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on 15 May 2017
Brilliant. DiCaprio is on afterburner here for the most of the story. There is a lot of saying about good amount of fiction in the movie compared to what was really happening in Jordan Belford story but believe or not it was all true. The jaw dropping excess of overdrive is matched and transformed back to us thanks to DiCaprio's talent, guy is unbelievable. Being myself in a trading market's world for quiet time on much smaller scale I can say it brings familiar sense of sensations when printing money literally form nothing enable winners to jaw dropping self-discoveries. Great movie, great fun.
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on 31 July 2017
This is one of those films where you're not really supposed to like any of the main characters, but secretly I did. Loosely based on a true story, set during the 80's unregulated finance sector excesses it shows what can happen when people get detached from the reality of money and end up thinking that they are invincible.

It's crude, it's funny, it's often grotesque, but it's also tempered with sadness and the ever present feeling that things will not end well. DiCaprio and all of the cast do a great job and it looked like a hoot to be involved in. Scorsese as ever, does a fabulous job of exposing a characters darker side, whilst still making them engaging and interesting.

Not for everyone, but I enjoyed it, although I felt that it could probably have been 30 minutes shorter.
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The film has had mixed reviews both from critics and indeed reviewers,
having watched the film, I can easily understand how after watching the
movie a reviewer could easily give the film 5/5 equally I would understand
a score of 1/5.....it's that sort of movie, you either love it or hate it.
A Film by acclaimed director 'Martin Scorsese' actually based worryingly
on real events.
'Jordan Belfort' gets hooked by the cut and thrust of the world of stockbroking
at an early age, he's taught by a skilled fraudster, and soon gets used to the
When the Stock-Market crashes, 'Jordan's new-found lifestyle seems to be on
the slide, however a newspaper advert noticed by his first wife gets him back
in the saddle.
What he'd learnt in his earlier position, he uses to feather his nest, corruption
had become a way of life.
Setting up his own trading centre, natural progression.
The money soon roll's in life-style changes take hold pretty speedily, there is in
truth more money coming-in than he and his staff know what to do with.
'Jordan' earning himself the name 'The Wolf of Wall Street' because of his
predatory style of trading.
Interest from the press draws unwelcome attention from the F.B.I.
The Film - a constant stream of partying, drug taking, mixing with prostitutes with
frequent nudity sequences, and of course dodgy dealing.
Crude, rude and loud......over confidence could well prove to be 'Jordan's' downfall.
Not sure I'd go along with the film being incredibly funny, though there are moments,
a sequence where 'Jordan' get's high and is trying to return to his car, is, in truth
absolutely priceless, and there is a certain irony to the story's outcome, it's actually
quite pleasing.
American humour does not always sit well with many this side of the 'Atlantic' I myself
did find the film 'a little in your face' so to speak, after watching the first two hours,
I left the final hour for another night, but am pleased to have taken time out to do so.

Special Features -
* The Wolf Pack.
* Running Wild.
* The Wolf of Wall Street.
* Round Table.
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on 14 January 2018
This is a great film by a great director. It also features fantastic performances from DiCaprio, Margot Robbie and others. Three hours have never passed so quickly. I'd like to see the original four-hour version which was edited down (removing some of the more gratuitous sex and nudity) to help get a certificate. There are some laugh-out-loud funny scenes alongside some which are appalling and some which pack a proper sexy punch!
The man it's based on, Jordan Belfort, is clearly a kind of manic, genius/nutter which obviously makes for great cinema. Beyond the circus, though, it does raise some serious questions about the nature of success and what people are prepared to do to achieve it. Not for the prudish.
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on 3 February 2017
This was a great film and can be seen on TV currently.

For the small cost however and to miss commercials, at this price (used) I find it easier to buy and watch at my own time of choice without adverts.

I will not dwell on reviewing the storyline, as doubtless there are many professional reviews already!!!
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on 31 January 2017
Whatever you think about this movie good ,bad or indifferent , you just cannot deny that Mr. Di Caprio acts his socks off in this film and if there
were any doubts of his ability to carry a film , then he has completely dispelled those doubts for ever.

Yes , yes I know this movie may be in the Marmite category but love it or hate it at least acknowledge that this is a fine piece of work not
just because of di Caprio , the Director , supporting cast ( Ms. Margo Robbie was delightful , wasn't she ) but also the writers , Screenplay
writers and the cast and everyone involved and I must admit that I did not enjoy this film half as much as I did the second time around .

Jimi G.
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on 27 August 2017
No idea how much of this is accurate, but I couldn't care less. This is a fun movie, and DiCaprio (and supporting cast never disappoint).

The pacing is great, you are either laughing, suprised or intrigued.

There is a HUGE amount of swearing and nudity, so be warned. I usually find excessive swearing annoying, but still this is very watchable for me.
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on 5 June 2016
At just under 3 hours long this had to be a better than average film and thankfully it is but only just. Sex, drugs, crime and corruption this rocks along at various levels of pace. Hard to be that this is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort.
Leonardo delivers another great performance and Margot Robbie is not far behind. The scene where LC loses his grip on speech is hilarious.
A 3.5 star film (would have given 4 stars if it wasn't so long).
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on 25 August 2015
Very absorbing film, based on a true storey, a guy who goes from nothing to owning the biggest trading company on Wall St, but with the drugs, booze and the high life catch up with him, the dodgy dealing on shares the FBI investigate him, and the inevitable happens, he is arrested, the only thing is its not a conclusive ending, you feel like something is missing, but apart from that, its a very good film, well worth watching.
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on 10 December 2015
Some might find this film describing all the excesses of a high flying manipulating, unscrupulous, drug and sex addicted wall broker street pretty near to the knuckle. The cover describes it as "incredibly funny" and it maybe a gross caricature but it has elements of reality which contributed to the financial melt down of recent history the main character being totally amoral, money seeking product of our modern age superbly portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio.
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