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on 13 July 2007
Well, yes, it's fantastic of course. How could it not be with so many great songs, which still get played every day on radio stations the world over? I do have reservations, though. The Eagles have released more compilation albums than studio albums, and I don't think any other band has a greater ratio... it's quite bizarre if you tot up their collections and count them against the 6 full studio albums.

My main problem here is that there are such a high proportion of songs from their last albums: Hotel California, and The Long Run. One could argue that this is because those two albums were the biggest sellers at the time of release (well, Hotel California obviously was, perhaps One Of These Nights sold as well as The Long Run, I'm not sure). Call me cynical, but I believe it's because, by creating a 'definitive' collection which will over the years become their best seller, they're shaping the royalties so that the current band members (founders Henley and Frey, plus Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt) rake in a much as possible while attempting to gently ease out the other two founding members, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner. Henley and Frey were always going to do just fine, but there's a definite attempt here to bring Walsh (effectively replaced Leadon and changed the band's sound forever) and late boy Schmidt (replaced Meisner for the last Album) as much of the royalties as possible. I'm not saying all of this because I'm bitter. In fact, The Eagles are my favourite band, even in their current lineup, but I'm certain there's truth to my allegations. Six tracks from The Long Run? No way is that appropriate, and I back that up from the common knowledge that The Eagles had a total nightmare recording and writing that album, and The Long Run (on Henley's Inside Job Live DVD), In The City (from their Farewell I DVD), and Those Shoes (from their Millennium Concert CD from their Selected Works box set) all absolutely blow away the original studio versions of the songs, proving that the band weren't all truly happy with them. You'll never get everyone to agree which songs to release on a compilation, but for me, there's a hint of favouritism over quality here.

Most 'true' fans of the band - and by that, I mean people who own and have really listened to all of their studio albums - enjoy their first three albums at least as much as their last three. Those last 3 albums generally had greater critical acclaim, were more experimental, progressive and definitely had better lyrics as Henley found his place at the top of the songwriting tree, but there's something about the first 3 albums which to me is just the essence of The Eagles. The later albums and songs, even Hotel California, and what I consider to be the perfect pop song, New Kid In Town, just don't have quite that purity of Eagleness to them. If I was to pick one album which perfectly encapsulates The Eagles sound, it probably wouldn't be Hotel California. This might sound like a weird thing to say, but in my opinion, while the last 3 albums had better individual songs, only their first 3 albums were perfect. One Of These Nights, Hotel California and The Long Run (especially The Long Run) all had one or more songs which felt obviously inferior to the others, whereas the first 3 albums were just so even the whole way through. I don't think any of the songs on those first albums were inferior to Take It Easy or Desperado, it's just that those songs got released at the right time with the right hype, did well and then became classics. It could have been one of a number of other songs from these albums instead. If alternate universes exist, there may well be millions of people listening to You Never Cry Like A Lover on their radio right now, rather than Desperado.

What I guess I'm alluding to here, is that I just wish people would buy all of their albums instead of JUST this compilation. If it's a question of money, I'd be happier to see somebody go out and buy The Eagles (first album) or On The Border than this. However, it is a fantastic compilation album, there's a lot of great songs on here, but personally, I'd only buy it for the digital remastering and the handful of songs which weren't on their studio albums. Buy this and you gain stuff like Love Will Keep Us Alive, Hole In The World, and Get Over It. Buy On The Border, and you get stuff like You Never Cry Like A Lover, My Man, and Good Day In Hell. For me, I'd go for On The Border in a heartbeat - those aforementioned songs are a hundred times better than the new ones, but I guess the big question is, if you buy this compilation and you love it, will you then go back and buy their old studio albums? If yes, then be my guest, and enjoy this great compilation. If not, then I beg you to start from the beginning
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on 19 February 2010
Beware this CD. It is copyright protected so that you can't download it to itunes (or anywhere else) in the UK. Aren't the The Eagles rich enough? It's an annoyance.
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on 26 October 2016
I don't know why.. perhaps the early versions of this collection were copy-coded or something. Many guys have complained that their cds will not be recognized by their computers and wont even load.. as I write I am ripping the cd to my Windows Player with no problems at all.

Okay.. you like The Eagles..? Good.! "Are you all sitting comfibold on your botty..?" Then we can start with the review. The 2 cds come in a digi-pack fold out with the discs just sliding and sitting in the cardboard cover. This may cause some scuffing in the future as you remove and replace your cds but the fit is loose enough. The first cd is also squeezed in with a 12-page booklet which contains photos and track information. The cover itself is a matte white background so you can bet this is going to get dirty very quickly (you heart will sink when that first tiny droplet of tea or coffee hits the cover and soaks in for good) and you wont be able to wipe it off as you would on a glossy cover, so handle with care. One of those plastic cd sleeves would be a good idea for storage.

The music speaks for itself. If you don't like The Eagles then you wont like this cd package. Simple as that. Some guys have also complained about sound quality. I have absolutely no qualms with that. Sounds fine to me... and I'm kinda picky. It's loud, remastered and the bass response in "Peaceful, Easy Feeling" rattles my walls. For five quid it's a great buy.. order your copy now, and pick up the first Taj Mahal album while you're at it.
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on 15 August 2011
Whilst we all know the Eagles and love their music, in protecting this CD RHINO/Warner music has has not caught up with the modern world. I rip all my CDs into highbitrate lossless FLAC and then play them on a good hifi. Quality is better than playing the CD. This CD will not even play on my PC. There must be some form of protection on it.
As a result it will never make it to my NAS. RHINO or Warner whoever has done this - get into the real world and give me a CD I can play on my stereo!
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on 16 September 2012
As I liked the (single CD) Very Best of the Eagles, but did not want to buy their 4Cd box set, I decided to "upgrade" to this double CD. What a mistake! Although the tracks on that single disc are included here, and are quality country-tinged soft rock songs, everything else about it is incredibly frustrating:

1) Sound quality is shocking: it sounds tinny and compressed even on a fairly good quality hi-fi;

2) The extra tracks are at best poor, and at worst dire;

3) It will not play on my laptop, nor can I transfer the songs to my mp3 player, due to copyright protection; (luckily all of the songs that I like are on the single cd Very Best of anyway, and this is not copyright protected)

4) The information in the booklet is mostly tedious and irrelevant to many fans or people who just want to listen to the music;

5) Because there is so much information, the booklet is too big to fit inside the CD case. This means that an outer box is required to house the disk and booklet. And the manufacturers have - in their infinite wisdom - made this fractionally too small, so that you can't get the case or booklet in or out without damaging the booklet and outer box. (Now I know what the manufacturers of envelopes for greetings cards do in their spare time).

I'm glad that didn't discard my old copy of the Very Best of because it's going back into my collection in place of this awful double cd, which is going straight into the wheelie bin.
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on 4 March 2017
Got this album from Amazon. It is ok and I'm not really a metal fan.
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on 17 August 2013
remastered? if this is remastering then give me the vynal. 33 tracks on this albam 4 ok 29 crap,its noe the songs as ive been an Eagles fan since desperado so I do know how they should sound and on my vynal there great. I just wonder why "so called Sound Engineers " can not be bothered to make sure that what they are doing is enhancing some rearly greai songs. This is not the first remasters I have had to return.
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on 26 July 2017
The definition of '1 Star' is 'I hate it', well I don't hate it - BUT . . . .
With music the most important thing is the quality of the sound.
Pity I left it so long to listen to both discs, because if I had done so sooner I would without a doubt have sent the CD back.
The sound quality on some tracks is dreadful, particularly 'Life in the Fast Lane', unlistenable.
I shall to buy another version and hope for better quality next time.
Not a good product as it fails in its key mission.
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on 23 November 2017
If you find yourself in desperate need for an Eagles CD there are quite a few to choose from. After All a lot of us have a copy of Hotel California......Amen! However you know a lot of other songs. So I went a bit crazy and brought a lot of the Cds. The Complete Greatest Hits.....not only covers there very best work but sounds wonderful. However I would most definitely buy Eagles Live for an amazing concert to go with your The Complete Greatest Hits double CD. Great stuff........Happy memories.
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on 24 July 2013
I brought this album to give myself a flavour of Eagles music. I love Hotel California (the song) but didn't really know many other Eagles songs. This album appeared to give a cross section of music across the years so I thought it would be ideal to see whether I wanted to buy more albums or not. So in that respect, it was a great album for me. I now have more space to fill with other bands. For me, hotel california is still the only song I like, but I will keep the album as it will probably grow on me in time. Production wise, I don't think you can really fault it. There are a couple of live tracks for something different and for a true Eagles fan this might be a nice 'compilation' album rather than just putting the ipod on shuffle, I'm not best positioned to say. But if your like me and Eagles curious, then you can't go far wrong with this album to help you make your mind up.
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