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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2013
The Deap Vally girls could only come from California. You just can't get away with hot-panted hard-rock these days if you hail from anywhere else. And don't let their attire (or lack of) force you into stereotyping this primitive blues-rock duo either, for Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards are most definitely for real. Every track on Sistrionix is attacked like they're having the times of their lives - it's just that it gets warm on stage, alright.

As eye-catching a girl-girl combo then as comes to mind, Troy and Edwards nevertheless let their songs do most of the talking. And, in Troy, Deap Vally has a true rock star in its midst, wheeling, for example, between a creepy croon and full-blown Robert Plant wail on last year's empowering single "Gonna Make My Own Money". Providing variety, the classy closer "Six Feet Under" later casts her into simmering Janis Joplin country, fraying the template with passages of outright distortion.

"Come on everybody. Listen up." So Troy begins the killer "End Of The World" and pay attention you will come the track's buzz-saw axe-work and Edwards' muscular drum part - there are certainly worse ways to embrace apocalypse. Suffice it to say then that if the pair had you at hello, you'll be head over heels soon after. The booty-shaking jams just keep coming, tumbling into one another.

The chugging "Creeplife" is thrown down like a gauntlet. The sludgy single, "Lies", squalls and squawks likes Karen O preaching on the subject of girl power. "Bad For My Body" could be QOTSA as tackled by the original Black Sabbath WAGS. The stop-start jerk to "Walk Of Shame" ("I don't feel no blame") is ripped straight from the annals of Jack White, its lack of fussy production lending it a really raw quality to play off against Troy's bubblegum squeaks - a sweet and sour concoction that stylistically, if not musically, brings Jemina Pearl of Be Your Own Pet`s spiky solo work to mind.

Far from reinventing the wheel, and those sensitive to the re-treading of sacred ground would be laughably off course to investigate it at any great length, it's hard not be taken in by the girls' enthusiasm and ear for great hooks all the same. Either way, if there's more fun to be had this year than Sistrionix - with or without hotpants involved - then count yourself very lucky indeed.

Advised downloads: "Gonna Make My Own Money" and "End Of The World".
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on 1 July 2013
Its a grower! On my fourth listen now and it gets better every time round.

Two women, a drum kit, a gnarly guitar and some serious attitude. Hard-hitting stripped down blues rock, raw and "in your face" as they say. They also say the sound is similar the White Stripes. "They" seem oblivious to the fact that the lead singer of the White Stripes is male, not the snarling but very female Lindsey Troy. Big, big difference!

Typically of this album, opening track "End of the World" seemed a peculiar choice of start track, featuring some slightly discordant guitar playing yet on repeat listens it just seems to fit right. Second track "Baby I Call Hell" I've heard a multitude of times now through their recent TV appearances so it just gets me to familiar territory. Throughout the album, remorseless driving distorted guitar is at the heart of everything but there's enough variation to prevent monotony. The almost singalong qualities of "Walk of Shame", a few spoken lines in"Lies", the swirling of "Women of Intention", punching vocal delivery in "Raw Delivery". Last official track "Six Feet Under" is inevitably the gentle track of the eleven, nearest you're going to get to a ballad but even that has the wails, growls and fierce guitar.

Contrary to what the Amazon CD description currently says Track 10 does not contain the hidden track Spiritual. Track 11 however has 3 and a half minutes of guitar&drum free singing of an atmospheric track whose lyrics don't appear to include the word "Spiritual" as far as I tell. Another of tracks where at first listen I wasn't that taken, Julie Edwards' contribution initially seeming to jar, but by the third time round it was just another track that had cast its spell. Its a song that forces images in your head.

There's no bad tracks, "Creeplife" is possibly slighly less striking than others but that's about it, and I've failed to pick out a standout track simply because every listen changes my mind. Once the novely has worn off and I take it off repeat, I've a feeling this is an album I'll be returning to whenever I'm in a "up yours world" mood .... so a lot then!

Buy this album. Buy a bottle of Jim Bean. The rest will look after itself.
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on 9 July 2013
Firstly would like to say its a not a bad debut. A mixture of White Stripes and 70's rock. They make hell of a noise for only two people in the band. However, playing the album non stop for a few days you soon relaise that the majority of the songs blend together. A few tracks do stand out but not enough quality songs to warrant a 4 star review in my opinion. I am sure live they would be great, they look great and about time a female rock band turned up to shake things up. Just need to have some better songs and they will really fly.
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on 1 July 2013
I was fortunate enough to see these at a VACCINES gig,the support act that really caught my interest. From the opener of END OF THE WORLD,this album shows great promise,then the album gets stronger and stronger. The sound is certainly very much like THE WHITE STRIPES with a little DEAD WEATHER thrown in and some JULIETTE LEWIS type songs and sounds,all of which is just fine with me. This is kind of good old fashion rock 'n' roll but crashing into today's scene and mingling well with it. The lyrics are very relevant to today with vocals that demand to be heard,proving women can rock just as well as men.
The drums are fast and furious played with love,desire and a whole heap of attitude. Songs such as BABY I CALL HELL,GONNA MAKE MY OWN MONEY and BAD FOR MY BODY will get the blood pumping at future gigs for sure,I'm pretty sure every track on here will soon be demanded by somebody when they start headlining to a crowd thirsty for something special. I loved the extra track at the end of the album too,tipping their hats to the old folk who used to be young,just like them.
This is going to get many a play on my stereo,i honestly can't see me getting bored with it. For me,DEAP VALLY are sexy,dirty,sweaty,raw and unashamed rock 'n' roll,dripping with passion!
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on 5 July 2013
First saw these ladies on Later with Jools Holland back in May this year where they delivered a 2 song set and easily the best act on there that night. Since then i have been waiting for there debut to be released and i can tell you it has been well worth the wait. Not a weak song here and sound as good live! as they do in the studio with there distorted blues rock sound. I hope they get round to working on a second album in the near future cause it just left me wanting more.
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on 21 October 2014
For a guitar and drums duo format, these two manage to make a hell of a noise. Very traditionally blues rock influences, especially on Lindsey Troy's raw vocals. Listen a bit more, and you'll notice Julie Edwards' lower- and purer-pitched voice harmonising beneath the surface. She only gets much of an outing in her own right on the acapella track hidden after the end of Six Feet Under, the only pair of tracks to go at anything less than pretty much full tilt. A sense of humour is buried in the lyrics to several numbers, such as Creeplife and Lies, although you might have to listen several times to catch it. White Stripes and Black Keys have been mentioned by several reviewers as comparators and, more recently, Royal Blood carry the same torch on, so you'll have a good idea of what to expect. This isn't the most original music in the world, but what they do, they do well and with a lot more energy and feeling than many could muster. Heavily riff-based rock, with a few solo guitar flourishes, and most tracks follow a similar format. Raw Material and Woman of Intention fall a bit below the standards of the other tracks, while Six Feet Under stands out by allowing the guitar and vocals to stretch out a bit. Opener End of the World is probably one of the great headbanging numbers of all time, with the verses dissolving into the deranged string-bending fury of the singalong chorus. The long-term problem for Deap Vally will be whether they can manage to transcend what is quite a limiting format without the addition of at least a bass guitar. Ignore the rock chick image. They are better than that. Enjoy this for what it is: the ideal thing to put on to exorcise a bad day at work.
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on 30 September 2016
Have to give Femejism the 5 and I can't choose 4.9 for Sistrionix... I always have a soft spot for loud girls and these two keep the amp on 11. Less varied than Femejism but damn fine solo-free (thanks) rock. Did Lemmy have secret daughters?
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on 28 April 2016
Fantastic album. Never heard of them until last week when my daughter was playing their music on guitar hero. Reminds me of the black keys with a touch of Sabbath. The themes and tone aren't much like Sabbath but it reminds me of Sabbath simply because it is packed with epic riffs!
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on 29 December 2014
First heard/ saw them by chance at a gig as they were supporting the vaccines and immediately started following them. Probably the best support band i have witnessed. I had this cd on pre order and have listened to it many times since.

I urge anyone who likes rock music to listen to this band.
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on 11 July 2013
This is one the best debut Albums I have heard for years. The female duo from LA are a cross between The Black Keys, Led Zep and The White Stripes. Seen them Live a couple of times and they have that Edge live that few bands ever get. This is a great Album from start to finish. Those Dirty bluesy Rock Riffs with the Big Muff cranked up accompanied by Julie's thundering machine gun drums are delectable. Great Riffs and songs, you will fall in love with this Album and the band if you love your Rock music. I suggest you order now and catch 'em live or it could well be "The End of the World"!!!!!!!!
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