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on 15 June 2017
I have had this laptop now for almost 3 years. it is amazing. It is a workhorse and through bred combined. To use the tablet form I did need to tweak the BIOS settings and little. I just struggle to use another laptop now without the ability to touch the screen also.
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VINE VOICEon 20 January 2014
I work with computers - programming and web editing for some of my living and I came to this device because I was fed up of using my IPad for a bit of surfing / emailing and then having to pick up a real laptop when I needed to do anything remotely useful.

The IdeaPad is the closest thing to a solution to this conundrum.

It has these strengths:

Super light.
Super fast - overall system response is fantastic thanks to the processor SSD combination.
Has a very rapid start up time - a few seconds.
Excellent battery life - I get about 7 hours from mine
Enough processing power to allow video editing and other stuff I do
Runs MS Office - Hallelujah!!
Runs normal versions of web pages on a decent sized screen
A nice keyboard
Is very versatile
Screen is IPS and outstanding - it's not full HD but that is absolutely not a problem.
Screen touch response is excellent

It's not as convenient as an IPad and Windows 8 is flaky but I now just use my IPad for the occasional game of Plants v Zombies etc.

To be frank - it's not perfect:

More storage would be nice (I'm looking at replace the SSD with a 512GB - will update if I manage it),
Yes, the buttons are in the wrong place and lead to unintentional turn-offs etc and,
It does feel awful putting the keyboard on tables when in tablet mode.
It could be lighter - but I don't see how that can happen with the screen size and keyboard etc.
Keyboard should be back-lit.

There are some other considerations - if Chrome / Firefox are your browsers of choice, touch response is limited and many packages you use aren't perfect for touch but then you have a keyboard and mouse on board.

I have seen others dreaming of the Yoga 2 on here - in the real world the IdeaPad is more useful - the resolution on the Yoga makes icons and menus disappear in packages like Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc. and it is prohibitively expensive.

This is the best machine for now at this incredible price point and the I7 version is now available for less than £700, too.
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on 23 April 2014
On paper the spec is brilliant, I bought a used one from Amazon but when I turned it on the laptop fans went to 100% instantly (really really really loud) and never dropped (even on idle).

When I searched for Lenovo yoga fan issues there was a 98 page forum thread on the Lenovo website, seems this issue has been going since 2012.

Maybe you'll have better luck than with your purchase but fair warning, your fan may well have issues.
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on 1 August 2013
very fast reliable and well-made laptop.
It's a bit pricy so I've got mine second hand almost at half price which makes me even happier.
I can only say that the shortcoming of this great product is the wireless card. Realtek is working OK but sometimes may be some weird behaviour, I can only guess that it was cheaper than the Intel wireless card but Lenovo may know why they pick this component. Otherwise, the rest is just very very good.
I would not use this one for gaming though as clearly the lack of dedicated graphics card limits its performance on this field. It was never the intension to be aimed for this though. It will, nevertheless, run some good new games in low resolution as long as the RAM is not fully taken over by the video requirements.
I've got the Core i5 model with 128Gb disk and 4Gb Ram and it's just shows an amazing response time and booting is just a few seconds wait. Battery will not last 8 hours, but may be more like 6 using it lightly, very good battery life nevertheless. I cannot certify this as mentioned before I've got it second hand (only used a couple of months before sold).
Highly recommended for someone that wants the dual kit of tablet + laptop in one.
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on 25 July 2014
I searched for a while to find a laptop that was touch screen, flipped in to a tablet and was just powerful enough to play Sims 3. My boyfriend suggested I look at the warehouse deals and I was a bit apprehensive to buy a laptop that was possibly used or damaged. I got this laptop at just over £400 but it was worth more like £800. When it came it was like it had been ordered direct from Lenovo, it was in the original box with all accessories and manuals, I was expecting it to come bubble wrapped in any old box!
When I looked at the laptop it had a small scuff mark to the outer lid, opening it up however it just looked brand new! No scratches on the screen, keyboard was clean and all no fading to any letters. I'd definitely go with a warehouse deal again, I researched it and found some horror stories but you're covered with a returns policy so you may as well give it a chance.

The laptop itself is great, it came with Windows 8 and I immediately set about updating to 8.1. This stressed me out as I had to do Windows updates and it kept freezing and took forever to load but after literally a week I managed to get upgraded and it made the laptop work better for me.

The touch screen is really responsive, being honest I don't use it all that often. I forget that I have it, but with 8.1 it is easier to use the touch screen to close windows and bring up toolbars etc.

I have found the laptop to run a bit sluggish if I'm doing a couple of things like listening to music and uploading photos. I tend to restart if I find it running slow and that can give it a bit of a boost. It runs the Sims 3 perfect, no detail is lost despite not having a dedicated graphics card, the laptop gets hot playing games so it would be worth getting a cooling tray thing. I've had no problem playing a couple of other games like Prison Architect and Goat simulator but I doubt it would cope with any high definition graphics heavy games. Solitaire definitely works on it.

The laptop is pretty light, and the 13.3 inch screen is the perfect size. It's really portable and pretty slim so you can fit it into a laptop sleeve and put it in your bag and it doesn't weigh you down. The HDMI port is great, easily connects to a TV without having to set anything up. The sound from the speakers isn't amazing, but it's fine for listening to videos - I use headphones when I'm watching Netflix or playing games.

Overall I love this laptop, it looks amazing and has a really soft touch feel about it, the lid is like a rubberized silver and the casing around the keyboard is almost like leather. The pictures don't do it justice because it's pretty stunning!
If you need a laptop for portability and doing work or watching films on, go for it. But don't bother if you're a heavy gamer because it won't fit your needs.
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on 13 September 2013
Let's start by saying this is an ultrabook. That means the idea of the product is to be portable yet powerful enough to do most things, so don't expect a gaming machine or the fastest speeds of all time.


- Incredibly light and thin. Form factor is a visual and tactile pleasure.
- Touch screen is very responsive
- Core i5 cpu and 4gb ram certainly make this ultrabook powerful enough for intensive multitasking, word processing, internet browsing, movie streaming, music etc.
- Battery life is good, i'm getting about 5-6 hours with moderate use, enough such that it only needs chargin every one and a half days.
- Keyboard is a nice chiclet keyboard and easy to type on.
- IPS 1600x900 screen is absolutely stunning, especially due to the 13.3 inch size.
- The "yoga" aspect is very handy, having it in stand mode is particularly useful and even switching to full tablet is good.

- Windows 8 is very counterintuitive if you're coming from windows 7 or mac os. It's for tablets really so it is expected.
- When in tablet mode, the on screen keyboard only comes up in text bars if you are in an application. so in desktop mode, you can have safari open, and click the search bar, the keyboard doesnt come up on screen. slightly annoying.
- Having in tablet and stand mode does feel awkward due to the keyboard being exposed.
- I'm actually on my 2nd yoga, first one had faulty fans which made a horrific buzzing noise.
- power buttons, volume etc, are all placed such that they are easily accesible in tablet mode, this makes regualr laptop mode a bit odd.
- opening the laptop is frustratingly fiddly

Overall, lenovo really struck gold with this ultrabook. I suspect the updated yoga 2 with haswell will be even better, but this model is no slouch and is currently a bargain !
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VINE VOICEon 13 May 2014
It looks classy, it is classy, it does classy. I bought the 128GB SSD version and it moves like s*methin* off a shovel. Lightning fast, easy to use, gorgeous feeling when you do something with it. I updated at once to Windows 8.1 (free) and it gave me the option of my old Windows 7 type desktop (as on my old PC) so I can really navigate fast while getting used to the touch screen. Mine came as a customer return at half price and they'd lost the original OEM disk. I think this happens a lot. Fear not; you can get it back in a trice with a free download of Belarc Advisor. Tells you the serial numbers of everything on your machine so you can recover them,. I also made a system image copy to a NTFS formatted USB stick (you need more than 16 GB). It took 20 minutes, this is so fast. So now I am free to play and mess things up and get it all back in one go if I go too far.

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on 18 February 2014
I had this item twice and both items were faulty. Screen fault and fan fault. It is a good product. But not something I would recommend.
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on 24 April 2014
At amazon's current price for "used" this is a bargain , great lenovo build quality superb screen and will handle everything you chuck at it except high end games

Not overloaded with with trial software it makes even windows 8 tolerable, lol , stick classic shell on it and swap between desktops at your leisure , the cooling fans as already mentioned are noisy, but the installation of TPA fan control cures that

EDIT..as a footnote to this , the one that arrived developed a fault with the screen and rebooting was the only solution , I returned it to amazon and the replacement was with me in 24hrs by prime , and appears to be perfect in every way....one very happy customer , well done amazon
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on 30 July 2014
I bought one of these laptops as it was fairly cheap at the time and seemed to have gotten really good reviews.

First thing i did was get all the updates out of the way, that's where my problem started.

After so many updates the laptop would get to the 'Failed to configure updates... Reverting changes' screen and hang there, it did this multiple times after multiple reboots. Restoring from the built in recovery didn't work either. Also found many people having the same problem.

On top of this, the fan is very loud and the speakers are extremely low quality, I would avoid this laptop.
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