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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 30 October 2013
Oh, I'm really disappointed.

I purchased this to replace my all-in-one Sony PC, which I've had for almost 10 years: Sony Vaio VGC-LA series, 1.83Ghz, 1GB RAM (incase you were wondering) I was still running off XP and it was getting a bit slow, particularly when multitasking, so I felt it was time for an upgrade. Did a fair bit of research and thought the Samsung was the way to go.

The new Samsung PC is slimline and looks reasonably good (a bit of a beast compared to my old PC but they all look like this nowadays!) It was very easy to set up and Windows 8 is actually quite intuitive to use (in my opinion!) I chose this model over the slightly cheaper ones in the same range as it has more RAM and a faster processor, so I thought I could get more use out of it in the long run.

I ordered this PC without having seen it or having compared it in real life and this for me, was the biggest mistake. The quality of the screen is extremely poor - the colour lacks accuracy, sharpness and vibrancy - everything looks muted and dull. I tried to tweak the settings but to no avail.

I use my PC for general browsing, shopping and entertainment - but I have an online business and use my PC for a fair bit of editing and design work. It is really essential that colours look right when I'm editing product pictures and the web design etc and with the Samsung, nothing looks right at all. I feel like I've gone 20 years into the future and my eyes aren't what they used to be: the edges are soft so you don't get a clean, crisp image and all the colours are innaccurate. To top it all off, there is an enormous amount of glare on the screen and no matter what angle I turn the monitor, I can see my own reflection staring back at me. I feel like I have taken a huge step backwards and despite replacing a 10 year old PC, this feels like a significant downgrade.

I managed to return my PC to the retailer and decided to head into town and have a look at some PCs in real life. I was mortified to find that ALL of the new style touchscreen PCs have this problem. It seems that in order to make them touchscreen, the screen needs to be glassy, resulting in lots of glare. All of the PCs I saw also had the same issue with the colours being muted and inaccurate.

I haven't made a decision yet as to what PC to buy now but I am staying well away from the touchscreen versions. I understand that for a lot of people, what I've said about the colours, might not be an issue. Don't get me wrong, I do like the touchscreen element - you don't need it and we've done without, for all these years - but it's a nice addition and you will certainly use it. The touchscreen just makes the PC a little bit more involving and fun to use, so that's not a bad thing. Also, if you're just using the PC for general browsing and entertainment, you might not be bothered about the colours looking so soft and inaccurate. Personally I find it unacceptable. Take online clothes-shopping for example - it's already difficult with colour representation issues but with PC screens like this, shopping is going to be a nightmare! Even watching a film on the PC was a nuisance: you can't see things properly and seeing all your furniture in the monitor reflection, is quite distracting to say the least.

Obviously the screen quality was a deal-breaker for me. But I was also disappointed with how slow the PC was. I read a few reviews where people had been saying the PC was a bit slow and they put it down to it being an intel i5 (as opposed to i7) I didn't take much notice of this as I thought "atleast it's not an Intel i3" and I looked at the processor speed and the memory (both more than adequate and much better than what I was previously using) The PC is sluggish though and you notice it particularly when you're browsing online. It does a good job within applications but honestly, I expect more for the price. Additionally, the gesture control is very gimmicky and just doesn't work. If you've not heard of this, this is the new thing with Windows 8, where you can control a few things (like closing pages and volume) using hand gestures - nice idea but it just doesn't work in practice and you end up wasting lots of time waving your hand around in the air, for nothing.

I read a lot of reveiws before ordering this and no one mentioned anything at all about the dull colours and lack of sharpness. I would urge you to please go to a store and see the PC in real life before you order it online. I know lots of people do this anyway and what I've said may not be an issue for you but if the colour quality, sharpness and accuracy is important and it's going to affect your enjoyment and your work, I would urge you to learn from my mistake and make sure you see the PC for yourself so you can compare the all-in-one touchscreen monitor quality (and the amount of glare) to the older versions and the alternative non-touchscreen models, which they will also have out: pick a website you access everyday and type it into every PC on display so you can properly compare - just looking at the Windows 8 app screen isn't going to be enough.

In a time when TV and mobile phone screens are getting sharper and more vibrant and life-like, it seems a puzzle why anyone would start to make PC monitors that give such soft images that lack vibrancy and sharpness - for me it's a big step in the wrong direction. I still want an all-in-one but I don't think any of the touchscreen PCs available at the moment, are worth the price considering what you get and I personally, am not willing to sacrifice colour accuracy and clarity just to have the touchscreen feature.
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on 14 August 2013
I have recently updated to the Ativ One (silly name) with Windows 8, 27 inch touch screen, etc.

Moving from XP to Windows 8 is a bit of a shock, especially if like me you are a tad old to have bought into the apple 'app' lifestyle, do not now what a 'charm' is let alone where to find the 'charm bar' and have a mobile phone to actually phone people on. But, it does work, just remember that you open into the start button/screen, you do not need to use a silly button and a menu to switch it on and off and you just press the on and off switch on the machine like you do on your TV; it is that simple.

I also like the mixture of touch screen, which works wonderfully, keyboard & mouse. The ability to swap between screens simply by swiping the touch screen is great and so easy. It is also simple to use the mouse to swap between the start screen and the standard old fashioned home screen. I can keep the files I use every day on the home screen for easy access, but also use the 'apps' to look at my ebay, Amazon, etc.

The Ativ One is simplicity itself, so powerful and so fast that the only thing slowing it down is my awful Sky internet connection (come back o2). But I will cure this by going to fibre optic super fast broadband.

Set up was simple, everything just works and the 27 inch touch screen is a joy. I do not even seem to be leaving marks on the screen by touching it to swipe! I do not know why it does not mark and smear, but it somehow stays clean! It is very responsive and never fails to work first time.

A screen of 27 inches is not too large to use touch screen controls, it is just right: I can open 2 screens next to each other and can read them both. I can copy and paste from one to the other, read text whilst typing a report and listen to the radio at the same time. I can also make phone calls directly via the computer (evidently it sounds a bit like I am in a box from the other end, probably the acoustics in my room) with side sync and can view all my photo's on a large screen. Video playback is also wonderful.

I have not mastered the hand control yet, I gave it a go, but I have so much to learn that I will come back to that.

Overall, a wonderful piece of kit. PCs are not dead, they are just developing. We will all soon have given up on the separate tablets, have 6" phone screens (the Samsung Note is also wonderful & I cannot wait for the Note 3) and will have a Ativ One or similar in our living room. Others have tried to delver an all in one multimedia hub with TV, home/work computer, social networking hub, phone connection, music hub, etc and have not quite got there, but just maybe, if the hand controls work for windows 8, Samsung have cracked it.

In any event, I highly recommend the Ativ One (still a silly name, maybe I will simply call it 'Doris').
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on 16 December 2013
I bought the Samsnug Ativ One as a replacement for a 2011 27" Apple iMac.

I've been using Apple Mac's since 2006 and shunned Windows since then, only running the OS within VM's when I've needed to test things. I believe that Microsoft are on to something with Windows 8.1 and their convergence plans. I decided to give it another try after so long.

What better PC to switch back to Windows than this Samsung Ativ One, I'm really happy with the build quality and design, (After I removed the various Intel and AMD stickers), it runs very quiet and the touch screen is an unexpected bonus. I never really understood the benefit of the new wave of full desktop PCs with touch screens, it seemed alien to me to be sat and poking at things but it actually works quite well and it's very responsive considering the size of the screen. I don't use it that much but running Flipboard at full screen is a joy.

The key selling point was the versatility of this PC. Having owned various Apple products over the years I got a little bit tired of Apple telling me what I needed rather than giving me options, also the HDD died on my iMac and that's happened to me on quite a few occasions, it was all I needed to try something different. Having the HDMI in was a key factor for me, I can use the Samsung as an external monitor for various devices. I like the fact it has a TV tuner in it although I doubt I'll ever use it and the number of USB ports means I won't have to bother with a hub any more. My printer now works! Even though I don't print much at least I can do so now due to driver support from Lexmark. The Mac OS X driver never worked.

I was surprised at how good the stock Samsung keyboard was. I've been using Apple keyboards for years, even taking them with me when using PC's at other locations. The Samsung one is just as nice to use and I'll be sticking with it. The mouse went back in the box though, I prefer my Microsoft Arc mouse.

I love the remote. It's big and clunky, almost unrecognisable from the other Samsung TV/Blu-Ray player remotes I own but the sleep button is excellent! It's nice to be able to hibernate the PC from across the room when I'm done for the day.

A big let down is the resolution, set at 1920x1080 everything looks huge, coming from a 2560x1440 27" iMac it really feels like wasted screen real estate. I use my PCs for work and play so the lack of PPI will take some getting used to. I'm also not a fan of the function buttons on the screen. The eject disc, source and menu are all touch based which is fine, but they are not illuminated so if you're working into the early hours of the morning with just the monitor lighting up the room you're just stabbing in the dark. Probably won't affect most people but a small annoyance for me.

I wanted an all-in-one replacement running Windows 8.1 and this Samsung has ticked the majority of my requirements. Very happy with the purchase.

EDIT: Although originally impressed with this PC, I have to admit that within five months I had replaced it with a newer model Apple iMac. Over a longer period of time this PC let me down in many ways, I think mostly down to the OEM software. I had to use the system restore facility a total of seven times after complete lock-ups caused by software conflicts and cases of god-knows-what, the PC would just refuse to boot.

I got so sick and tired of the Samsung software updater and Windows updates conflicting with each other that I decided to ignore both of them. I ended up replacing the stock Samsung keyboard with a Bluetooth Logitech one, only to discover that the Bluetooth on this Samsnung device was very flakey, trying to pair a Bluetooth soundbar crashed it and lead me to have to perform one of the afore mentioned system restores. One morning after ending a group Skype call, the PC locked up and required me to system restore it again.

I lost all confidence in using this PC after a while that I just gave-up. The new iMac I bought to replace it has been flawless. Short lived experience and I doubt I'll ever buy a Windows PC from Samsung again. I do own a Surface Pro 3 and I've never had any issues with that, just goes to show that directing and building products for your own software works. Apple seems to have known this all along, not sure why I left them in the first place now.
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on 23 December 2013
This Samsung All in One is not only great to look at without external connections or wires cluttering your desk, it can all be done on WiFi including connections to the internet through a wireless router and wireless printer. The supplied keyboard and mouse are also wireless; although the key board does not have a key pad on the right side it is more than adequate for normal use.

The system is supplied with Windows 8, which is simple to upgrade to 8.1 and with the 27" touch sensitive screen, is a joy to use. For those, like me, who prefer a more 'traditional' OS for SOHA use, the Desktop option is simplicity in itself. Some have commented on the depth of colour, but I find the screen crisp, clear and bright - as you would expect from Samsung.

The Intel Core i7 3770T CPU is up with the best and well supported with a Blue Ray Optical Disc, Bluetooth 4.0, and USB 3. The system operates on a 200W power supply and is very quiet even with screen intensive programs. This is an environmentally sensitive system.

The Samsung software supplied on the HDD is useful and not the bloatware included with many other systems. Set up is easy and quick with the system out of the box, even for a non technical nurd like me.....

This my first All in One system, having upgraded from a Vista desk top tower, and it exceeds all my expectations.
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on 31 August 2014
I waited for over a month before reviewing this to make sure I've had a chance to use it for everyday stuff. I have to say it's exceeded my expectations.

Aside from its looks, which a key reason for choosing Samsung over most of the others, the screen is just gorgeous - great colours, amazing clarity. It's really easy to set up and use and not had any problems with it so far.

Although it's fairly heavy, I am happy to transport it around the house/ office to suit my needs. In the studio/ office it's used for work, on the coffee table for browsing and bedroom for TV! The fact there is just a single cable (power) and everything can be accessed either through the remote control (supplied) or touchscreen, I don't need to move the wireless mouse and keyboard around in most cases.

I've done a little PhotoShop and video editing on it so far and found it to handle everything perfectly.

Windows 8 is actually OK! I did have to use some software to reinstate a Win7 feel (and proper Start button!) as the Metro interface is just not quicker if you're already used to old style Windows.

The few niggles I have are:
- if you put an SD card into the reader, you can't close the flap (left hand side of screen). Wouldn't have taken much more thought to allow you to keep an SD card in permanently AND close it
- the remote control isn't very useful for internet TV services like Netflix. e.g. you can't scroll through the choices from the remote which is a bit of an oversight in my opinion.

Neither of those problems are remotely deal breakers and said
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on 14 May 2014
Good size touch screen and speedy processor. If only the integral cd player/writer worked! It is impossible to get it to open. After days of trying I bought an external dvd drive. The other issue is the placement of the USB ports which are underneath and at the left side. The ones underneath are impossible to see and very close together and next to hdmi and power connection. I had to turn the computer on its back to plug things in so I could actually see what I was doing. The ones on the side are so close to the main frame of the pc and very close
together. I have to swivel the pc in order to see what I am doing.
The screen is very clear and good for editing photos in Photoshop which is what I wanted it for. The pc handles the large edited TIFFS I end up with easily ( e.g. 75mb each)
So overall it has to be 2 stars.
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on 10 July 2014
I approached this new computer with some trepidation. But I am pleased to say it is attractive to look at and, using Windows 8.1 proved to be less nerve racking than I had been lead to believe !
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on 18 March 2015
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on 27 March 2014
Beware! If you buy this model, be sure that you are happy with Windows 8.0. After 5 installation attempts and leaving the computer for over a week at Best Buy, I discovered, and the Geek Squad discovered that the computer always locks up on "Discovering Drivers" when attempting to install the free Windows 8.1 upgrade.

If you are content having just Windows 8.0 forever, then you might be happy with this model as long as you don't mind that almost all of the USB and data ports are on the bottom of the computer, that the speakers sound worse than my 1960's model transistor radio, and that there is a pesky program called SW Update that keeps on trying to install trial software every time you have to do a full refresh of the computer. I suggest that there are better alternatives out there such as Dell, HP, Sony or even Apple. You get what you pay for I guess.
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