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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
The Riddle (Expanded Edition)
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£8.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 9 January 2014
This excelllent remastered album with some 12" tracks and b sides is just a dream to listen to. This has got to be one of Nik's best ablums.
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on 19 December 2013
Top Album, Top Artist, purchased this so i can load onto my phone / Ipod in digital form and enjoy on the move. I can now keep my Pristine Vynil copy tucked away. A classic album still sounds fresh.
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on 24 September 2013
I Loved the original version in it's day but this version has been remastered by Nick & is musically superior, I also LOVE the live tracks & especially the percussion. Thanks Nick for giving me enjoyment & pleasure 2nd time round; I much admire you as a musician!
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on 18 October 2013
Love this Cd, I have the LP and have been looking for it on CD for ages.
Good sounds and memories.x
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on 12 August 2013
So chuffed to find that this newly expanded/remastered edition has been given the same loving care and attention that Human Racing was given in 2012. In a nutshell it sounds superb! Better than ever...
There's a new-found sonic clarity and depth in the remaster, and I found myself hearing some instruments/effects I'd never noticed before. It's like discovering it all over again!

As for the nay-sayers who are slagging off the track-listing on Disc 2: Come on guys!! You're getting the full remastered classic "The Riddle" album PLUS a 2nd disc of extra material......all for a tenner!!
(Just count yourself lucky you're getting a bonus disc in the first place!)
Personally, I'm not that fussed about the live tracks myself either, but So Quiet (forgot how wonderful this track is), Don't Lie (ditto) and the bonus extended mixes of The Riddle, Don Quixote and Wide Boy more than make up for it.

Very pleased. Highly recommended!
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on 14 August 2013
I'm really happy that extended editions are coming out from so many great artists. This set is great but it has one glaring ommission: Wild Horses Extended Version has been left out - leaving me with a crackly mp3 ripped from vinyl :( I don't see this track as some 'alternative' mix that could be left off to avoid having the same track several times eg the hi-nrg mix of Dancing Girls was left off the Human Racing Extended Collection. Instead, I see it more as a core b-side 12" remix and am sorry it did not make the final cut.. My belief is bung on every remix and b-side that was ever released. THEN you have a proper collection!

The live tracks are 'filler' material' and I think they should have at least put them all in a row rather than dot them about (so you can skip them all at once or listen to them all at once if you prefer!)

As for re-recording the vocals on some of the live tracks - wtf? what is the point of that?! It is no longer the original live at Hammersmith set then is it... Either put it on the CD with the original so-called 'terrible' vocals as a record of what actually was, or don't include it at all... I'm sure none of us mind the dodgy sound or Nik's dodgy vocals!!

The Riddle itself is perhaps my favorite album of all time and having the remastered version of that is pretty sweet :)
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on 12 August 2013
What some of the other reviewers are on about here, I have no clue. It's an excellent re-master of a classic 80s album with a bonus disc, all for a tenner. And yes, Amazon messed up the AutoRip stuff on it--the CD is just fine.

It's the album I was after, and I am very pleased: an excellent piece of work on a criminally-underrated long player from 1984. Disc 2 is labelled as being a "bonus" and that's what it is: some B-sides and some live material. All good, and very nice to have. The hysteria that has accompanied this release beggars belief.
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on 19 August 2013
As an American fan of Nik's music. This was the first album of his I was introduced to. Back in early '85 when I got the US version of "The Riddle" album, it was on cassette and opened with "Wouldn't It Be Good"?. The sound was slightly hollow...but I didn't care, was happy to have it. I wore that tape out :). Few years later, we started getting his albums as imports on CD, so I grabbed what I could. Still have that first CD of The Riddle, that sounded alright...but it does NOT hold a candle to this Remaster. I'm grateful that some care went into this 2013 Re-issue, the sound is fantastic. Punchy...especially on tracks like "Easy" with Level 42's Mark King...and of course the album's kick off "Don Quoxtie". I was hoping that MCA/Universal would release this. I hope they'll eventually issue remasters for "Radio Musicola" and "The Works". In the meantime, if you don't have this...PLEASE GET IT!. The sound is way better than I remember hearing back in the day. Thank you Nik.
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on 9 September 2013
For me, The Riddle will always be one of my favourite albums of the 80s, and this reworking here makes it even better! As well as a better-sounding original album, the extra tracks are done brilliantly, some of the vocals on the live tracks being re-recorded by Nik from scratch due to the poor state of the originals, then seamlessly blended into the original backing track and the bits where Nik is talking to the audience back in 1984. Now here's a guy who isn't happy fobbing of his fans with a substandard product!
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on 15 August 2013
I've been a closet Nik Kershaw fan since his heyday in 1984, the time of the original release of "Human Racing". And like I mentioned elsewhere I never got round to buying any of Nik's albums first time around and that also went for the CD's on initial release.

As this is almost 30 years old (Wow!) and the contents has been reviewed scores of times elsewhere, I am not going to review this track by track. What I will do is comment on the other aspects like sound quality and tracks etc.

This release has been controversial for two reasons, even getting to the point where I think Nik himself got a little riled.

First, the choice of tracks on the Disc 2-lots of people wanting every available mix of every track Nik and his record company released at the time. Some of these have disappeared and only poor multi generation tapes remain which in Nik's opinion were just not worth doing. I can't see Nik wanting to withhold anything he had previously released unless he wasn't too sure of the benefits.

Sometimes these things happen. Just listen to some of the Queen "pre Queen" tracks which show up occasionally and you'll see what I mean!

Second-the Live tracks. Lots of moans here. Nik has already stated he had to re record his vocals due to initial bother with his mic at the time of recording and the deterioration of the original tapes over almost 30 years. Well he had three choices. Release them as they are and risk the ridicule of the fans and critics alike "They sound AWFUL what was the point of that?" etc. Second not release them at all or Third save as much of the original recording as possible and re record the vocals. Nik chose the third option right or wrong. And whatever the moans he's been up front and honest. I'm glad to have them at all so thanks Nik.

Anyway coming onto the album. This has been an exercise just like "Human Racing" of an awful lot of work on both the original tapes and the remastering and remixing process. To keep the tapes at their best they had to go through a comprehensive physical restoration which involved baking then in an oven to keep the oxide on the tape. Then of course was the remastering itself which would have been very extensive and time consuming.

But did it work?

Oh YES and then some.

Putting it bluntly this is the very best sounding release of 'The Riddle' of all time. Failing Nik playing the album in front of you its as good as it gets. It has a bite and a snap far in excess of the hurried initial release onto CD. Whilst we should have had this years ago the end result is simply AMAZING!

So even if you've got the initial release on CD do yourself a very big favour and BUY IT! I'm listening to it and discovering sounds just not there on the previous releases I've heard.

Totally recommended even if its years overdue.

Just waiting for 'Radio Musicola' now.
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