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on 18 September 2017
Fantastic! For the first time in all those years purchasing in Amazon UK the order was delivered earlier than expected.
The product is amazing!
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on 10 April 2017
Brilliant music from a wonderful singer
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on 27 August 2013
Méav's "The Calling" is one of the most beautiful albums to hit the hands of all this week.
Many are talking about the lovely variety of songs that Méav chose to put on her new album.

"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" seems to be the most favorite. With Méav's beautiful way of making this song almost 'hymn like', people seem to relax and sit back and enjoy her sweet, thoughtful demeanor as she sings this. It's like "falling in love" all over again. Méav's voice makes sure of this.
Méav puts her sweet thoughts in song here in such a way that it becomes her own "love song" as if she is singing to the love of her life. Méav truly makes all who hear this song, want to "kiss the lips (mouth)" of the one they love and tell them
how much they love them. Méav makes this a song of rekindling your love.

"Shenandoah" is a special favorite, too, as one seems to think back to the days of James Stewart, the great American actor, as he played in the movie of the same name. The sweet sound of this song tends to bring tears of memory of family movies of long ago. It's truly a favorite with everyone. Méav's way of putting a new sound to "Shenandoah" melts the heart. After hearing Méav's take on this song, it stays on your lips as you go along your way...hearing her
beautiful melody and lyrics. There's no wonder that this is one of the favorites on the album.

Méav's "Songline to Home" is my most favorite as I think that Méav is talking to me, telling me that when I am upset, or worried, or stressed or just when I am happy, to remember that she, Méav, is *my* "songline to home"...and as I listen to her songs, I will find my way to happiness...and...I will find my way home. I loved this from the very first time I heard it. It talks personally to me and assures me that Méav is very near. I love this assurance....and I love the warmth in Méav's thoughts and words. "Songline to Home" will surely go down as an all time ballad of hope...a way to go home. To me, this is one of Méav's most beautiful accomplishments in writing her thoughts in song.

"Glimmering Girl" is also another favorite which Méav has written. I love the words and the way they fit the music in this song. I love the hauntingly beautiful whistles and the lovely lyrics. This song tells the story of a young lass, who is that
"Glimmering Girl". It is beautiful.

"Wayfaring Stranger" is lovely. This song takes us all back to our high school and college choir days when we always sang the beautiful old spirituals of days gone by. Méav's rendition of this song is beautifully sung, sending us back down memory lane. The feeling she puts into this beautiful old song is that of meeting her father and mother in another land when all is said and done. This is a song of hope of what is to come. Knowing that all will be together, and, all will be well.
Méav makes us sure in this song of that great promise.

"Glassgow's Burning" is just amazing!! I cannot for the life of me understand how Méav can sing the ups and downs and put them all together...it's beautiful. What a way Méav has with her vocals!! This shows just what she can do with her beautiful voice. Only a few singing artists can put this stamp on this song. It is amazingly beautiful!!

"Black is the Color" and "The Calling" are also lovely.

"The Calling" shows Méav's expertise in writing beautiful thoughts in songs. In this song,
Méav speaks of the passage of time which will take place in all of our lives.
She takes her children, one in each hand, and takes them through the meadows and from land to land. This song, the title song, brilliantly takes us all with her on a journey through life. Méav is amazing with putting her
thoughts in words and this song truly shows that she is brilliant in doing so.

Méav's new solo CD, "The Calling" has something in song that will touch each heart of all who hear it.
Méav has made sure of this!!

Thank you, Méav!! Thank you for beautiful music!!
Thank you Mr. Craig Leon and Mrs.Cassell S Webb for helping Méav arrange and put these beautiful songs of this lovely CD in all of our hearts. We will enjoy the songs for a lifetime to come!!

Sandy Harlow
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on 3 September 2013
by Jim David Whittington/Anna Elizabeth O'Grady Dowd

As we all sat in class the other day, we were grieving the loss of one of our friends' mother.
We all knew her well. She had just passed away.
As we quietly, but sadly worked on our Master's Degree projects, our professor walked to the back of the room and touched a button on a small CD player.....
And...Suddenly, an angel began to sing!!
She had the most soothing and calming voice we had ever heard...
She sang the beautiful old hymn "Wayfaring Stranger".
As this lovely lady sang, the words touched all of our hearts...

"I'm going there to see my mother
She said she'd meet me when I'd come
I'm only going over Jordan
I'm only going over home....

.... I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger
A-traveling through this world of woe
Yet there's no sickness, toil or danger
In that bright land to which I go."

She had come into our lives at just the right time.
Dr. H put the name MEAV on the board. This was our introduction to the most beautiful voice
in the world. Her soft, comforting way of singing her songs touches your very soul.
"Wayfaring Stranger" was soothing and comforting to all of us that day. We needed to hear the words.
Meav knows how to sing to the heart as well as to the soul.

Dr. H then played another track of the CD as we worked.
Now we listened to the song
It is beautifully sung by Meav. I love the way she
puts her own thoughts into this song. And, she sings three parts as a trio!
I could not believe my ears....it was beautiful!! This CD is worth buying
just to hear Meav sing three parts with herself!! "Shenandoah" is beautiful!
As she sang, I could see the wilderness
of the Old Wild West. Meav's way of singing brings out your imagination.
"Shenandoah" is one of the students' favorite of all of the songs on Meav's new CD.

And on to "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". This song is so pretty.
I fell in love with Meav as she sang this song to all of us students. And I think that all of
my classmates did, too...girls and boys alike. Meav must be singing to the one she loves.
We all wanted to get up and dance, but we were working and could not.
Meav's beautiful voice takes you to a place where you will love to go.
To a dance floor in a huge Country Club where you can dance with the one
you love for hours listening to Meav sing.
Dr. H never said a thing, but we knew that she understood how we felt.

My favorite of all of the songs on this new solo CD,"THE CALLING" is
"Glimmering Girl".
Meav's way of putting her words and music together on this song, was my very favorite.
I still hum this song over and over. It's the kind of song that stays with you.
Dr. H told us all that Meav and her music producer, Mr. Craig Leon, wrote this song.
It is really beautiful!!

We listened to what we learned is the title song "The Calling". It is really nice and was a favorite of many
of the girls in our class. We learned that Meav and Mr. Leon and his wife wrote "The Calling". It seems
to tell the story of the passing of life as we travel down many paths and
through meadows from land to land or from place to place in our lives.
The words in this song are beautiful.

"Songline to Home"
touched all of our hearts in a very special way. As we listened to the beautiful words,
we felt Meav telling us that when we are upset, when we are lonely, when we feel that we have lost our way,
we have this special lifeline...this wonderful songline...this songline
to this lovely new friend we now know as Meav. We can close our eyes and
listen quietly and calmly and hear her songs and she will draw us to her...
she will feel our fear of the unknown and she will hear our hearts beat.
Meav will draw us to her with her songs, for she is our songline to home and we are never alone.
In this song, "Songline to Home" I think that Meav has written the most beautiful of all words ..
words of promise and hope.

There are 12 tracks on Meav's new beautiful solo CD, "The Calling".

"Once You Were My Lover" is very pretty, "Light Flight" and "Listen, Listen"
are really good. "Black is the Color" is a pretty old favorite. Meav does
a beautiful job on each of these. And, "Glasgow's Burning" is amazing as
Meav sings the highs and lows of this song. "Sovay" makes you want to tap
your toes. Meav has done an awesome job on each of these favorites.

If you love good, soothing, amazing music, then Meav's new CD,
"THE CALLING" is one that you must order and have in your music library.
You will not regret ordering "THE CALLING".

Thank you, Meav for these new songs and for being our "Songline to Home".
Thank you for the new solo CD "THE CALLING".

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on 8 October 2013
Fans of former Celtic Woman and now solo artist Méav Ní Mhaolchatha will be thrilled to have her latest album, The Calling! I certainly am! Her voice has lost none of the angelic appeal we remember from her prior offerings and from her tour appearances throughout the world with Celtic Woman!

If you are unfamiliar with Méav, as many in the UK may be, as Celtic Woman has yet to tour there, you will find no better sample of her heavenly vocal talents than through this offering! An as you can see from the cover, she is as beautiful as ever!

In the U.S, we fans are hoping the issuance of this album will be followed by a tour by which we may see its performance live! May it be so for her many fans in the UK as well!
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on 29 August 2013
What an amazing album dear Meav. This is one of your best yet. You just keep getting better. Your voice is so crisp and clear. Your high and low notes in many of these songs on the album show how amazing you are.
I enjoyed each and every song. You do "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" better than the original of Roberta Flack. It is so soft and warm. I just love the peace it left me with.
"The Calling" is an amazing song and your words are so uplifting. You do have such a way with words.
My favorite song I believe is "The Songline to Home", what wonderful meaning and just thinking of those rough times in my life, I can just listen to your songs and feel all warm and fuzzy. Beautiful words!
I too grew up on Spiritual when I was young and "Wafaring Stranger" was one of those. It comes from you so sweet and caring, a must hear for everyone.
Probably the most beautiful American song "Shenandoah" touches me the most. I just loved Mairead's rendition on the Violin on "A New Journey" but you vocal is equally as wonderful. It's just one of those songs that brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for singing it.
I enjoyed so much the celtic back and forth of your words and especially the notes in "Glasgow's Burning"a sit on the edge of your seat kind of song.
All of the other songs were equally as good. I will certainly recommend this album to all my friends and enjoy it so much myself.
You are an incredible singer, entertainer, and friend to all your fans. I thank God I have come to know and appreciate you sweet lady.
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on 28 August 2013
Méav's "The Calling" is simply terrific. Her voice is crystal clear and has an almost haunting quality to it. Easy on the embellishments with a simple and graceful production, it's a CD that you will listen to over and over.

The selection on "The Calling" is excellent and my favorites are The Calling, Shenandoah (since I'm a Yank) and Black is the Colour. Of the Celtic Woman crew, she was always my favorite and this CD cements her name in the upper echelon of her genre.

Thank you for a great effort, Méav!
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on 29 August 2013
I was recently turned on to Meav's music by a close friend and avid fan of Meav's. To say the least I am now another avid and proud fan of Meav! Her CD 'The Calling' is like nothing I have ever heard. Her angelic voice is one that can sooth and uplift any troubled day or just get me singing on my drive to work! Listening to Meav's music and 'The Calling' is truly a pleasure, the world has found a real treasure!!! Everyone needs to get their own copy of 'The Calling', you wont regret it!!!!
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on 16 January 2014
I heard Meav singing on the television one morning, plugging her song, and decided to write it on my "Christmas list" as a good idea. When I first played it, after receiving my present, I was transfixed my the sound. Just love playing it, makes me feel like facing the daily tasks again!!
Just beautiful.
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on 12 February 2015
Wow, the CD is far better than the MP3 version. I found it so much clearer.

I think that Meav has got so much better since her day with CW ( if that is possible). I think it is a pity that she had yo leave

It is a great album and fans will enjoy it so much. I wish she would make some more.
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