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on 21 August 2017
Item description:
The item came in perfect condition and safely packaged. The quality of the cover is not very strong, it is thin and bent easily. The paper inside is thin but okay quality. The writing size and font is easy to read and overall the item is good.
Story rating:
I absolutely love love loved this book. This is the definition of a hate-to-love story and it totally rocked. I could not put it down.
I was really craving a book that would make me stop everything I was supposed to be doing and devour every word... and that's exactly what Bully did. 4 stars
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VINE VOICEon 25 January 2014
Absolutely loved this!

I honestly didn't want to put this down, I most definately didn't want to work at work, I just wanted to read and read :-)

At the beginning of this, the scenes between Tate and Jared really made me laugh out loud. Some of the stuff was so juvenile but when reading and imagining the scenes I couldn't help smiling and laughing out loud.

Straight away it was obvious there was so real "hate" involved in their relationship and honestly in each scene you can feel the chemistry between them.

Jared's friend Madoc starts off in this as a total prat but towards the end I found myself quite liking him and wanting to know his story and more about his friendship with Jared.

This genre of New Adult books I am just loving at the moment.
Even though all of the characters in this were teenagers around 17/18, it didn't feel like the characters were teens. The book is extremely well written and honestly felt like these were older characters. I wasn't uncomfortable during the sex scenes in fact i needed a fan to cool myself down.

These 2 characters were made for each other and their story was beautiful and beautifully written. I honestly rushed out to download the next one Until You as I couldn't wait to read it from Jared's perspective.

10/10 rating for me. Honestly don't think this could have been any better.
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on 27 January 2014
I picked up this book when it was a freebie on amazon some months back because I was curious to read how the subject of bullying would be handled.

In this book Jared and Tatum are initially childhood friends and neighbours. At the age of 14 something serious happens to Jared that changes him forever. The result is he turns on Tatum - he torments, humiliates and embarrasses her at every opportunity. The result is Tatum endures and doesn't fight back for a few years. She then goes to France for a year and comes back fighting, which has to be the most satisfying bit for us readers.

The only real flaw to this story is that the reformed bully and the victim fall for each other and the hate turns to love. In real life I very much doubt someone who has been bullied and the person who has been bullying would develop this kind of relationship as the scars would run too deep. However at the same time what goes on in this story is more like obsession, hate being used as a protective shield from being hurt and underlying love and attraction that was there all along.

Despite this flaw I did enjoy this debut novel.
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on 2 September 2013
I loved this book. I knew there was a reason I kept thinking about it. I stayed up until 1:10am this morning just to finish it and I wasn't even yawning because I was that into the book I could probably have stayed up all night.

It was right up my street and I was hooked from the very first chapter.

I liked how she stood up to him after she came home from that year abroad. He so wasn't expecting it and I thought it was funny. Then as the story progressed you understood her feelings and how and why she still had feelings for him as the boy she used to be best friends with. Then she does a monologue and everything gets thrown in the air and from his reaction to it, I was so intrigued!

I don't want to give too much away but I LOVED IT!
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on 2 November 2013
This book has blown me away with great characterization and plot. The heroine, Tate, is such a strong, sensible 17/18 year old, a very admirable heroine in a YA book. I love her and made me want to cheer for her. The author did a really good job redeeming the hero, Jared in my eyes. This is a testament to the good writing and character development in this book. I look forward to reading her follow up books. 4.5 stars
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on 26 June 2017
I really liked this book and wanted to read the second on but I am not prepared to pay £5.99 for an ebook it's far too much and the another £5.99 for the 3rd not a chance!
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on 9 February 2014
Wow what can I say.... AMAZING.. The writer has captured the characters raw emotions and they feel real. There is one point in the book where I did actually cry and wanted to beat up Jared myself.... dont be tempted to read the last few chapters first because it will spoil you feeling her emotions. This is definately a book you have to read. Recommended for older teens plus .... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ++++++
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on 3 December 2015
Wow! Loved this one too! This lady is seriously talented! I read corrupt twice and will probably read this again too! Just love the way these books suck you in, grab a hold of you and don't let go until the end! I cannot think of enough superlatives to credit this book with! Onto the next! Brilliant.
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on 20 July 2013
Lovin Tate. Wouldn't want to get on her wrong side.

Hating Jared. After what he puts Tate through He deserves whatever he gets.

Somewhere in Tate's heart is a torch that won't go out and Jared doesn't deserve any of it.

Great story. A MUST READ.
Can't wait for more.
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on 12 August 2013
I absolutely loved this. It's hard to read at the beginning, but once I got through that, I couldn't put it down. Beautiful, compelling, funny, sexy story. I'm really excited about reading the next one in the series - it's a welcome addition to a story as good as this, I didn't want it to end.
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