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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 August 2013
Never having heard the bootleg nor seen the TV show,i approach this 'New',you know what its excellent,a worthwhile release,yes the sound isnt perfect,how many live albums are?,still its a worthy 4 stars for this release.

Once the intro's over its top drawer Rainbow all the way,with a couple of Purple classics thrown in,sensibly 'Stargazer' is missing(only Ronnie for that one!),surprised they didnt throw in a 'Starstruck' or 'Run With The Wolf',still cant have everything.What we do get is expertly dealt with by Doogie White,the only singer ,after Dio,that could handle tracks from all era's,he puts in a superb performance here.

I've docked a star,as the sound isnt perfect as previously noted (and the little 'error' on Spotlight Kid' is a little irritating),Bass and Drums dont, really, standout as they should but we're here for the man in black,the legend that is Blackmore!,he never lets me down,his performance is a joy. Listen to the ferocious ripping solo on the likes of 'Spotlight Kid,the ad libs on 'Man on the Silver Mountain,enjoy the delicate, playful 'Temple of the King',I could go on and on,just buy it ,its a fantastic release.
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on 15 October 2014
Let me first say that I'm a big fan of Blackmore and especially of his Rainbow days.
This is a live album from the last incarnation of the band, the one that released the "Stranger in us all" album, a quite good album indeed. What would I expect from a live album from this band? Its interpretation of the Rainbow classics plus some tracks from their new (then) album. What do we have here? The "Stranger in us all" almost in its entirety, plus four and a half (one verse of "Since you've been gone") tracks from the Rainbow back catalogue, three Purple songs and one silly rendition of the traditional "Greensleeves". You can add to this, the introduction with Germany's national anthem (!!!), some boring keyboard and drum solos and some silly interventions to the songs.
It is a pitty, because there are some brilliant moments here, where the band is showing its true potential ("Temple of the king", "Perfect strangers", "Hunting humans", "Ariel"). With a better song selection and flow,we could have a really great live album.
That is not to say that I've regretted buying this, not at all. But it's more for having everything under the "Rainbow" logo and less for the music itself.
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on 26 May 2015
bletch - damn to hell those marketing men.
Not every live recorded gig is a good one.
Not every live performance is a great one.
If you love Rainbow, you'll love this but it really isn't that special. It's a nice gig but not one I'm going to be going back to visit too often.. maybe when it rolls around on the ipod during a random setting
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on 23 September 2013
most rainbow fans tend to fall into two catagories those who prefer the harder rainbow sound of Dio & Bonnett and those who prefer the AOR sound of the Turner era. My first ever album was "Down to Earth" followed a close second by "long live Rock and Roll" this album gets it just right! The reformed rainbow of the nineties didnt appeal at first this was possibly influenced by Mr Turner wearing a wig at the gig in Cardiff ---- and then i stumbled upon an interview with doogie white - if you havnt seen it i suggest you look at "Inside Rainbow 1979-1997 " available from Amazon. This cd recording and correct me please if wrong has previously been released as a DVD and the quality is as good as the dvd so please ignore any reviews that say that this is like a bootleg copy - it is an accurate account of the rockplas concert and shows just how good Rainbow became again if only for one album although doogie will tell you that technically he was the longest serving vocalist! as i may have previously stated on other reviews any "new "music by Mr blackmore is always welcome perhaps even an offical release from the Monsters of Rock in 1980 - we can only hope until then sit back and enjoy Ritchie at his best listen to all the tracks and if you do watch the dvd just see how good this version of rainbow were and the encore to smoke on the water - all the band together as one
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on 1 September 2013
This is a great release by a great line up of Rainbow. The above reviewer has got it all wrong.

This show is not from the bootleg at all. The reason you can hear a woman singing in the background during the intrumental section in the middle of Spotlight Kid has nothing at all to do with another radio station breaking in.

Anyone who has been to a Rainbow concert over the years will know that when the show finishes, a tape of Judy Garland singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" is played in full while the crowd are leaving. It is this outro tape that you can hear in the background during "Spotlight Kid" One of the sound engineers switched it on by mistake. If you listen carefully you can hear quite clearly that it is Judy Garland singing this song.

As this was a live recording it was recorded exactly how it was heard on the night, it can only have been recorded with this song in the background. It was there, it was part of the recording even if it was a mistake.

Anyone who is thinking of buying this should not be put off by this minor blip, this is a great album and Duggie White is a great singer. This is a great Rainbow line up and Blackmore is on fire.
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on 30 August 2013
Blackmore's final rock tour before his shift to more acoustic material with Blackmore's Night proves one of his best for several years. The set-list was cherry-picked from his entire Rainbow career, and when sprinkled liberally with Deep Purple classics proved highly entertaining. The shows were hugely popular, tasteful and full of astute dynamics courtesy of some emotive guitar playing from the man himself. The backing band on this tour also gained plaudits; principally the efforts of vocalist Doogie White, who covered the varying styles of his predecessors with competent and professional aplomb.
This show was taped by German TV so the pure audio sound, stripped of the visuals, leaves a little to be desired, but if you consider it more as a `superior bootleg' and you won't be disappointed! ( The DVD is also available) Highlights are `Temple of the King', `Hunting Humans' and `Ariel' (with future Mrs Blackmore Candice Night on backing vocals).
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on 28 July 2015
Well it seems RB decided to play a set full with music, great guitar solos and with a Rainbow that was on form. I loved it. Reasons I didn't give it 5 stars is that during the first song and towards the end you can here 'somewhere over the rainbow' in the background.
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on 29 August 2013
Cool setlist, Blackmore is on form, and Doogie White sounds much better live than Turner ever did (though a far cry from the heights of Dio). On its own, this would be a three star release. A good curio for any Rainbow fan....


This release is exactly the same as the bootleg that's been around for years. The way to tell is on Spotlight Kid. The bootleg, about half way through, has some woman singing in the background (no, not Candice) from another TV show on another channel. This is a defect from when the original bootleg recording was made. It sounds like something from World War II, and is ammusing, but most intrusive. What this indicates is that the people releasing this album HAVE NOT gone back to the original multi-track masters. They've just taken the bootleg that already exists for free and are now charging for it. There is no difference in quality between this and the bootleg, bar this is a bit louder due to the mastering.

Avoid, until someone releases the proper version of this actually quite good show.
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on 2 September 2013
In contrast to other (negative) reviewers I am happy with this CD release - I would rather listen to a band obviously on form (Blackmore close to,if not at,his best), playing a great set list, albeit with less than pristine sound (it's not that bad!) than have a sterile, remixed, cut/paste contractual obligation such as Purples Nobodys Perfect.

I'm just grateful that this performance is in the (legal) public domain at last.. .

One warning however - Whilst the DVD version is good, beware the strobe effects early in the set(Spotlight Kid in particular)- unwatchable in places!
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on 8 September 2013
Not another Rainbow live cd or dvd. But : This is the last great performance with many songs - epic songs and an up to date quality hard rock sound of the 1990s something very nice and odd for a Rainbow product the other being Stranger in as all album. For me it is their best live ever. It is a strictly personal thing I tend to have with Mr Blackmore's discography. True hard rock fans already have ordered it anyway.
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