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on 3 July 2017
I have a Canon 430EX and this YongNuo flash absolutely slays the Canon. The build quality in my opinion is great. I've not experienced broken battery covers but I am gentle with all of my tech. I use them with AmazonBasics High Capacity AA Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries and the recharge speeds are immense even at full power or 1/2.

The ETTL also works great with my Canon 6D. I honestly wouldn't buy a Canon strobe after investing in this flash if I had to buy another strobe.

The instructions were a little difficult to read. However if you know how to use a flash you'll quite quickly work out how to use this one.
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on 14 November 2014
First off let me say that this is a great speedlight, and well worth the money, though before diving in you might want to look at some of the newer models coming online [this always happens to me]. Things like YougNuo's own 600EX-RT, and the and on the whole I'm blown away by it's performance. it's easily as good as my Canon 430EXII, and when I heard that a LinkedIN connection, who'll remain nameless, also used YougNuo, I finally I took the plunge after dithering for a long time.

Basically it's buy one of these and afford TTL triggers, or buy a canon unit and do everything on manual through the Flash Wave III units I use for my studio gear. Having heard good things about both the choice seemed simple

Out the box and all was well. Well built, nice and weighty, but with something about overheating protection that made me wander why it needed that in the first place. What ever, maybe it's a feature, maybe a catch all, fact is it's there and I'll update this review after I've had a chance to use it on a job.

One thing that should be stamped on the box is "This speedlight cope with bouncing flash in Evaluative metering." Long story short it's underexposed to a wildly and varying degree depending on the length of the lens. The longer the lens the more it seems to mess up, and it also sometimes seems to mess up the following shot as well.

Apparently this is something that YongNuo are aware of, and the workaround is to use it in Average when bouncing off any surfaces. Given that the only on camera flash work I ever do is bounce that's not the best news, but I can live with it when you consider that you can get two and a half of these things for a single Canon. That's a lot of extra light, and certainly enough triggers to set up a decent portrait.

As for the rest I still haven't had the chance to go through the thin but adequately produced manual [if you want hard cover go for high end].

One small caviat is that it blew through the batteries I put in it during the first afternoon. I should preface that statement with I'm not too sure if one of them was actually new, and there was a lot of full high 1/1 experimentation going on! like I said, when I've had a chance to use this on an actual job I'll update the review, and possibly the score...

Keep watching the skies ;-)
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on 15 August 2014
Out of the box first impression was good. It's solidly made and 'feels' good if you know what I mean. There is a very small amount of movement when attached to the camera but it does not seem to have any effect - it appears to be due to the locking pin being a smaller diameter than the hole provided to receive it in the camera hot shoe. It seems to do everything the Canon 600EX-RT does but at a third of the cost. Reliability and longevity remain to be seen but as an amateur photographer I am very happy with this flashgun, professionals with deeper pockets may prefer the Canon. I prefer not having to squeeze the side of the gun to alter the angle as you need to do on the 600EX-RT and the operation of this gun is simpler than the Canon. As you may have gathered I did have a 600EX-RT but sold it, bought one of these, and recovered £180. Whether I shall regret it remains to be seen.
Just in case anyone is unsure or confused, as I was, with regard to 'wireless' operation....optical flash is considered wireless. It's not radio so line of sight is required. Wireless flash does not require line of sight and as far as I can understand that's the 'RT' part of the Canon.
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on 31 May 2017
Saw Tony Northrup recommend these, so I got one for my Nikon D4 - works fabulously! Thanks Tony!
Can\t beat the value for money compared to the Nikon speedlights.
You don't need to spend hundreds of pounds 0 get one of these!
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on 20 August 2017
I bought for Chrismas for my husband and he was really pleased with it, he said I had made a good choice...
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on 1 March 2017
Nice powerful flashgun with some good features. Much cheaper than a genuine one!
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on 5 October 2017
I had heard great things about this flash and it did perform well however, the diffusion panel snapped off on the first use. I have had a similar branded version for many years and the panel is still in tact so I was quite disappointed with this one
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on 1 October 2017
Great product, great seller!
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on 11 May 2017
Powerful, with all the features of the Canon equivalent. What a bargain.
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on 24 October 2017
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