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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£8.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 14 November 2017
a brilliant game from the cool game play like the predecessor. in my opinion too criticized unjustly. spectacular graphics and a great succession of scripted sequences that make history enjoyable and spectacular. ok maybe some dynamics are sometimes a bit repetitive but trust it is absolutely a fun game and it's a shame not to have it. thanks to pandagames for the usual seriousness and quality of the good material used!
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on 8 June 2017
Brilliant game, lots of things to work out and tax the brain...
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on 3 March 2014
Being a huge fan of the original Lords of Shadow I couldn't wait to get my hands on this game and it hasn't disappointed me.

The game kicks off with Gabriel sat upon his throne as the Brotherhood of Light are attempting a siege on his castle. The first few enemy encounters get you to grips with a fully powered Gabriel with access to all his powers. The shadow Whip made of Gabriel's own corrupted blood, The Void Sword which drains enemy life and restores yours with each hit and the Chaos Claws that are powerful enough to break an any enemy's armour/shield.

After you are given the basics you are quickly faced with a giant titan that requires you to scale up its body to reach certain weak spots whilst evading holy arrows from a Brotherhood of Light Paladin and various Brotherhood soldiers. Upon defeating this titan you then must face the Paladin himself.

After this Battle you are given a history of the events from the previous 2 games, Lords of Shadow and Mirror of Fate and then you are awoken in the modern day settings and must help Zobek prevent Satan's return, in exchange for Gabriel's help Zobek promises to end his eternal torment by killing him with his old combat cross.

The modern day settings of the game are pretty good, Mercury Steam has blended the Gothic Castles, towering statues and modern day buildings very convincingly and the only time these locations are let down are when you have to explore rather drab looking interiors like a Factory and Warehouses.

The game shines when you are back in Dracula's Castle, The game looks fantastic and texture quality is of the highest caliber.

The combat is just as good as in the previous Lords Of Shadow, though enemies seem a little bit too good at being able to break out of your combos and spam unblockable attacks, this gets more frequent on higher difficulties.

The stealth sections are a little out of place but are not completely pointless, you understand more why these were implemented quite late into the story but you are left feeling like they could of been handled better. Quick tip...when you get to the stealth maze with the leaves on the ground...use a certain ability that allows you to pass through things to avoid detection. The reviewer on Kotaku.com couldn't figure this out in 4 hours...

The story is quite good, not as deep as the previous game but the final boss is really underwhelming and the ending is so brief that it feels very rushed, which doesn't make much sense saying the game was delayed by 6 months. Rumored DLC might be able to rectify this hopefully.

Overall I really enjoyed this game, The combat is deep and challenging, the boss fights are varied and require you to fully master the block and counter mechanics, the visuals are beautiful and the voice acting is a lot better. If you enjoyed Lords of Shadow then I fully recommend you buy this game.
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on 11 March 2014
I'll be honest and say that I wasn't much of a fan of the first game. I found it to be far too "stop/start" with chapters ending just as they were starting. I also found the combat to be a bit lightweight, but to me at least, everything seems much better here.

First off though, the "open world" that was touted isn't really all that open until you're pretty much fully powered up. Yes, you can back track at times, but unless you're fully powered there really isn't much point as most of it will be out of reach early on. Also, th modern day settings can look really bland and drab when compared to some of the wonderful gothic interiors of the castle.

By far and away my largest gripe with this game is the forced stealth sections which are just plain horrible! Fair enough early on when you're underpowered, but near the end after you've killed numerous massive bosses (and what bosses they are!) and you STILL have to sneak past those red suited things is all a bit far fetched. If you're seen even once, it's game over and back to the check point. These sections are horrid and really hold the game back.

But, the combat is better, you're encouraged to vary it up alot more and the story is compelling, if a little bonkers! I'd say it's well worth playing through and it's deffinatly better than the magazine and web reviews are making it out to be!
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on 19 May 2014
First off, the original Lords of Shadow was a hugely enjoyable game. Took elements from a lot of the more popular games (mainly God of War) & put them in the Castlevania world with great effect. The visuals & environments were gorgeous & the soundtrack was beautiful. The story was suitably tragic & the ending was epic, the whole thing was just massively entertaining.

The sequel attempts to pick up where that left off & expand the game to add more elements from games like Zelda or Metroid. The problem is, half of the game is set in a modern day city, & it just doesn't work. It's full of the same dark alleyways, warehouses & factories as a million other games & it gets very dull, very quick. There's a handful of brief stealth sequences where all of your combat moves are taken away from you for some unknown reason & you have to creep around avoiding guards who'll kill you if you're spotted. There's only one solution each time & if you stray from that, game over. They don't ruin the game by any means, but they don't belong in there at all. Dracula defeated Satan at the end of the first & now he's powerless against a glorified security guard? It just doesn't fit.

The other half is set in Dracula's castle & is full of dark gothic architecture & looks fantastic. Much more like what most people would expect from a sequel to Lords of Shadow, this is what the entire game should have been like instead of shoehorning a bunch of modern day stuff in there.

Definitely worth a play through, especially now it's dropped in price. Just be prepared to put up with a fair amount of bland modern stuff wrapped around all of the good parts.
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on 3 March 2014
Bottom line....this is a very enjoyable romp that completes the Lords of shadow series. I have read many negative reviews so far and am somewhat puzzled by them. I adored the first LOS game and I enjoyed this game just as much.

One point I will make in regards to the combat: it is still brutal and satisfying. Mess up, fail to dodge or counter at the precise moment and you are going to suffer. That was a gripe I had over the first game....no matter how good you were some enemy attacks would break your combo, despite the fact they should have been pushed back or stunned.

Well, being Dracula has it's perks and eventually you get an ability that allows you to dodge pretty much any attack. This ensures that your combo attacks are not abruptly broken by the tougher enemies. Very important for the later game when magical attacks are used frequently.

Also, you can now carry healing potions and a few other items that can aid you in combat. Again, these help later game if you are struggling with the change in enemies.

This is an essential purchase for Lords of shadow fans. Prior to release I played LOS and then Mirror of fate just to freshen my memory on the story.
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on 6 March 2014
Let me start by saying i am a MASSIVE fan of the rebooted Castlevania. the first game is such an unappreciated gem is almost criminal.
mercury steam got me hooked big time, i bought a 3DS just to play mirror of fate, i even bought Draculas Tomb edition for Lords of Shadow 2.
and it breaks my heart to say LoS2 is not as good as the first game. I'll break it down:


- for starters the game is 2/3 the length of the first game, 1/2 if you count the dlc content (bare in mind the first game is 25hours long)

- there are these forced stealth sections that start out fun but then get very annoying. why they couldn't be optional like they were in metal gear rising is beyond me.
while everyone complains about the "rat form" i thought it was a very nice homage to Bram Stokers Dracula.

- THE DRAGON FORM that got everyone hyped from the cinematic trailer is just a re-skinned version of the stone demon in the first game!

- the tomb box i got was pretty poorly made (but that's neither here nor there since this review is for the game alone)

with all that you wonder why i gave it 4 stars. well:

- The music is as good as its been in the previous games. its a bit more sombre which fits the tone of the game.

- the combat is fast and excellent and requires skill. not nearly as mash heavy as the game EVERYONE compares it to (GoW) funnily enough its closer to what inspired GoW, devil may cry.

- the main story is very good, you feel Gabriels inner turmoil without having it shoved down your throat. there are some pretty good twists and turns and you get a satisfying conclusion to the story but are left wanting more.

- the game is as gorgeous as the first game, best looking game I've seen on previous gen.


i can wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone who enjoyed the first LoS. everything you enjoyed about the first game is here with some new additions. there are some short comings that keep this game from being legendary but theyre not nearly enough to make it average let alone less.
if you didn't play the first LoS then i would recommend you get it before getting this one. its an excellent game and its pretty cheap now. LoS2 does fill in the blanks but the first game is truly a remarkable experience.

there are rumors that there's been a lot trouble inside mercury steam during development of this game and it does make sense when you consider the delays, the layoffs, the bizarre changes (we were promised the dragon form would be playable and not a crummy cut scene to everything around you getting murdered)

anyway thats enough rambling. LoS2 gets a 4/5. this is a good game. but its sad since you can clearly see this game had the potential to be excellent.
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on 12 March 2014
Most of the negative reviews are factually incorrect. Yes there are annoying stealth sections in this game but they cover one hour in total in what is a 20 hour game. Yes the modern city sections aren't as spectacular as the castle sections but that doesn't take away from this game's stellar combat and otherwise solid gameplay. One of the negative reviewers here complains about repetitive combat but it's only repetitive if you make it that way. There are plenty of methods to spruce combat up via different combinations of abilities and by using different tactics and attacks against different enemies. Lords of Shadow 2 manages to make every enemy type different with their attacks which also means you need to learn the most effective way of dealing of with them. Of course you can go the easy route and just whip and kite your way to victory but that's no where near as fun as pulling of some of the game's more spectacular moves.

Combat-wise, this is Lords of Shadow 1 but with emphasis on not just the whip but Dracula's new weapons: the void sword and chaos claws. The former of which is a fast weapon that heals Dracula (similar to light magic in the first game) and the later of which is Dracula's strongest attack (but also slowest and smallest of range). There are some annoyances to the new combat system and that's that aerial attacks have been toned down so using aerial attacks as a valid play-style is no longer an option as it was in Lords of Shadow 1 where there were more combos to be used in the air. Enemies also use more unblockable attacks which forces you to dodge. This is especially annoying when you're in the middle of a combo and some random enemy charges at you with an unblockable attack but other than that, the combat is as adrenaline pumping as the original.

I see a few critics complain about the voice acting which left me perplexed as most critics seem to agree the voice acting was great, which it is. I can only conclude that the critics of the voice acting must have old broken TV's and sound systems. The voice acting is delivered very well and the emotion put into the voice acting can clearly be heard. The castle sections are absolutely stunning and once you unlock all the abilities in the game, you, like me, will probably spend hours exploring the vast environments of the beautifully designed castle - where the detail is incredible - searching for the all the secrets and unlockables. Yes, this game is a metroidvania, there's even a shop to buy relics from.

Speaking in terms of lore and background, Lords of Shadow 2 once delivers again just like Lords of Shadow 1 and Mirror of Fate. The Brotherhood Knight scrolls gives incredible backgrounds to the dead knights you encounter, revealing their fates, motives and how everything is connected to the environment. The modern era contains city memorials (probably the only good thing about the modern day sections) which describe how the city of Wygol was build on the foundations of Dracula's castle and describe some of the history of Dracula and the archaeology of the city going into detail about the architectural science behind the castle itself to the military tactics employed by the Brotherhood, to a revelation about Dracula's concubines.

Unfortunately that's where I thought the story shined (just like in the original). The background of the world (at least for me) told a better story than the actual main story. The original was accompanied by stunning vistas almost, themselves, serving symbolically as Gabriel's (Dracula) descent from light and humanity into darkness which added to the story. The sequel lacks this and the story suffers for it as it relies heavily more on cut scenes and becomes inconstant with Dracula regularly returning to the past. Contrary to some reviews, it's not a bad story, just not amazing, but still, the story it shows with Dracula is great. He's certainly established as one of the greatest villains/anti-villains in gaming media for me and this is because there's incredible depth, background and personality to him. He's not just an evil one minded villain and the game is able to show a more humane side to Dracula as he yearns for release from his immortality and shows love to the vision of his son.

Lords of Shadow 2's other disappointing feature is the stealth sections which are horribly executed and illogical but thankfully they cover little of the main game. The main worst feature for me would have to be the boring and generically designed city sections which lack the detail and design of the castle sections, they even feature worst enemies!

For me, Lords of Shadow 1 was a great game. Lords of Shadow 2 is not on the same level but is a solid game nonetheless. Most of the negative reviews seem to have a bias and agenda against the game complaining only of the stealth sections and the poor design of the modern day sections. The actual game mechanics are solid and enjoyable (well asides from the stealth) and the game is well worth it's money with its incredible length. Not to mention this game (like Lords of Shadow 1 and Mirror of Fate) has a stunning musical score composed by Oscar Araujo. Don't let the negative reviews put you of, although, even there, there are many publications which did actually give the game a good score such as Joystiq, Gametrailers and the Official Xbox (and) Playstation magazines just to name a few which just goes to show that the "professional" critics are undecided. Take what you can from every review with a grain of salt but play the game yourself to decide whether you like it or not. Too many people nowadays are letting one review by a "professional" critic influence them on what they should or shouldn't enjoy and it's ridiculous.

To conclude: a good game (although with flaws), a disappointing story but solid combat and fun metroid-style exploration.

That's all. Feel free to comment, agree, disagree, rage, praise, criticize or do whatever below in the comment section.
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on 13 May 2014
The game is brilliant. I've read some reviews condemning the stealth sections. - I don't know why - these sections help to break up the action perfectly. What's wrong with being like Metal Gear Solid? - Those games are ALL stealth?? - I know Castlevania is not MGS, but it still makes for a excellent break of action.

As for the rest of the game, the graphics are excellent for the Xbox 360, and the sounds is great too.

The gameplay is similar to the original (if you liked that) but with some new moves & weapons thrown in. There is a larger variety of enemies this time round, and they're much more interesting than the ones from the original. Also the characters are larger in size, which helps to add more depth and immersion to the game.

The reason for 4 stars and not 5 is down to the final product. The game is not Metal Gear Solid, or even God of War. It's not Uncharted either - but it comes close.

If you're in any doubt, don't be. Buy the game if you liked the last one.
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on 14 March 2014
Seen some of the negative reviews and how wrong they were! I really enjoyed the game, ok its not as challenging as the first game but still a fantastic sequel none the less. Ignore the bad press and buy it if you're a fan of the franchise!
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