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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 September 2014
Another fascinating Enzo book ! Have already downloaded the next one , Blowback, and can't wait to start it, but the only thing is that it's the last of the series for the moment! The setting of Freeze Frame this time mainly on the small Breton Island was fascinatingly different from previous , but the book worked well for me on so many levels. May researches so thoroughly that you are really drawn into the layers and there is so much to work over and 'chew on' when you put your book down for a while during the course of your reading. Once again I was also not disappointed with the time devoted to Enzo's personal , romantic dilemmas, but May never makes the mistake of over doing this aspect of his work ; on the contrary it is always seemless and essential to understanding how Enzo's mind works. Ending is never overdone, and you are left with plenty to think on and ponder. A very satisfying book. Will be so disappointed when this series ends! ( I've read that there is to be one more after Blowback! I hope he finds more cold cases to work on!)
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on 25 July 2014
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful... I have a confession to make and if there was such a thing as a PMA Group I would stand up and say, "I am Annik and I am a Peter May Addict." The New York Times reviewer said "Peter May is an author I'd follow to the ends of the earth" and I would agree with him/her wholeheartedly.

I was originally captivated and entranced by the Lewis Trilogy which I happened upon by chance and thought could not be surpassed. I waited with bated breath for "The Chessmen". My husband and I had been due to go on holiday to the Outer Hebrides a couple of years ago when the Australian great friend who was to accompany us died ten weeks after diagnosis from a very rare cancer on the day we would have taken the ferry. My husband and I couldn't bear to go through with the trip but the Outer Hebrides and all the research I'd done about the place still fascinated me. I thought Peter May was a master writer and couldn't imagine how he could repeat the fabulous trilogy.

Then after a significant time, I decided to read the Enzo series, having been put off by his name and thinking they would be about Italy – not France. My husband and I now live in France for six months of the year and have had our house in the Creuse, on the brink of the Massif Central, for 20 years. I devoured the five Enzo books in a fortnight and appreciated all the nuances about French life that Peter May wove into his series. Enzo is a fascinating character, his personal life is rivetting and the cold crime puzzles he tackles are intriguing; I am bereft that apparently there is only going to be one more title in the series. (What happened to the seventh mystery?)

I then read four of the six Chinese-based books and although the heroine is impossibly annoying, loved them too. I even recommended them to a friend whose son works in China as an English teacher to kindergarten age children. I knew almost nothing about China before reading the books but now feel I have learned a tiny but significant amount.

I have just finished "Entry Island", which I thought was brilliant. I am now going to read all his "other" works. As a former journalist I am looking forward to the very early titles, "The Reporter" and "The Standard". I hope there will be enough to keep me going for a few months, anyway...

All I can say about Peter May's work is that he is a genius and YOU MUST READ HIM!
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on 1 December 2013
The writing continues to be of the highest standard. Fascinating, wonderful scene setting which conjures up the very soul of the area he is describing. Always intriguing and never fails to contain mystery with a twist at the end.
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on 11 November 2015
Enzo Macleod is back to breaking down clues frozen in time a promise made over the telephone.
Peter mays fascination with islands is explored on an island in Brittany, France.
Where the locals and and the past hide a secret that is part of historical events and chance encounters, that have deadly consequences for the few that know or figure it out.
A deduction and puzzles story, that takes Enzo to the edge, and a widow that leads him astray as expected, poor Enzo he can not help it, but his philandering is catching up to him.
Good entertainment even if you just let him figure out the puzzles, while you enjoy the story.
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on 12 April 2014
Superb author - since starting on his books some three monts ago I have now read them all! Hope he keeps on writing!
Hs research is amazing, accurate and the topic changes from one series to another. Obviously an extremely clever man.
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on 9 February 2016
This book is slightly different to the first three Enzo stories because he is almost entirely on his own. His on/off girlfriend pays him a visit - she Has News - but mostly it's Enzon on the Island.
The (fictional?) Breton island is brought to life with great colour, both landscape and people are described with skill.
But - and it's a big But - there is a real problem with the plot. In three prequel scenes, we know that the victim has left a clue in his study. When Enzo arrives 20 years later, he sees the clues scattered around on Post-It notes (so you can't miss them). He then spends 60% of the novel ignoring the clues completely and chasing off on a wild goose chase. When he does start thinking, he solves it very quickly - so not too difficult then. Because the reader knows he's barking up the wrong tree, a lot of the book is frustrating, spent waiting for Enzo to get with the programme.
This could be a very good novel, but the flaws take too much out of it.
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on 4 March 2016
I am a fan of Peter May and especially of his books set in France as this one is and featuring this larger than life forensic specialist who is completely unapologetic of his behaviour and curiosity, unlike so many detectives, even those in the police who behave as if they are doing something wrong. Of course Enzo does get himself into a lot of hot spots and causes a lot of problems for himself and his daughter, and is mostly unrepentant and quick to argue and push for information! Peter May also sets the scene beautifully with his descriptions of places, nature, the weather and people so that its possible to imagine and enjoy the scenery, heat and wine as well as the mystery! These novels are a real treat.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 29 August 2014
This is more like it. With the action taking place predominantly on an island off the Breton coast the parallels with the Lewis trilogy are there to be drawn. The claustrophobic island atmosphere is beautifully described and the sense of place is palpable. I think that confining the action to one location allows the author more scope to describe place and character which assists to create the dark mood that presides over what is a very decent whodunit. Great stuff.
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on 29 September 2013
Having now read all the Enzo books and feel bereft that there don't appear to be any more - I followed all the books on a large road map and appreciated finding the set places. Like the Hebrides trilogy the Enzo books are so evocative of the places and scenery. When is the next one coming out - Peter May's brief appearance at the Edinburgh Book Festival was sold out straight away when is coming back to Scotland? - listening to him on Radio Scotland was good but would prefer to actually see and hear him in person. Wonderful Author and sounding so Scottish - thankyou for the happy hours of reading. Alison
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on 5 June 2015
Out of all PM's books, these are the best of the lot in my opinion. Even beating the great Lewis trilogy. You just can't help liking the big Scotsman as he trundles along through life in France solving what has become a personal quest to him, murders that happened years before and were never solved. His on/off love life and family quarrels are always in the back of his mind always, but add to the reality of what he is going through personally as well. Hope PM writes more of these in the future. Once started you just can't put it down.
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