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on 6 August 2013
Having experienced a cheaper camera which was useless I hoped the adage "you get what you pay for" would be true if I spent more money on this camera. It certainly was. This is a great piece of kit, so easy to set up. The only downside is if you need to drill a hole in the wall to route the cable inside, be prepared to drill a huge one as the cable from the back of the camera includes a cat5 socket, power socket and reset switch. I recon a 30mm hole at least... certainly not ideal.
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on 6 October 2014
If I were a techie and not an OAP I may have found it easier to set up but support respond VERY quickly and are top class. Perseverance is required. There seem to be so many ways of access and instructions need to be better as others have said
Access to menus is not defined well or found easily but improves as setup progresses.
Now buying a second camera for indoors.
Wireless can be a bit flaky and can drop out sometimes requiring a reset and can take a while to connect again, Power down before removing cables is demanded, simply viewing by IP is best, had more trouble with one laptop but not another, I phone5 setup was easier.
Support can be difficult to follow but if I can manage anyone can...
If you can use Ethernet and not wireless only it may be better.
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on 29 August 2013
I bought this Camera to capture events in my Garden on and around a Hedgehog Feeder. So far it has captured many moths, two Cats and an early Bird getting a worm and that's just the first night!

It's very easy to set up requiring a temporary connection to a router to facilitate wifi configuration but once done it works wirelessly over Wifi. Using software which can be downloaded from Ucam247's website you can view live images on a PC, Mac or via an app on an Ipad or Iphone too.

Lots of settings can be accessed through a WebBrowser including the setting up of built in storage, recording and emailing warning of event occurrences and various other tasks including scheduling so you can decide when and how you want events to be recorded and how you want to be informed. Sensitivity to movement via range and threshold settings are also adjustable through the appropriate section on the settings page.

The image quality is very good during the day with fairly accurate colours. Night vision is very much in line with what you see on wildlife programs where they use IR cameras to capture events in peoples gardens. The images are a little bit grainy but still quite clear in black and white.

I am still fine tuning the settings for sensitivity and what to do with the recorded files which I suspect will take a few days of tinkering before I am completely happy with my setup. Never the less I really cannot fault the camera in any way and will definitely be buying a second one quite soon.

I have had the camera for a couple of days now and for viewing the camera scene through an Ipad or Iphone, the only app I have found out of three that are readily available that really works well is P2PCam264. This gives a consistent frame rate and uses the main stream so you get a very high quality image on your iphone. I must say I did not have much success with Ucam247Live which had a very erratic frame rate and often just stopped working altogether. Its a bit ironic that the Camera manufacturers own App doesn't work as well as a third party App does and Ucam247 should look into this in my opinion. Similarly the Anyscene app wasn't very clever either.

Update 3-9-13.
Sadly the camera stopped working properly after a few days and failed to continue recording events or sending alarm emails to me. This was due to the camera running on an old Firmware which was superceded by later versions but not installed on the Camera. Support from Ucam247 was outstanding and following the installation of new Firmware the Camera is now working very well.
I would therefore recommend making sure you have the latest firmware installed for the best possible performance.

Update 14-9-13.
10 Days now since the firmware Upgrade and this camera has not missed a beat. An absolutely superb bit of kit and I shall definately be picking up another one as soon as it is available.

Update 12-11-13
I have bought a second one yesterday to add to the one I bought in September. 2 months of flawless operation in all sorts of hideous weather is enough to convince me that theses cameras are very good indeed.

If you have trouble streaming Video via Wifi, its quite possibly a router issue. My BT Business hub 3 was useless with these cameras in that regard but my new Billion 7800N is superb. We can have what we think is a good enough wifi connection until we try streaming demanding video signals from outdoors to indoors then we find otherwise! Anything from overlapping wifi signals from neighbours networks using the same channel as ours to other wireless devices can interfere with Wifi streaming and to get the best from it some testing and experimentation is needed to track down wireless issues. Cheap and cheerful routers are rarely any good through concrete walls where video streaming is concerned in my experience.

Update 16-3-14
The second camera I purchased has not been reliable unfortunately and it was replaced with another which is also proving to be unreliable. It just randomly stops recording or sending emails which is obviously not good in a security camera. I must therefore reduce my rating to 3 stars for the moment until this is sorted. I have flashed the camera with the latest firmware so hopefully this will help but something is clearly amiss for the device to just stop working reliably from time to time.
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on 30 October 2013
The camera took quite a bit of setting up partly because the instructions that come with it are non-existent and you have to trawl through the UCam website for the required information. But the online support desk responded very quickly to my pleas for help and came up with useful suggestions as well as a Firmware update for correcting a bug in Firefox that prevents the picture from uploading.
The camera itself is well made. The body doesn't have an 'O' ring but seems to be waterproof. It takes a 64gb micro SD card OK. It's only of average resolution but still well ahead of the standard definition cameras we've had to put up with until recently. Its wireless range is only 15 to 20 metres so I'm having to buy a reel of ethernet cable to connect it up to my router.
I bought this direct from UCam because Amazon put the price up by £50 on the day I ordered it. They reduced it by £50 the following day so that they can pretend they're selling it at £50 off. A piece of very sharp practice that may well be illegal.

An update - the AC adaptor failed after a month. I emailed UCam and got a replacement next day - fantastic customer service.
In use, I have found the motion detection extremely difficult to set up - sometimes it will record a leaf falling; at other times it will fail to record a person crossing its line of sight. For this reason, I have reduced the number of stars from 4 to 3.
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on 17 August 2013
I would recommend this IP camera to everyone who requires a visual wireless security device. Setup is straight forward and camera can operate on mains transformer provided or with a small 12v solar panel with battery backup for overnight use. This would of course require a voltage stabiliser. The cables for initial setup can be stored in a small junction box either alongside the camera, or screw the camera to the lid, given that the junction box is made of metal.
The only cable that is needed to be passed through the wall is the power line, if using mains voltage. The really fantastic advantage of this camera is that it can be monitored anywhere, by anybody with the setup code on an iPad, laptop, desktop etc.
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on 14 August 2014
I would like to say that when the camera works it's fine; but I have to keep turning the camera on and off all the time, the film ware was updated and it worked for nearly two weeks, but it has got the same problem again. Have to keep turning the camera on and off. I have read a few reviews and this seems to be one of many problems, would I recommend you to buy, I would suggest that you look around first.
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on 22 September 2013
Ok on the positve side, seems well built, small and neat. Getting a feed to an iphone and set up is simple. Provided you have internet on a router then should take about 30 minutes. The picture quality is OK, it's 1MP, so it's not great. That said. most of the other cameras in this sort of price are typical 0,3 MP so certainly better than the rest. I had some queries with the help desk, via email and they were prompt and keen to help so that's a big plus in my view.

On the negative side, and I guess this depends on what you were expecting / what you want the camera for then there are certainly some limitations, some specifically associated with a decentralised system camera of this type. First, video quality all depends upon the speed of response when communicating with the camera via your network, i.e. it all depends on the signal quality between the camera and your router. I have a pretty decent router a Belkin N 300 802.11n but to get an acceptable connection to the camera I have the router on my window sill pointing directly at the camera about 10 metres away. So, all in all, with my router the wireless connection I have is useless. The suggestion from UCam is power adaptors (the one's using your home wiring to act like an ethernet lan), about £60 for a medium quality one. So, for me, wireless was a waste of money, I need to connect directly with the camera. Next, motion sensing. Yep, with a lot of messing about, nearly a week for me, you can get it working. But, forget night mode. The infra red attracts insects and they trigger the alarm. Obviously they seem huge when they crawl across the lens. So, I have infra red turned off (luckily I choose to illuminate the house at night so not a major problem for me). Another feature I paid for though that is a waste. If you want to download video or pictures to your lap top then you need to have access to an FTP server or some NAS software. I don't have either so needed to access the camera's on board memory. That means first of all you need to buy and fit a micro SD. Another hidden cost. The communication between the camera and the pc in this method is extremely clunky and you are unlikely to want to sit and wait while individual files are very slowly downloaded to your pc.

Overall, it's not bad,hence 3 stars. I need more camera's, about 4 or 5 so I'm looking around. I will probably pick a centralised system witha NAS recorder and some higher resolution cameras. I have seen one for about £800 which is the equivalent cost of buying UCAM's and all the necessary paraphanali to make them work.

So, depends on what you need / want. As part of a serious home surveillance / protection system it's a bit limited.
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on 8 November 2013
After much research I bought this camera since it hits upon all my check list of features: Megapixel picture and video quality, in-built storage as well as over a network (NAS/FTP), email alerting with motion detection, and night vision. There are cheaper alternatives for this level of image quality, but the solid metal build, non-bulky style for an external camera, and easy user interface wins out here with this camera and worth the money in my opinion.

I bought one initially to monitor the front of the property but soon followed up with another for the back after being very pleased with what I got. Set up is really easy and I could honestly get going within 5 minutes.

All that said, there is one major design flaw that other reviewers also stated: a wire with a large ethernet port stays permanently connected to the camera. It is a shame since it is only required for initial setup and then the wireless connectivity takes over. Would have been ideal if it could be disconnected, but it cannot. So overall it leaves the profile of the three wires quite bulky. (AC power wire, Reset switch wire, and Ethernet port wire.)

My research showed other cameras also followed a similarly lazy design methodology so could not find an alternative within the similar price point. So be prepared to do something with that problem. It's either a large hole in the wall to bring it all back indoors, or install a waterproof wire housing box alongside the camera.

The Android phone software is simple to use and does the job. You can stream what the camera sees as well as some basic config like changing the wireless access point.

While I was prepared to do some router configuration to open up firewall ports for access externally over the internet, it was not needed as the camera was able to do that itself. So if you are not technically savvy with all of that, no need to worry as you will still be fine with this camera.

One last point, of the two cameras I have, one developed a fault and started going unresponsive. It was odd that only one of them started misbehaving, but I guess technology does develop faults. The best bit was that the support team is very responsive and I got my camera sent in and replaced with a new one within the week. Can't ask for more than that!

So a pleasant experience with this camera overall. If I could have the camera do more, it would be to have a wider angle lens and come in stealthy black colour.
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on 3 January 2014
I like these cameras so much that I have now bought 4 in total: 3 outdoor and 1 indoor. It's great being able to access them from anywhere using my iPhone and this was an important feature for me. The customer service is excellent: when I had a problem with my first camera (invalid UID, so I couldn't access it when away from home), I received a replacement from EyeSpy247 the next day - can't get much better than that and it gave me the confidence to buy more. The setup process was very simple, but I use mine with Devolo DLAN plugs, rather than rely on wireless. Using these, I get real time speed and it really is just a case of plugging the cameras in, although when you mount them, you have to drill a hole large enough to take an ethernet lead, as well as the power cable - it's worth it, though, as I don't need to worry about the distance to the router or having walls blocking a wireless signal. I would describe the night vision as adequate, although it drops off in quality with distance, as you would expect. All in all, I'm very pleased with this purchase.
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on 3 January 2014
I bought this product a couple of months ago and had it set up and installed in no time. I would agree with other reviews highlighting the bulky internet connection socket can be a problem when installing the device outside.

The device worked ok for about a week after which it lost its connection to my pc and mobile devices. I rebooted the device and it started working again.

About a week later it did the same thing again. This time it would not reset after a reboot. I investigated further and found the power supply transformer had failed. I bought a slightly more powerful supply which solved the problem. It was a pain in the backside to change as because of the bulky connection socket I had decided to run the cables into a weather proof junction box, mount the junction box beside the camera and push the power cable through a hole I had drilled in the wall and into the box. Where the power cable entered the box was then sealed with silicon sealant. The box had to be removed off the wall and the sealant broken to remove the power cable. I did this all myself but if I had been paying someone it could have been expensive.

Camera worked ok for about another week when it went off again. I did my usual checks and found that it worked again after a reboot. I got in touch with the help desk who emailed me a firmware upgrade to install on the camera. I have not done this yet as I will have to take the camera and weather box down again to connect up to my pc to upgrade the firmware as it cannot be done over the wireless network.

When working the camera works well. It is very sensitive and can be triggered by rain even though the settings have been turned down.
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