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on 8 November 2014
You simply can't get a brighter light for the money at the moment. 3 CREE LEDs that can be set to a level of 1, 2, or 3 LEDs. The single mode is not as bright as the single CREE version of this, so battery life is good with this mode. I've used the battery pack for an easy 2 hours of commuting without issue thus far.

The rubber band to attach the light isn't that strong - so I have adapted a jubilee clip to hold this in place more firmly. To do this, get the right size jubilee clip and drill a 5mm hole in it, then replace the machine screw in the bottom of the unit with a slightly longer version. The jubilee clip can then be tightened up and the unit is a lot stronger as a result.

Surprisingly, the battery pack can fit on my rear pannier and it's still long enough to reach the handlebars.

A great product - the LEDs are super bright and easily light up 30m ahead, even off roading. I think there is not enough warning of a low battery though. As soon as the ring turns red it switches off.

I recommend the wide angle lens for it, which retail at about a fiver C&B SEEN WIDE ANGLE/DIFFUSER LENS FOR 1000/1200 LUMEN BIKE LIGHTS - especially if commuting to give a better spread and avoid dazzling others.
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on 14 October 2014
Excellent bit of kit for the price. On full it lasted 1:38. Just been out there for 2.5hrs and had it on setting 2 and was still going strong when I got home. On dark cycle paths and country roads, the 2nd setting is more than enough. Kind of startles people coming towards you though.

I've been running on a £40 Smart 30 from Halfords for about 4 year and though that adequate enough but this thing is the Mutt's Nuts. You can see and will certainly be seen.

One big tip, I've noticed that there are a lot of comment regarding the battery pack for this. Do yourself a favour and google "Taking Care of Lithium Ion Batteries". Some complain that the battery doesn't take a charge after running flat, you're only meant to run a Lithium battery flat once every 30 or so charges, I've bought a spare so anything over two hours, I'll change batteries over. You can buy one here for £10.93 plus free shipping.

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on 12 February 2014
This light is excellent in terms of brightness.

I like the fact that the batteries are rechargeable. The batteries last about 2 hours.

A lot of the riding I do is on lit roads so I tend to turn it on at critical points such as crossroads, and rely on my other light in safer spots.

When I put it on flashing mode it is literally impossible not to see me. All the street signs far ahead of me flash from the reflection of the light too. The first time I saw another cyclist with the same light, I thought an emergency vehicle was approaching.

It is better to dip the light to avoid dazzling oncoming motorists.

Update: The length of time the battery pack lasted from one charge, soon reduced over a couple of months. I have purchased a new battery pack and hope that lasts longer. If not I will abandon use of this light as not worth carrying the weight for 15mins light.

Update2: I recently found myself in the Northeast on an old abandoned railway track after sunset. This light was invaluable at lighting the way and getting me home. It was much brighter than the other lights I had with me and helped me to avoid pools of water on the track and other bumps, stones etc.

At the moment the new battery pack is lasting about 2 hours.

Something I have noticed about this light is that if you leave the light connected to the battery pack there is a small red glow on the rear of light where the on-switch is. Over time, this runs down the battery and I would recommend disconnecting the light from the battery when it is not in use.
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on 29 September 2014
this is a tale of two parts...
The lamp is aluminium, quite tough and very bright... i found that the first two levels of brightness were best for me on the dark road i travel on. i thought the last two setting might cause trouble with oncoming traffic. especially the flashing bit... it was more like a strobe light... the light is held on to the bike with rubber grommet. holds it in place ok... biit wary of its lasting for long but other grommets of this type seem to work fine from other lights/bike computers.

now the battery/case... I was not impressed with this... its a dry weather system. the velcro on the battery case was very poor and started to fray very quickly. the battery is just heat shrinked on and not waterproof. i waterproofed it and modified the case to make it better... poor quality... the connect to the lamp is good and tight and get 2-3 hours on a fully charge on the 2nd level of brightness.

i tend to charge it every second day anyway... pity about the bag but not enough to stop me buying it again for the lamp. I use this everyday now for my commute which is round 15km on a dark country road.
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on 3 February 2014
I just received this today. Very fast service considering its from china. About a week and a half, no probs with customs.
There are no instructions, which is fine really as you plug it in and switch it on!
The head band is a little intriguing, on first inspection I am not sure how it would be used?
However, I plugged in the battery pack and the button on the back of the light glows green, press it once for 1/3 power, again for 2/3 power and again for full power.
I have to say, as another reviewer did, on 1/3 power it would outdo most lights you could ever buy off the shelf.
The light itself feels very high quality, well made and great design, simple and no complicated brackets. Just use the included straps to fasten to bars or tubes.
Dont try to look at it, you could be blinded, it is incredibly bright, easily lights up the dark 100 feet away or more.
The battery pack is in a nice little case which can be fastened to the bike with the velcro straps.
All in all this is an awesome light for the money.

After using it.....
So last night I went on much awaited night ride. I have a Garmin edge and it can do a circular route from where ever you are. I opted for the 15 mile option, (mainly cos it was the flattest) it was a bit of an epic ride for me, across fields and many cycle tracks and some road. I stuck this light on, but couldn't remember if I had charged it or not? That could be interesting.
When I set off it was on 1/3 power the sun had just disappeared and it was dusk. It was probably about another half hour before I switched it up to 2/3 power when going through some bridges under roads on these cycle tracks. Also on cycle paths next to canals.
Even when I set of the light could be seen on the road, but within the first hour of the ride already the light was lighting the road like a HID car headlight.
So eventually it's dark, this light is awesome, I didn't put it on full power. But it's lighting up road and cycl track signs about 500 feet or so in front of me, infact I could hardly believe it was from me they were lighting up.
I could see the water splashing up from puddles in front of me as I rose and the light is illuminating a huge circular area In front of me I can see what's either side of the path, when on the road cars seem to slow and they dip their headlights too.
Got home after about an hour and 3/4 with no issues, absolutely brilliant.
Make sure the bands that hold the light on are tight, if your off road doing some shaky stuff it might move a little, but I guess it depends on the diameter of the bar. You could put a strip of the rubber stuff you always have over from other things you strap to your bike, it would be good to have a quick release but I guess the design is to be quickly on and off, it's not designed to be on the bike if you don't need it basically.
All in all, this is the best bike light I have ever owned. I gave my girlfriend my old light which is Cree but I am thinking of getting her one of these.
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on 30 November 2014
Norbs121 (see review) gets it exactly right. This is one VERY bright light. I have tried many other cycle lights and they are usually fine as conspicuity devices but not much good at illumination in depth and distance. This is different.
It is now December, it is dark early and dogs still need to be walked regardless of day length. Cycling in complete darkness with confidence, on a narrow rural canal path behind dogs far fitter than the cyclist, demands enough light to see how far ahead they have wandered.
This rechargeable does the job brilliantly. The kit comes with a head-held attachment, charger and all necessary stretchy rubber fixings. It is not a neat little pea-sized micro device to get a banker home from the City to Islington without being hit by a taxi. This will get you back from Scafell Pike to Carlisle without incident, in a nocturnal force 9 gale.
Can't fault it.
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on 30 January 2015
Great product!
I bought this for my girlfriend because the lights on her bike were about as bright as Bill Clinton and other reviews suggested bright light and charging was easy... amongst other things.

This light is so bright, when she rides around at night she lights the way, instantly fading the colour from any object as she passes... although powerful, be careful of low flying aircraft, startled rabbits and angry dazzled car drivers. Personally I'm not too bothered about all of that, as long as she's safe and gets home in time to make my dinner (carnage left behind her route home)
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on 12 March 2015
I had the previous gen headlight, and I was quite pleased with that already besides the fact that there is no indication when the battery begins to die. They listened to their customers and added that function to this one - perfect!

I should mention that I have not used this as a headlamp, but only in my bicycle, so I do not know about the fastening system. I have it permanently on with the rubber bands that come with it on my bike. They seem to be secure enough.

[The battery chords of my previous light became strangled off after a year. I fixed it by duct tape, added few extra layers of tape to weather seal it and prevent the chord from coming off. I did this fix to my new battery straight away.]
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on 6 March 2015
I love this bike light, it's perfect for short inner city cycling at night on the low setting and perfect for cycling in the countryside late at night without any street lights. It illuminates everything. I've also used it inside the house when there has been a power cut, this light is incredibly powerful and definitely makes my presence as a cyclist known to user road users. The price of this is considerably lower than its competitors but you would not be able to tell in the production value, it's a sturdy light and I have dropped it a few times. My only gripe is that the velcro strap used to attach the battery to the bike frame is flimsy and doesn't sufficiently support the battery itself, but you can make do.
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on 8 April 2015
NOT 100 hour battery!
For me it lasts for like 2.5-3 hours! ( half an hour a day, 5-6 days). And that's disconnecting battery from light every time after use. If you keep it connected all the time, it will bleed charge and will be empty in like 2 days tops.
Light levels are actually decent enough.
However there's another huge negative part - the connector between battery and light itself. it fits quite well together and therefore can be a struggle to disconnect it almost every time. You WILL break it very quickly.
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