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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 12 November 2013
Rapace and McAdams are bitter rivals working for the same company, in this return to form movie from De Palma.

Rapace is the underling to McAdams exec, and when the latter takes credit for Rapaces work, rivalry ensues. But McAdams takes things a little too far, and eventually it leads to humiliation, and murder.

If you are a fan of De Palma, the first thing you realise is that this movie harks back to his best Hitchcockian 'homages' , such as Dressed to Kill, Blow Out, and Body Double. And in my opinion, these movies are his best pieces of work (Carlitos Way is his best film, but his big budget movies in my opinion, are just side projects).

What you also notice is, besides all the technology (especially Apple), how eighties the film feels, and how sanitised the film, and the sets look.

But I really cannot understand why this has such a low rating, and why it never had a wider release. Yes its schlocky, and almost parody, but one of Hitchcocks final movies was Frenzy, and that was almost parody as well, and this movie owes a lot to that movie.

The film is very humorous, and some of the overacting is intentional, such as Rapaces maniacal laugh, and McAdams little hissy fit, add only to the whole fun of the movie.

But what makes this film so good, is the wonderful story, and the usual plot twists that Depalma delivers in droves.

Just when you think you know the plot twist, he pulls the rug from under you, and gives you a dream within a dream sequence, and the best part of the film, the split screen,showing you the lead up to the murder, and a haunting Debussy Ballet sequence.

A lot of people may balk at the movie, and yes, the product placement sucks, but its so good to see DePalma make another Schlocky movie with so many red herrings, once again.

Would make a great triple bill with Femme Fatale, and Body Double.
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This is a single disc DVD with no frills, all you get is the basic movie with the standard audio and scene selections.
Two women advertising executives have been work colleagues for eight months and seemingly get along well but then their latest advertising campaign sets them apart as Christine [Rachel McAdams], takes credit for her subordinate, Isabelle [Noomi Rapace] work. Meanwhile Isabelle embarks on an affair whilst on a business trip with Christines lover Dirk [Paul Anderson] unaware of Christine' actions. What then follows is a meandering tale of deception, corruption and power play as the central characters all fight for superiority.
The film starts with a restrained pace as we pick up the initial tension between the two women, this gradually intensifies as the film progresses until the real bitchiness takes over. The film is somewhat in the vein of Wild Things [Denise Richards] in that the story has a number of twists and turns and sexuality simmers in almost every scene. Humiliation, domination and murder are the name of the game.
The film has a strange late eighties early nineties feel to it and the sets all look they've been given that 90's Italian chic designer look which all adds to the atmosphere. There are even a few innovative moments such as the split screen ballet sequence squaring off with the stalking sequence.
Not a film for everyone but if you like a who-dun-it erotic thriller with a few twists, then this could fit the bill.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 November 2013
Just not quite. However this is a splendid on form De Palma. A slow burn for 45 mins or so, then a murder, and a whodunnit, that works very well thanks to direction and acting. I love Noomi Rapace and she is given every acting opporunity here and turns in a terrific performence. I am not too sure about Rachel McAdams, but she sure does a good "Nasty". I loved this film tho perhaps it isn't to everyone's taste (What is?). Don't expect too much sex tho Noomi and Karoline Hepburth share a kiss, but you have to see the film to see how and why. De Palma remains one of my favourite directors, and with a fair price and an excellent print (1.85 Ratio) you can't go far wrong. No Extras (not that that matters to me). Highly recomended and like I said, almost 5 stars-In fact....
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on 7 January 2015
Special film... Still don't really know what to think of it. Trailer looked promising.
The mind games they play in this film is appalling. Hope this kind of stuff never happens to me in real life! It does take a while before things actually start happening. But when they do...
Fast delivery, well packaged, good price.
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on 9 February 2014
Although this film isn`t a classic by any means it deserves to have a second life on DVD as it didn`t get a proper cinematic release. It saddens me that a film by someone as renowned as Brian De Palma is ignored by the distributors in favour of (mostly) soulless blockbusters. Said blockbusters need to make at least 3 times their budget to be in profit. They rarely do so it surely makes sense to give low budget offerings like this a greater push.

Anyway the film finds De Palma in his element with a dark & twisting plot which allows him to let loose with his characteristic sly wit and stylistic flourishes. The first 30 minutes or so are surprisingly static and mundane but even so it`s nice to see a film unfolding in such an elegant & unfussy style which is rare these days. It allows the actors to shine and you really get to know the emotionally complex main characters played by Noomi Rapace & Rachel McAdams. Soon after however De Palma ramps up the tension with emotional and dramatic scenes with more than a few red herrings. It`s also worth mentioning Pino Donaggio`s brilliant, lushly orchestrated soundtrack which is by turns charming and jaunty then swirling and darkly romantic according to the onscreen action.

I just hope De Palma isn`t becoming demoralised by the short thrift his last few films have been getting & that we can look forward to more from him. He deserves more for never becoming a director for hire & sticking to his guns. Don`t forget this is the man who gave us true classics such as `Carrie`, `Blow Out`, `The Untouchables` & `Carlito`s Way`. I for one would rather queue up for one of his films than the likes of `Transformers 7` or `The Fast And The Furious 13`
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on 22 September 2013
I saw this movie in its very brief U.S. theatrical release and loved it. Thankfully this excellent quality DVD is out so I can now watch it whenever I want. Passion truly harkens back to the classic De Palma thrillers complete with a score by the wonderful Pino Donaggio. Like Hitchcock with Bernard Herrmann, De Palma's movies always seem better with a Donaggio score. Noomi Rapace is terrific and deserves more roles like this that show off her considerable talent. I cannot praise this film highly enough.
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on 19 November 2013
Written and Directed by Brian De Palma (adapted from the French film "Love Crimes"), Passion stars Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams and is a murder mystery set in the world of advertising. It begins slowly with a series of boardroom betrayals as McAdams' ad exec befriends and then humiliates Rapace, stealing both her ideas and her boyfriend. As McAdams continues to cut a swathe through the agency and making enemies everywhere she goes, her progress to the top ultimately culminates in a murder sequence combining a performance of Jerome Robbins' staging of Debussy's sublime 'Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune' with a split-screen stalking that is breathtaking in its audacity and visual accomplishment. This extended sequence alone is worth the price of admission (though one suspects that most will not be seeing it on video rather than in the theatre, more's the pity) in which the killer's identity is literally masked - though De Palma has, it turns out, been performing some exceptionally fancy footwork to cover his tracks. But there is much more besides, not least a great performance from Karoline Hefurth, who is due for a great career in the movies if there is any justice. The DVD offers virtually no extras but at least presents the film in excellent condition.
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The film focuses on the manipulative Christine (Rachel McAdams) who heads the London branch of an ad agency. She desires to get transferred to NY. She has no problem talking credit for Isabel's (Noomi Rapace) ideas. Dirk (Paul Anderson) completes the third side of this love triangle. Isabel attempts to fight back, but is no match for Christine. The back and forth smartly escalates until there is a murder. At this point the film moves from a straight forward film to a who-dun-it, did they really do it mess which caused me to lose interest and enjoyment.

Brian De Palma fans will see similarities to his other works, which I though superior. Decent acting and plot, but it wasn't my cup of tea.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, brief nudity (Noomi Rapace)
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on 19 June 2013
when an actress blows us away in a foreign language film
they come to hollywood after
and they are always wasted in blockbusters.. for example emmanuele beart in Mission Impossible
Noomi Rapace deserved the oscar
for her astonishing work in 'the girl with the dragon tattoo'
so far she had been in crap like Sherlock Holmes and Prometheus
if you wanted to see her in quality films
you had to stick to her swedish dramas like 'BABYCALL' and 'BEYOND'
i am happy to say brian depalma has given her a real chance to act again
and she shines in this dark erotic thriller that feels like the kind of movie hitchcock used to make
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"Passion" is a thriller from 2012, written and directed by Brian De Palma. It is basically a remake of the 2010 French film "Love Crime" (which starred Kristen Scott Thomas), but with a different ending. I like De Palma's films, generally, but I thought this was both less stylish and less "sexy" than the French original, with the new "De Palma" ending being one twist too many, for me personally.

Well made and worth a look but I'd also recommend checking the elegant French original, which I prefer.
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