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on 30 March 2014
I got this set for my grandparents who were plagued by sales calls daily. My grandmother suffers from dementia, whilst my grandfather is blind, so I was very cautious about forcing change on them. However after some initial learning problems, two weeks later my grandparents report the sales calls have stopped, and they are delighted with the phones.

My complaint about these phones is although they've been designed for old people, they are still far too complicated and can do far too much. In the end I had to configure the phone simply to block all payphone, foreign and withheld numbers, and that after nine rings pass them through to the a recorded message that tells them to go away. When blocking a call the display flashes up that it is blocking a call, but does not enable the backlight and it does not ring.

My grandmother was frankly terrified at the idea of the answerphone - the base unit just has too many buttons without any intelligible order. The phone book is also quite complicated to operate, and the way numbers scrolled was disconcerting for my grandmother. Fortunately the phone has a nine number speed dial facility too - press and hold 1 to 9, and it'll dial a number without any further button presses.

To assist the crossover to the new phones, I left the existing phones plugged in and just turned off their ringers, however so far my grandparents haven't yet had to use them as they've managed with the new phones.
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on 10 June 2014
Afraid I can't give this a lower rating. I must admit to carrying it around the flat and garden, as it saves missing a lot of calls I do not hear. On the other hand, it is great to check my calls in the evening, and see all the International calls I did not get because of the blocking. Once you have got used to using the phone (an 80 page manual is included in the package) it is great. It hardly ever needs recharging because it does it itself while in the dock. The odd nuisance call does escape the system, but if I don't recognise the number I don't answer it. a quick free check with 1471 almost always proves me right. With poor eyesight, the big buttons are great. Even on the lowest volume control, you would have to be almost deaf not to hear it. My 90 year old mother has had her eye on it, but if she wants one she'll have to buy her own. She's not having mine!! One of the best investments I have made in a long time.
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on 4 February 2015
Marvellous set of phones. Ideal for people with hearing or vision problems. Has blocked 100% of my foreign nuisance calls "International" although I have discovered that I have to block ALL International calls which means that my family can't get through, although I can check who was calling and if it's family, the number is there for me to call back, If it's a pest, it states "No Number". Can't block WITHHELD numbers because hospitals, doctors and some workplaces withhold their numbers, but it has cut down the nuisance calls by at least 75%. A good price at £48, worth every penny.
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on 6 October 2014
These Phones are brilliant ! I got them as my father ( Who has Dementia ) Has been having problems, using the Phone and sometimes putting it in strange places ( The fridge is the best so far ! ) He also forgets I am on the Phone, puts it down and walks off ( Whistling into the distance and not to be heard from again,that day !) This BT 4500 Phone is brilliant, it has a find phone button, which makes it ring to find its location ! It also has both a Hands free and Amplify button, to make the phone A VERY LOUD SPEAKER PHONE ! ( Dad can even hear me in the next room ! So it is now, much easier to attract Dads attention, when he has forgot I`m on the Phone.) My father was also forgetting to hang up after a call. Now, As the only Red button on The Phone is the hang up button ( we are now in the habit at the end of the call, to remind Dad... Red button now, Red button now , This has worked wonders !) The Phones are also very Good quality, with a host of very good and useful features = ESPECIALLY THE VERY EASY TO USE...CALL BLOCKING FEATURES, *** BUT REMEMBER YOU CANNOT ALSO HAVE AN ADDITIONAL DIFFERENT TYPE/MODEL OF PHONE CONNECTED TO THE LINE/HOUSE PHONE SYSTEM, FOR THE CALL BLOCKING FEATURES TO WORK FULLY ...IF YOU DO THE BT4500 WILL DO THEIR JOB & BLOCK THE CALL TYPES SELECTED AND NOT RING OR LIGHT UP, BUT INSTEAD TAKE THE CALLER TO LEAVE A MESSAGE (ON EG. THE BT 1571 MESSAGE SYSTEM OR SIMILAR OR THE PHONES ANSWERING MACHINE IF SWITCHED ON.HOWEVER THE OTHER DIFFERENT TYPE/MODEL OF PHONE WILL STILL RING AS USUAL AND NOT BLOCK THE CALLS ! *** They are even very pleasing on the eye, and good to handle ! For anyone experiencing similar problems or are looking for a Fantastic Phone, especially suited for the older person, buy one! I`ll finish off by saying .... THIS IS A FANTASTIC PHONE & LOOK NO FUTHER....THIS PHONE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! .... I GIVE IT 10/10.
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on 17 February 2016
These BT Phones are excellent value for money!. Big buttons and big screen. Great if like myself you have big fingers and hate those tiny phones with microscopic buttons. Also if you are getting old, then it has a great Amplify button on the side, just press it and the volume is double as loud. This model of BT phone also has a Record button on each handset that allows you to record phone calls up to 60 minutes of record time. I have never seen this feature on any other cordless phones. Also has all the Call Blocking features. I am going to buy another triple pack of these phones soon. I have had different models of BT phones before, but this one is the best. The sound clarity is crystal clear and the speaker phone is also loud and clear.
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on 7 September 2015
Not the most detailed of reviews for this, because I use a landline for simply making and taking calls. I don't need the address book feature, the nuisance call blocking, etc.

Overall, it's a decent phone. The handsets are pretty large with large buttons, but that's one of the reasons I purchased this specific model; useful for people who have limited dexterity in their hands and/or are vision impaired. The display is good (black on orange LCD) and the ringer has 5 levels, from silent to really loud. The hands-free option is useful and there's an 'Amplify' button which increases the call level a further notch (regardless of whether you're using handsfree).

A few cons...

Maybe I simply haven't read the manual in enough detail but the handsets will annoyingly display details of any numbers which have called you, until you dismiss it from the handset, which doesn't appear to be achievable from the press of a single button. More irritatingly, each handset will display the number of answering machine messages until you dismiss it...they seem to do this even if you've actually listened to the message from the base unit.

Also, these handsets caused significant disruption to the Wi-Fi signal from my UK Sky fibre router As soon as they were powered up, my Wi-Fi speed went from about 22Mbps (which is about as much as you can expect from an 802.11g signal, in the real world) on my 35-40Mbps circuit, to about 2Mbps. I had to change the wireless channel on the router a few times before settling on channel 8, which got me back up to the 22Mbps mark. Bear this in mind, especially if you're buying this for an elderly relative who might be unable to manually change their router's wireless channel. This single problem is what's preventing me from buying this for my Mum (who's 80 next year), as there's no way she'd be able to change the router channel and I live too far away to do it for her.
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on 10 July 2015
UPDATE: October 2016: Docked it a star as niggly usability issues get in the way of being a good product. First of all, so far it's been reliable with none of the odd issues which have plagued all the other DECT phones we've had for ourselves. It logs calls as they come in so it will show the number of calls. I can't remember the capacity but if I said <20 I would not be far off. Then it gives a message on the screen which does not prevent the phone working, but was enough to confuse my elderly Mum and her neighbour who both thought there was a problem with the phone. Another one came to light today. After a power outage, the phone needed time and date to be set. OK - but the problem was that it would not work as a phone without this - no dial tone. So any blip in the power and my Mum is stuck without a phone until I can get there to set the time and date - except she can't call me to let me know.

Bought for my Mum so I don't have lots of close experience with it. Managed to set it up without the manual (although I'm fairly gadget savvy). The buttons, display and volume are all ideal for my older Mum. It beeped every few seconds at one point. I think that was due to there being a message on the answer phone. Not come across one that keeps beeping at you all the time. Perhaps it w something else or perhaps there's a setting to change. Listened to the message, beeping stopped. Annoying at the time however. Built in call blocking for anonymous and international calls a godsend for my Mum (and we will probably buy one for this alone). Feels cheap, plasticky and lightweight, but not necessarily flimsy. Problem with DECT phones for us has always been them gradually going wrong, but can't comment on that at this stage unfortunately.
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on 25 June 2015
Updated and downgraded: Seriously flawed design for the elderly. During a call, it is easy to mute the conversation without meaning to do so; not a great problem for most of us but a very serious problem for the elderly for whom this phone is designed. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO DISABLE THIS FUNCTION!

I found it difficult to decide between 3 stars and 4 but eventually decided on 4 because of the good support from BT.

There is much to like about this design. My elderly mother likes the big buttons and it can be customized in every detail to suit its user. Its complexity actually makes it possible to set it up to be very easy to use. However, the amplification is only a minor improvement on the regular cordless phone these are replacing - a disappointment.

Worse, when the phones arrived, the amplification and incoming call volume control didn't work at all - the software wasn't working properly. BT support suggested I remove the batteries and unplug for half an hour to reset everything and that worked well - the software now works as designed and some small amplification is available.

However, one of the three sets of batteries doesn't hold a charge properly - at least according to the meter on the handset. New batteries are cheap so this is not a great problem - unless it turns out to be the handset itself and not the batteries. At one point I had almost decided to return the equipment to Amazon but I now think we will probably solve the problems and that on balance it will be a worthwhile purchase. But it was a near thing!
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on 10 August 2014
This was bought for my in-laws who have been having problems with using the 1571 service.

Easy to set up etc, although too complicated for them to do alone. They are both over 80. Lots of options on volume, tones, answer machine etc. Not too many for anyone used to technology but a bit daunting for those who are older.

However; Once set up to their requirements, they love it. Nice clear and loud ringer, which their old phone was lacking. They have got to grips with the answer phone etc and are quite happy.

Cannot comment on reliability etc as they haven't had it long enough yet.

Would I recommend it to others? Yes, I do. It does feel slightly plasticy, but at this price what do you expect. Call quality seems to be ok, it's certainly better than their old phone (which was also a BT cordless).

They cannot use the "Nuisance Blocker" as they haven't got Call User Data. On a side note I think it's scandalous that BT charge for this "service", as it doesn't cost them anything to run it. We may have to succumb however to paying BT for CLI as they are getting a number of persistent insurance miss-selling calls.
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on 2 December 2015
overall quite a good phone but it has a serious shortcoming in the number of telephone numbers which can be blocked. I bought this mainly to deal with nuisance calls which it does well allowing you to block calls from any number that is a problem immediately after the call is first received. For the first couple of months my nuisance dropped to almost zero - then after a couple of months it told me that it had no more storage to block numbers. I am not sure how many numbers are blocked already as I cant find how to look at blocked numbers. Now I am back to having 3 or 4 calls a day despite having blocked international calls as well. Unfortunately I cannot block "unknown" numbers as I have a number of genuine calls that withhold their number (eg my Doctors surgery) I have just read the detailed information and seen that only blocks 10 numbers (that's about 2 weeks of calls for me!) Simply no use for the main purpose I bought it for.
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