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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Final Fantasy XIV: Collector's Edition (PS3)
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: A Realm Reborn Collector's Edition|Change
Price:£39.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 27 August 2013
First of all, I've bought a lot of collectors editions in the past, and I have to say this is one of the best!

The box itself is HUGE. Beautiful illustrations on the front, looks very sleek and sophisticated. It also comes with a nice (mini) soundtrack CD, some really lovely art cards, 4 in game items, and a Blu-Ray disc which tells the story of the first game. It also comes with a security token (which are worth £8.99 on their own!) as a bonus to protect your account security. Well worth it in my opinion.

The game itself is outstanding as well. I tried XIV in it's first outing, and couldn't have been more bored. Really excited by how they have changed the game and recreated it into something really special. Yes there have been issues with early access and login limitations, errors have indeed abounded, but those will be sorted out. I don't think anyone realised quite how big this launch would be, especially as it's first iteration was an out-and-out flop.

Teething problems at the beginning are to be expected, but don't let that spoil what is a really fabulous game.
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on 6 September 2013
Alot of you may know that the first FFXIV was a failure. No arguments. Square-Enix will admit it. They set out to correct it with this game.

I class myself as a casual player now. I don't have the time anymore for 12 hour sessions on World of Warcraft, and having a Job and Family now time won't permit that! For years I've been looking for a MMO I can sit on the sofa and lay back and play, and so far I think this is it.

SE have done a wonderful job of redeveloping the game, moving on from being left in a open world with no direction. To giving you a open world with a nice introduction. Although as a long time MMO player this was mind numbingly slow at times, I understand that to a new player this is completely nessecary.

Once your past level 10, the game starts to let you make your own mind up how to play. The class system is a nice touch with no need for several alts, just change weapon.

As you level the game progressively opens, giving you the tools you need to go off and set your own charecter how you want. While with true Final Fantasy style opening up an engaging storyline that leaves you wanting more.

The only downsides I've suffered so far are:

- Slow introduction, but as covered I believe this is important.

- Cutscenes are not all voiced. I would have liked to see all the main storyline cutscenes voiced. Maybe this is something they are working on?

- The Casting of teh voices isn't always that great.

- As well known in the first week, the game experienced some log-on issues. These seem to be fixed now.

The Collectors Edition:

It's simply stunning. I've bought a few collectors edition of games, but this one stood out as one of the best. Packed in a large box, with a lovely art book. I'm not normally into the art books themselves, but it is great to see a well presented, and quality printed one!

It also includes a CD of game music, some art cards, and a SE security token. All nice touches, and all very well presented in itself.

I don't think for 90% of buyers the collectors edition is needed, but for those who like to own these editions. This is one of the best, and I'm sure you won't be dissapointed.
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on 14 January 2015
Didn't know you can't just buy this and play for free. I had heard no mention that in order to play you had to pay for so many days/months time in the game as it is on-line only, wasn't until I got it and realised the small print on the bottom back of the box.
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on 5 October 2013
If you're the type of person who can't turn down any mission or job (no matter how mundane) then this is going to dominate your life for a while. Logged in for the first time at 7pm last night to play a couple of hours - Initial impressions were 'it's a solid MMO but nothing special'....before crawling into bed at 4 in the morning...! The hooks of this game just creep up on you without realising and comes highly recommended.

Class systems are well realised (you can mix disciplines if you wish) and the learning curve appears to be geared to accommodating beginners before ramping things up several hours in, which I'm more than happy with. (Not all MMO's are this way believe me)

I registered onto the 'Pheonix' server and the players I met seem to be some of the nicest and most helpful I've met on an MMO. It's a nice feeling to have a passionate but fair community (accepting there will still be the odd twerp) and is another massive plus point for me.

I hope some of you get more sleep than I have :-)

P.S The collectors edition is gorgeous and the £45 asking price is a steal. In a time where special editions are selling for ridiculous prices (South Park £75 for a 6inch plastic statue and a cloth map! Looks great but still...!) this represents great value. The size and artwork of the box is fantastic and the hard copy art book is so beautifully made that you'll wonder why nobody else can manage it.

I know the price is lower because of the subscription fee, but you'll spend more hours playing this during the 30 days free trial than you would with most games anyway.
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on 15 December 2014
An absolutely stunning game: beautiful scenery, entrancing soundtrack, smooth gameplay, THE best MMO I've ever played by far, also a free upgrade to the PS4 version for a limited time only. Don't let the subscription fee put you off, every penny spent is worth it, new content is added regularly and there's always something to do. Hosts a friendly and helpful community... just try it ;)
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on 7 July 2017
As of 20th of June 2017 Final Fantasy XIV has stopped support for this game, meaning you will literally be unable to play it.
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on 12 April 2014
had this from day one and love it costs £7 a month to play after the first month but I must play for about 70+ hours a month so that's 10p a hour. content is always being updated, and at no extra cost. unlike almost all other games.
7x12= £84 a year but I pay it .
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on 2 January 2014
I really liked it! Me and a friend were interested in it when it was released 5 months ago, give or take, but we never got the chance to play, because no matter how many gameplays we see or read comments we have to try it on our own. The game is just fantastic and it will, at times, make you feel nostalgic about those classic Final Fantasy games.
I recommend it to anyone and everyone who likes MMORPG. You will have an excelent experience and its not an expensive one. The collectors edition gives some cool bonus stuff whether in-game or physicall but I must say I mostly got it because of the artwork book which is amazing to look at for people whom, like me, love seeing the artwork behind a great game. Much diversity in character creation, and it just keeps getting better with every new update.

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on 28 August 2013
Well FFXIV certainly has had a chequered history. Its ill fated launch over two years was met with dismay by fans and critics alike. A game that was pretty yet had no soul or substance. SE put subscriptions on hold, effectively making the game free to play. At this point a new director was brought in and over a series of patches brought the game up to a enjoyable, engaging experience. This wasnt enough though, and with an epic storyline brought to a climax version 1.0 of FFXIV was closed as of November last year. Since then the game has been completely remade, and overhauled, gone are the copy and paste landscapes, and tedious battle system of the early day and in its place is a brand new Eorzea. Its an Eorzea that demands to be explored, the zones are all visually stunning from the treetop canopies of the Black Shroud, to the icy wastes of Coerthas. Everything has been completely remade and is better for it. Starting the game tutorials have been implemented to guide new players until everything suddenly falls into place, theres no confusion about where to go what to do. The unique armory system is a revelation..you are not tied to one class/job per character as in other mmo's. You want to be a sword wielding Gladiator, then simply equip your sword..Decide you want a change, the simply switch to a staff and you can wield black magic. Tired of fighting? Equip your fishing rod and sit and watch the world go by. Its all made incredibly easy. Being a Final Fantasy title this game is more story led than other MMO's and there are alot of cutscenes that demand repeat viewing. Story is central to this game and needs to be followed! Theres so much to do in FFXIV i cant list everything. Its borrowed successful attributes from other games such as the Guild System from Wow, the open world Fate battles from GW2 and is better for it. Players are never left with nothing to do. At the time of this review there are a few issues with server problems namely all the worlds are full and cant handle the sheer amount of players trying to log on and play but these are being addressed, and like the launch of every MMO it has teething problems thatll be ironed out within weeks. Yoshi P's vision for this game is that it will run for ten years, like its predecessor FFXI, progressively making the world bigger via a series of regular patches and expansion packs and i have no doubt that FFXIV is here to stay. In conclusion, this is a fantastic game, especially given the transition time between the old version 1.0 and this overhaul - a mere 9 months, and can recommend this to any MMO fan out there. Final note, the CE is worth every penny, the extras you get are well worth the money. The box is certainly a lot bigger than it looks! Anyways im off to explore dungeons, fight Primals!
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on 1 November 2013
I have barely scratched the surface of this game. Takes awhile to get into and get used to the wide array of options and controls plus menus, but after spending abit of time we are up and running.
The last instalment was widely derided. Thank goodness they managed to fix this.
Gameplay is incredible and runs smooth as anything. Apart from the odd days of maintenance not really had any hiccups.
I can see myself playing this for months and still be discovering more!!!!
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