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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 May 2017
I am still highly amused at the names of some of the characters, and just what they sound like if said quickly. I loved the banter between Fanny and her best friend, in fact their friendship is what made the book for me. They are nuts, but equally have each others best interests at heart. I loved the Smiling Fanny Manifesto, which is a set of 10 things Fanny needs to do each day, to try and stave off her depression, and it has assorted results. I found this to be quite a slow book to get into, which really wasn't what I wanted on my holiday, but once I got into the swing of it, it became far more enjoyable.
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on 12 March 2017
Couldn't put it down had a lot of late nights because of this book, its very funny in places, highly recommend.
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on 21 June 2017
Good Story
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Jenny Taylor thinks she has finally met the man of her dreams, her very own Mr Right, when she meets Joe King. The pair feel like kindred spirits and are sure they are destined to be together. However, Jenny's plans are thrown into awry when her steady boyfriend, Mr Reliable, Matt proposes to her. It's all Jenny has wanted for a while, but now it's happened, she's suddenly feeling very unsure. Just as Jenny is trying to sort out her life, her mum turns up on her doorstep too, wanting to make amends for all the years she's spent without being close to Jenny, and to start getting over Jenny's dad, who she has just left! Jenny doesn't quite know how to deal with all her problems, and needs to find a good place to start...

First of all, I want to say how well written this book is. I really was able to lose myself in Jenny's narrative, feel part of her world for a while and I loved that. I love feeling a part of a book, and Lucy-Anne's writing is just brilliant for that. As usual, she has created a lead character that you can love. Jenny Taylor is the perfect friend next door - she's funny, she's warm, she's kind and she's just a nice person. Her best friend Phillippa is another one who I loved, the pair have such a warm and genuine friendship, it's nice to read that in a book! Jenny's finally coming through her depression, and what Phillippa does to help her get over that is nothing short of amazing, we all need a friend like that in our lives.

Jenny's love life is a bit complicated, and although she's got a boyfriend, Matt, you can understand why she falls for Joe King. There's quite a bit of joking about their names, and the pair seem spookily similar, like they are destined to be together. I was willing Jenny to get rid of Matt, but he's a bit like a bad smell - you can't get rid of him if you try! Then there's the added problem of Jenny's mum Pam coming to live with her out of the blue. I loved her character, trying to be young and single again, leaving Jenny unsure of how to deal with her mum and her new escapades! It was funny, I did laugh as I was reading it, and you could certainly have fun putting yourself in Jenny's shoes, I don't know I would have dealt with all her things going on!

While there is the funny side to the book, Lucy-Anne cleverly balances this with a more serious and sombre side too. There's a shock revelation at the end of the book that I didn't see coming whatsoever, and it really shocked me. It showed us a totally new side to Jenny, and this part of the book moved me to tears - it was so well done and so emotional, but it seemed right somehow that it was there. There's a lot of love in this book - love in its different forms - between friends, mother and daughter, boyfriend and girlfriend etc, and it shows us how all these different loves in our lives can shape us as a person. The book flows beautifully and I enjoyed it from start to finish. The book moved me, it made me laugh and it made me smile. I loved Jenny Taylor, and I'm sure you will too, how can you not?! A wonderful book, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 3 February 2014
As soon as the first page is turned, the floodgates open and a torrent of humorous dialogue and adventure pours forth. This is such a headstream of fun taken at a pace where the reader has to stop and pause for breath. The protagonist, 27 year old Jenny (Fanny) and her best friend and ex-schoolmate, Philippa race through life as if tomorrow doesn't exist. Jenny had a hard childhood. Her father hated her. She was bullied at school. She has been given a list of 10 things each day to do by Philippa to alleviate Jenny's 'depression'.

This she does for 6 years when she meets Matt who proposes marriage, eventually. Jenny sees this as, 'not a heady love, it's a sensible love and it feels safe'. Fine, until she meets rock musician Joe King and the sexual chemistry kicks in. This ties in with the arrival of Pam, Jenny's 54 year old mother, who finds her husband has been having an affair. Pam regresses to a wild life-style of men, drink and hangovers. The mother-daughter bond becomes stronger as her relationship with Matt flounders.

Jenny is a loveable character and appealing lady surrounded by a bunch of zany friends in a bizarre world. Although the humour runs off the author's pen like water from a tap, there are moments of sadness that crop up. The moral is that if you are a girl standing facing a boy, don't tell him you love him. Lucy-Anne Holmes has written a witty, fun-packed book aimed straight at the reader with a message and honesty. An easy, wonderful and engaging novel that may lead you to look more closely at relationships.
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This was my first book by Lucy-Anne Holmes so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after finishing Just A Girl Standing In Front Of A Boy, I can say I’m very much looking forward to reading more of her novels!

Jenny Taylor finally has things worked out in her life, but after meeting musician Joe King her life is turned upside down, and then on top of that boyfriend Matt proposes. And then her mum unexpectedly turns up too and Jenny’s life is thrown up in the air…

I really enjoyed this – I opened the first page and I was soon swept up in Jenny and her world, I didn’t want this book to end!

Lucy-Anne Holmes writes with such ease, the words flow beautifully and every chapter moves seamlessly from one to the next. Her humour is just brilliant and she had me giggling and smiling. There are also more serious moments that made my heart ache, and I had a few tears too. If I’m honest it just made me love the story that much more, wow.

The characters were wonderfully written – I immediately loved Jenny, her personality shone from the pages and I was really rooting for her throughout. The great thing about Jenny is that she is SO relatable, I really cared about what happened to her and I’m sure many readers like myself will instantly connect with her.

I LOVED the men in this, especially Joe King! He is handsome, charming, funny and oh how I wished he were real!

Just A Girl Standing In Front Of A Boy is romantic and witty, with a few moments that will really touch your heart. This is a truly stunning story.
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on 11 February 2014
I really loved this book. Jenny Taylor is not your typical chick lit lead- she's a witty and slightly dirty mouthed receptionist with bright pink hair. I found that to be a refreshing change. She is afraid of getting hurt like she has been in the past, so she accepts the proposal of her dull but safe boyfriend Matt. Everything seems to be going smoothly, if not that happily, until Joe King walks into her life and makes her realise how much more there could be to her life- if she is brave enough to go for it.
This is a romantic novel but my favourite aspects were the relationships between Jenny and her best friend Phillipa and Jenny and her mother. It was great to read about positive female relationships. And between the moments of romance and humour there were some genuinely heartbreaking moments that I did not see coming. This novel has a brilliant balance of fun, love and tears and I would recommend it not just to chick-lit fans but to anyone who loves a good story with vibrant characters.
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on 6 April 2014
From the blurb alone, this seems like your typical chick lit book, but believe me when I tell you it is not. I went through 3 stages while reading this book. Firstly, I was taken by how likeable the protagonist, Jenny is. Then I began to get a little annoyed by the stream of consciousness-style narrative. And then finally, I realised this author is so wise! Some authors take you in their hands from the very beginning and you can read on, knowing that you are safe. Others simply tell a story. But Holmes goes beyond all this, creating a likeable and yet flawed character that you can trust and strike up a friendship with, while all along the author has complete control. The result? This is a book that you can learn a great deal from and at the same time have a giggle and a cry. I would change nothing about this book.

While romance and the issue of love at first sight is certainly a key theme, if there is only 1 thing that you take away from this book, let it be the importance of friendship. The ridiculous escapades that Jenny and her friends get up to will quickly make you forget your broken heart and pick up the phone to your bestie. This would be the perfect book for the post-breakup-blues. Wait just long enough until you are in control of your emotions again, less vulnerable and have gained a little perspective, and then let the healing begin. Because that is exactly what this book does. And as a side note, consider following in Jenny’s footsteps and creating your own Smiling Manifesto – a list of daily tasks to keep the blues at bay – it really works!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Wright on behalf of BestChickLit.com
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on 21 March 2014
Despite Just a Girl Standing in Front of a Boy being Lucy-Anne Holmes' fourth novel it's actually the first one that I've read so I really wasn't sure what to expect at all.

Jenny Taylor, aka Fanny, is a young woman with everything to live for; she's got a steady job, great family and friends, and has a boyfriend who loves her. Why then does her life go into a tailspin when she finds herself attracted to another man Joe King, finds herself questioning is Matt 'Mr Right' when he proposes, and having to deal with the arrival of her mother on her doorstep as she's left Jenny's dad!

Fanny and her best friend Phillipa were a hilarious combination especially when they were coming up with ideas as to what to do as part of the 'Smiling Fanny Manifesto' Phillipa devised, daily tasks of things to do to keep her depression at bay. I especially loved the Friday themed dress days and as for helping others find love well I think they'd better leave that to cupid....

Although Fanny was a fantastic central character, the secondary characters all played their part too and you can't help but get swept along with them as you follow them from one drama to another. I have to confess Doris, Fanny's elderly friend, was one of my personal favourites as she sounded like she was up for anything ;)

A fantastic, feel-good read, although there a definitely a few poignant moments as well, but overall the perfect read to brighten up your day.
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on 30 June 2015
I really loved this book. Sometimes I find humour a bit contrived but this had me laughing out loud at times, which got me a few odd looks on public transport. The characters were so real. Jenny was just wonderful and Joe King was the best sort of hero. There was sadness too, but very real and sincere. The ending was a lovely surprise. I didn't see it coming at all. I've already bought my next Lucy-Anne Holmes book. I hadn't read her before but on the evidence of this book, she's a star.
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