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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 31 July 2013
This film is so frustrating, I recently saw this and had heard good things about it, with the recommendation came a special note to the effects and creature design, and I have to say the effects and creature design are fantastic, a lot of time and effort has been spent here and you will really be surprised what they managed to come up with in the budget restraints, unfortunately and this is where it gets frustrating, is that this is the only nice thing I can say about it, as the film itself is rubbish, no real story or script no character development and if that's not bad enough for me the biggest crime is that it was shot in a horrible, shaky POV style, which really took me out of the movie, so if you are in to effects and creature design see the movie, you will definitely get something out of it, for everyone else I would stay clear, I do think the creature design/writer/director is somebody to look out for, give him a better script, a bit more money and state in his contract no POV and I think with his twisted designs we could be on to a winner.
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on 9 March 2016
A gruesome film, a bit swearing, lots of amputations and body parts, and blood. The camera is held by a person in movie (moves a lot) Not for the faint hearted. But also not for people looking for a good film.
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on 6 October 2013
I have to say that this is one of the most stomach churning horror movies I have seen in a long time. The 'found footage' format has been done to death and this film is in a similar vein. The footage is all filmed POV style like a first person shooter video game by one of the soldiers.

I suppose you could nit pick about why someone would still keep filming when so much mayhem is going on all around them but that is just a niggle. The best way to approach this film is just go with it and hold on for a rollercoaster ride that will drain you by the end.

The Russian accents are a little dodgy but again, that's just me nit picking. There is no CGI in this film which makes it more impressive given the budget they had.

The bottom line?, a thrilling gut wrenching roller coaster ride that deserves a watch. Highly recommended!
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on 2 September 2013
Russian soldiers are pushing into East Germany during WW2, all they find are a few dead Nazi's, and the twisted remains off what seems to be half Human, half machine 'soldiers', soon though they stumble upon something more terrifying than the Third Reich!!

If you've seen the mad trailer for this movie you'll know what to expect, you're also be pleasantly surprised. For a low budget horror flick by a first time director, Frankensteins' Army has very high production values, good solid acting, great sound FX, good set designs, and the monsters look great!

Each creature is original, like a mash of Nazi Cenobites from the mind of HR Geiger and Guillermo Tel Torro, drills, knives or guns for hands, real nightmare stuff. The found footage POV works a treat, adding to the films sense of chaos, terror and dread, like a viewing a 1st person shoot 'em up on a high end console. and who can not dislike a movie that features a human robot that resembles the love child of Dusty Bin, R2D2 and a seriously twisted mind!!
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on 6 April 2014
I like the idea of mixing the genres - Gothic meets WW2.

And the effects are great - very well designed monsters.

But that's where the positive part of the review ends and the negative bit starts.

The plot is very poor and made little sense.

I hate shaky cam! Not only does it look awful but films shot that way tend to have characterization issues - just like this one does.

And in the last 20 minutes or so they finally gave up on plot completely and just descended into a completely pointless gorefest.

Shame because it had so much potential...
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on 29 December 2014
I like horror films a lot and this one not so good.
Storyline is ???? let you watch it.
But plenty of blood and guts and gore in the movie but it dose not have to be set in the Germany Soldiers of the first and second world war????
Let you decide
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I watched the trailer for ‘Frankenstein’s Army’ and thought it looked quite good (or at least watchable for a low budget horror movie). I guess I should have paid more attention to the trailer. If I’d have looked more closely I may have noticed that the film was ‘found footage.’ If I’d have known that then I never would have bothered with it in the first place (and therefore saved myself an hour and twenty minutes in the process).

Yes, it’s ‘found footage.’ If you don’t have a budget or any big names, just wave the camera around in darkened locations so no one can see that your special effects really aren’t that special. He were find a squad of Russian soldiers making a ‘home movie’ (?) of their unit while on patrol during their fight against the Nazis in World War II. However, all goes to hell when they stumble on a top secret Nazi experiment to create some of the most unconvincing monsters in existence (well... something like that).

So, our band of burly Russians find themselves on the run in a maze of laboratories and corridors while their cameraman shakes his camera wildly at whatever man in a rubber suit is lumbering in their direction.

I’ll give Frankenstein’s army some kudos for shying away from CGI special effects (not that they could probably afford them!), as they have attempted to make the monsters look creepy. Sometimes it works, but most time it looks like your boiler has suddenly turned evil and is now going for a leisurely stroll in your direction (and don’t get me started on the ‘monster’ who has a propeller for a head!).

So, if doesn’t have the budget, but a clever or witty script can always raise the film’s profile. Unfortunately, Frankenstein’s Army doesn’t have one of those either. The Russian soldiers are pretty unlikable, or, at best, generic.

In summary: you have a found footage film with no decent special effects, poor, boring dialogue and characterisation. If you like Nazi zombies/monsters... try Outpost (for horror and action) or Dead Snow (for horror, subtitles and comedy).
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This is a low budget "found footage" horror film from director Richard Raaphorst. Set during WWII, it tells the story of a Russian reconnaissance team inside Germany who come across strange goings on in an underground bunker. As someone who usually struggles with FF films, I thought it had a terrific look and feel. With some great pacing and a well thought out screenplay. It has a bit of a "steam punk" feel in the monster design in this reinterpretation of the Frankenstein story.
There's lots of gore too. It is light on plot, but I really enjoyed it.

A Russian reconnaissance team is tasked with rescuing a Russian unit under attack, somewhere in Eastern Germany, during the latter days of WWII. Alongside them is Dmitri (Alexander Mercury), whose job is to film the glorious advance of the Russian troops for "Mother Russia" (hence the "found footage" motif).

They lose contact with their base and come across a strange half-human skeleton and eventually reach an abandoned, ruined town, where their comrades are mean't to be. Unfortunately, there is no sign of them. They then run into a "caretaker" who, after being tortured, promises to take them to their lost comrades......

For some reason, setting it in WWII just worked for me. The soldiers were portrayed as realistically brutal and unlikeable, as they made their way across Germany, taking revenge on any German they came across. No fake sentimentality here.

I also liked the range and originality of the monster designs (I think I even spotted an early version of "ED-209" from the original RoboCop!) and the fact they were real physical effects and not CGI. The film built and held its tension well, with some nice twists. The third act, with the good Doctor, "Viktor", had some great visuals and general bloody gore, to go along with the dark comedy.

It is not perfect, of course (what is?). Some of the acting is a bit wonky in places, the characters are never developed (I lost track a bit of the names) and the found footage angle seemed a bit unnecessary, to be honest, although it was well done (not just a constant stream of screaming and "Oh, my God!" Every other sentence)

Overall, a well made, good looking and darkly comic tale. I really enjoyed it.


5 indie stars out of 5.
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on 31 August 2015
Fantastic movie, if you love found footage movies and love the Frankenstein concept then you will love this. Only 4 stars due to the packaging being damaged which I planned on having on display, would be nice if shipped in a box instead of being in a large envelope which can easily be squished and damaged.
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on 1 July 2015
A fun, inventive lo-budget horror film and with gore that's 'fun' rather than 'sick'. Good practical FX and a great location, hardly taxing on the brain but an entertaining ghost train fairground ride of a film.
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