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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 22 March 2015
All now restored to its complete length.Even the product details are wrong and are describing the cut release of this movie which was a complete hash up but still a good movie,well,now we have the WHOLE movie and with subtitles when the Germans speak and not being left to guess,the punch up between Moores character and Marvins character last delisiously longer and this is an all round restored,re-released and remasterd movie to be seen in its glorious full length.Brief storyline.Moores character is duped into spending time with drunken Marvins Character in fighting the Germans in Africa in ww1,Whilst falling in ove with Marvins daughter.Ian Holm is present and is ever reliable in his character role......this borders on classic status.
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on 3 November 2013
Ignore all older reviews for this movie!
The 2013 BluRay release is the full restored film at 150minutes and 2.35:1 aspect ratio
Both discs are labelled Region A and 1 but they are not region coded!
The BluRay disc played in my Region B player
The DVD disc plays in any unlocked DVD Player
Enjoy this movie!
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on 10 May 2007
I think this is the third DVD release in the UK for Shout at the Devil. Unfortunately all three are of huge disappointment to fans of this film, as they are edited versions of around 115 minutes. Hopefully, one day, someone will do this classic adventure film justice by releasing the original 147 minutes version, which is long overdue. At this moment in time what we have is not unlike a few years back when the same versions were available on video. For a fuller print of this film, try catching this on the BBC. I recall their version running approximately 10 minutes longer.
**UPDATE** As of the 8th October 2013, Shout Factory, a U.S. company, has released the much anticipated full version of this film. Although stated as Region A, it is in fact, Region-Free. The picture quality is very good; the best i've seen for this film.
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Most of the reviews are about the 'heavily 'cut' to shreds version which
lost around 35 minutes on the 'DVD' release.
However if you have access to a 'Region A' Blu-Ray player the film has
become available to buy ( 150 minutes )
The only question to be answered is.......'What is the picture and sound
quality like on the 'Blu-Ray' format ? ................................
Based on real events prior too and leading up to the outbreak of 'World
War 2'
The outline of the story see's 'Sebastian Oldfield' conned into helping
Gin-guzzling scoundrel 'Flynn O'Flynn' with his ventures.
His activity of some annoyance to German Commissioner 'Herman Fleicher'
you could say 'Flynn' has been a thorn in his side for some considerable
When meeting 'Flynn's' daughter 'Sebastian' makes a play for her much to
her fathers disgust, leading to a string of comic scenes between 'Lee
Marvin' and 'Roger Moore' as 'Sebastian' strives to prove that he's worthy
of her hand in marriage.
Eventually as peace breaks out between the two men in 'Rosa's' life
now as partners tread on the 'Commissioner's' toes again and again.
When War is declared 'Fleicher' is given the reigns to exact a vicious and
vengeful revenge on the pair of chancers.
'Flynn' and 'Sebastian' along with 'Rosa' now go after the German, their
exploits come to the attention of the British, 'O'Flynn' is approached to
help find the 'German' Battleship' that is believed to be taking refuge in
a secret location to carry out repairs.
This is an action packed and often comical movie that is a joy to re-visit,
the chemistry between 'Lee Marvin' and 'Roger Moore' is electric adding to
the enjoyment of the film.
Answering the early question on Picture and Sound quality......the picture
quality has been enhanced considerably and is far superior to the shortened
'DVD' release......the sound remains 'mono' however the clarity is good, many
enjoy the extra's that are often on-board the Blu-Ray discs, to be honest there
is very little, only a 'photo' gallery.
The film in it's HD upgrade along with the missing 35 minutes is so worth a
(Hopefully the 'Region B' release will be sooner rather than later for those
wishing to see the film on this format)
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on 22 February 2015
This is the long version does play on uk players blu ray that is .Very good picture 2.35.1 picture ratio.Just a good all round action/adventure/romance film if i have any real gripe is Barbera Parkins gives me the s##ts.Ian holm is good especialy as he does not speak a word Roger Moore is er well Roger Moore and lee Marvin played this sort of role with his eyes closed, cat balou, paint your wagon ,death hunt just to name a few a recommendaetion you wanna see Roger Moore act The Naked Face if one can find it.This film is in places is brutal stuff although i do not remember it being as rough unless toned down for the UK market.
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on 20 July 2016
I have had a couple of DVD releases of this film since first seeing it on its original theatrical release in 1976. All previous attempts have been intensely disappointing, heavily cut versions, 4:3 aspect ratio and significant language issues (more of that later).

This, however, is the best DVD edition I have seen. The full 143 minute playing time presented in 1.85:1 letterbox format throughout with a clear picture and good quality, albeit mono sound. One irritant with earlier DVD releases was the German characters speaking German but with no subtitles. I am luckily fluent in German, but can see what a problem this can be to non-German speakers. I am also adept at lip-reading and can confirm from this ability that in the original they all spoke English.

Loosely based on a novel by Wilbur Smith (who also collaborated in the screenplay), it is set in East Africa around 18 months either side of the start of World War I, centering on the fraught relationship between an American ivory poacher (Marvin), his English son in law (Moore) and a local German commissioner (Koldehoff), a battle that gets more bitter and bloody as war impinges on the idyllic life of early twentieth century Africa. Things get even more complex when a damaged German warship shelters in a river delta and the British navy sound out Marvin's character to find someone to hide an explosive device in one of the ship's magazines.

Like most films based on novels, it departs from the original plot, most significantly in the fate of two principal characters, played by Moore and Barbara Parkins. In the novel, Wilbur Smith killed them off but the movie allows them to survive.

I am so pleased to get a copy of this movie in its full original length and wide screen format. Highly recommended.
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A word first about the DVD itself. This refers to the OEG (ODEON ENTERTAINMENT DVD) issued 2015. DVD NOT Blu Ray.I confess to being disapointed when after the widescreen (bars top and bottom) titles it reverted to 16.9 ratio (filling the whole of my TV screen). Now I am not obsessive about correct ratios, but why, if the opening and end titles can be the correct Panavision size, can the film not be?. I should say that tho there are3 or 4 scenes that suffer a bit from this, the majority of the film is perfectly watchable. The colour and clarity of picture and sound are excellent (with above reservations). Extras are Previews of OEG DVD's a trailer, and an interview with Moore. The film itself? Well, it's the director's original length, not always an advantage (142 mins) with some potentially upsetting scenes of Elephant shooting (Marvin's character hunts Ivory for a living-this is set in 1913, but still hits a bit hard). The film is also quite violent, but it is 15 cert, so be warned. Moore and Marvin work well together, and for us fans of Barbara Parkins, here she is seen at her best. A good adventure, recomended with, again, reservations.
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on 26 June 2014
If you love this film as I do this is the best version for you. It is the full uncut version with many scenes that I never knew existed so was very pleased when I watched it. Also the picture quality is very good. It is sharp, detailed with good strong colours & not much grain. The sound is only stereo but on a film like this that is fine. Also all the dialogue is in English even when the germans are speaking unlike my original DVD. PS I have just tried this region A disc in a region B player & it played with no problem.
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on 24 January 2010
If you're a fan of the story, don't go for this edition of the movie.
There are so many leaps in the continuity that the editing must have been done with a breadknife and, to add insult to injury, all the German dialogue is in, well, German. There's no option in the menu to activate subtitles either - despite what it says in the product description; on the DVD case itself it states the movie language is English. And as there's rather a lot of German dialogue it leaves you feeling bewildered.
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on 10 July 2015
Finally the long awaited uncut version of this boy's own adventure from a novel of the same name by Wilbur Smith.The first part is largely comic with Lee Marvin trying to con the hapless Roger Moore into dangerous money making schemes.There target being the neighbouring German african colony,especially it's brutal and repulsive military administrator .The second half of the film is different,as the mood gets darker after World War One is declared and the battles get very personal.The action and the filming is outstanding,the script entertaining to the end and all available at a reasonable price
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