and are mid way through the next paragraph do you cop its MIND TALK! GAHHH! So after several e-mails to Amazon I still have a botched copy on my kindle. It doesn't matter if its Amazons fault, FIX IT and get your readers happy and I may actually finish it.

The story.....Lycans.....odd flower thing that freaked me out (Goodreads the last book - AHHHHHHH FLOWER!! Weird!) ....skipped 6 chapters...yes that's where I thought the story was going.......OHHHH!!! A Preview of Skylar and Dim at the back!! EXCITING! Read that. (7 times so far!) Not finished Dark Lycan. Between knowing the ending mid-way and the disruption of the grammar issues I just can't be bothered.

Will I get Dim and Skyler - ABSOLUTELY!

Will I buy any more after that - no. Pity as I just love the books and they introduced me to PNR and UF. I'll be sad to leave the series but I'm not wasting hard earned money on stories I know the outcome off after chapter 2. I cant bring myself to give it a 1* as I'm such a fan so it gets 2**'s!

Please Christine - change it up a bit!

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on 31 December 2013
I adore this series, but yes, they are repetitive. Dominant man, untouched female, rituals, spells, healing chants, blood exchanges and so on.. But I love the Carpathians! So........who cares! I still thoroughly enjoyed Dark Lycan. Lots and lots of action in this one, less romance to be honest. But with the introduction of the Lycans, it has steered this series down a different route, which is quite exciting and something new. Personally I can't wait to read Dimintri and Skyler's story.
There is a lot packed in here, the plot thickens. If you're a fan of Feehan and the Dark Series you know what to expect, but I think this one is full of surprises. Enjoy.
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on 14 October 2013
Fans of Christine Feehan Dark series has been waiting with baited breath to see you the Dragon seeker sisters life mates.
This book did not disappoint, we have a great character in Fenris Dalka who manages to captivate Tatjana into seeking him
out at a local tavern,
This is not a straight forward love story, as fans will know this bigger than the 2 lead characters. It brings together Carpathians
and the Lycan. There is plenty of action, romance , and an lurking evil waiting to strike.
If you have never read the series start at Dark Prince as the world will seem to complicated.I really recommend this series, it something special.
If you already a fan you know what treasures await in this book.
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on 19 September 2013
I know it can be difficult for authors to keep on printing "new" ideas in books. The story behind this book was good, there are potentially a few very interesting substories that can spin out from this book, IF ONLY it is not written in the same repetitive style.

Christine Feehan's last 6-10 books have felt awfully repetitive, formulaic, and just plain dull.

This is the story of Dimitri's brother and one of the twin dragon sisters that was trapped in ice in the mage Xavier's caves. I finished the book over the weekend, and i cannot remember either of the 2 main character's names. Sure, one reason could be that I have an awful memory, but I think it really is because I just did not engage with the characters. I did not care about them... at all. I did not find the female lead to be believable. How can she be this brilliant fighter when she spent most of her life to weak to do anything, trapped in ice, or healing in the ground? When exactly did she develop these brilliant fighting skills?

All in all, I raced through it, and i will probably buy the Skyler and Dimitri book... but that is not for certain.
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on 17 September 2013
Fantastic ! Christine Feehan takes us on an intriguing journey, and brings yet another twist to the Carpathian world. From the first page, I was hooked. I just loved Tatijana and Fen, they were so right for each other, he was very understanding of her needs. I enjoyed the development of their relationship, and their humorous banter. It was wonderful to catch up with Gregori, Mikhail and other Carpathians and the children. There were some thrilling battles scenes, and heart stopping moments. I have been long awaiting for news of Dimitri and Skyler, their connection is so strong and the love that's developed brought a tear to my eye. So very excited about Bronnie and Zac, hope they get together.
5 Stars doesn't seem enough for this fabulous story.
I would highly recommend not only the Dark Series, but all Christine Feehan's series
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on 31 October 2013
I've been following this series from the very beginning and absolutely love all the books! But, as the series progresses there are certain areas which suffers greatly and while I continue to read the books because I love the stories and the characters I do hope that it is something that can be adjusted.

*with each book released the shall we call them "together"scenes seems to loose their steam...*

*sometimes the characters seem to be a bit whiny*

*it tends to be a bit repetitive with background info and layout**

What has improved greatly is the interaction between hunters and their life mates as well as with other ie in groups...

The little areas pointed out in no way detract from the awesomeness of the series so continue to do what you're doing Christine!
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on 25 September 2013
I felt that the series was coming together so strongly with Dark Slayer and Dark Curse but then everything got side tracked and the series got lost. Dark Lycan seems to be pulling back a little but unless we close one series and restart another completely i think that Miss Feehan is going to lose readers. this book was far better than the previous two in that there was a return to the spirit of the Dark series and some input from the rest of the characters but there is a woodiness and lack of vitality that was so real from the earlier books that i really feel it is time to call a close.
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on 16 January 2014
I have read a lot of Christine Feehan. But for me there was just something lacking about this book. It just did not grab me as she usually does. Its's been a few weeks since I read it and to be honest I don't remember too much of the story. Tatijana and Fenris were OK as a couple, but for me a bit bland!
I wish CF would give up on the Carpathian language etc. she has been using up pages upon pages about at the end.
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