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on 9 September 2013
I wanted to connect a Sky+HD to On Demand service but the wireless connector was pretty hopeless and kept losing the signal. The Router was in another room and I didn't fancy running a cable so I turned to the TP-Link powerline starter kit.

Simplicity itself - pair the units using the button then attach one to the Broadband Router and the other to the Sky box. On Demand up and running at full speed with no dropouts.

Happy days!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
This review relates to the PA451 kit. I am delighted with this TP-Link Powerline Starter Kit - we bought a HD wireless IP Camera to record the comings and goings of our cat through the cat flap in our garage. Wireless reception in the garage is uncertain and the camera kept losing its wireless connection. I connected the camera to one adaptor and the other adaptor directly to my router.

These adaptors were easy to install - you just pair them by pressing a button on the underneath of each unit within two minutes. A good tip in the instruction manual is to initially pair them by plugging them into adjacent sockets and then install them in their final locations. There are LEDs to indicate that the adaptors are "talking" and data is being transferred. It's hard to fault this adaptor set - the speed seems good, as they are a "pass-through" design you don't lose a power socket and installation is a breeze - what more could you ask for?

One thing I am looking at carefully is that power surges and outages are more frequent than they should be where I live - the only time the IP camera stopped working was after a power outage which upset other products too - I couldn't get to the bottom of whether the camera needed rebooting or the network adaptors needed re-synching after the outage. I'll give the adaptors the benefit of the doubt for now.

Overall, a very competent product from TP-Link which is hard to fault especially at the price. Recommended.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
So the 500Mbs is the network bandwidth for the entire over-the-electrical-wires network that the TP-Link adapters create but realistically you're going to max out on a per connection basis at 100Mbs - which is hardly surprising as the adapters use 100Mbs ports (confirmed on the TP-Link website)and come with old spec Ethernet cables. This is pretty disingenuous and I'm knocking a star off straight away for that.

I don't know if the network will "bleed" into the wider electric grid, allowing eg a neighbour to access the network, though obviously at degraded speeds, but I figured it was safest to set up a new private network. Pairing the two adapters was a breeze, once I figured out that pressing the pair button for "1 second" meant just pressing it briefly whereas actually pressing it for around a second didn't start the process at all.

My internal wifi is pretty decent but streaming some large video files from my NAS hasn't been possible over wifi, with a lot of stuttering and buffering. First impressions with the AV500s were disappointing, with the same stuttering, though not quite as bad - then I realised my PC was downloading and installing Windows updates in the background. After that things went MUCH smoother and I can say I'm pretty happy with them. Obviously I'd much prefer a 1Gbs home network but I guess there's still no way around that except to lay the wires myself and that would mean effort...

Regarding the form factor. The two plugs are relatively bulky and won't sit side by side on the same extension powerstrip. Why you would ever want them to do so beyond initial set-up is beyond me. It's optimal to place the adapters directly into a socket, with no intervening extension cables and so there should be plenty of room for them. So you can unplug an extension strip, plug the adapter into the wall and then plug extension lead into the back of the adapter. Couldn't be easier.

Overall a nice bit of kit that could do without the deceptive speed claim.
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on 15 December 2014
Got a smart TV in the conservatory but because the Virgin moden hub is in the back bedroom the wifi was rubbish! Bought this bit of kit,so easy to set up,even get two Ethernet cables with them, the wifi is brilliant,I now watch Netflix, YouTube,bbc i player,Internet,the lot!
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on 23 December 2014
Smaller and slimmer than some other powerline adapters, such as Solwise and some older 200 MB adapters that I had at home. Works straight out of the box if you're not bothered by having an open (i.e. unsecured) network at home. In practice, this is unlikely to be a security issue unless you are sharing accommodation with someone who is an IT geek. Currys (and PC World) are selling a pair of TP Link AV 500 passthrough adapters, with x 1 LAN port [facing down] and x 2 LAN ports [facing up] for £39.95. The latter are really useful for connecting your internet ready TV and games console.

Speedwise, I would say that these AV 500 adapters transfer data about 100 MBps in my house with electrical wiring from the 1980s. A lot faster than wifi. Wouldn't bother with the extra expense of gigabit adapters- in any case, the best BT Infinity is offering in our area is around 75 MBps.
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on 11 February 2016
I ended up buying 2 of these to solve problems of being a long way away from the router.

One of them my daughter uses n her uni residence. The other one she uses in her attic bedroom at home.

In uni the router is placed in the lounge area and as it's a very big house, her bedroom is a long way from there. She just plugged one half between the router and the power socket and the other half in her bedroom. It does mean she's got one less plug to use in her room, but she now has a 4 way extension plugged into another socket, so it's fine and a small price to pay for a good internet connection.

Having had a good experience with the unit adapter, we bought one for home as well. Originally there was only one place in her bedroom, where my daughter could get a good connection. This adapter has solved all that and now she can get connection everywhere in the room on her laptop, tablet and mobile.
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on 25 July 2016
Powerline adapters seem to work well. That said, I've had to invest in two sets as it's a fairly common problem for this type of adapter, whatever the brand, to seize up en masse, meaning they have to be disconnected to reset, a process which can take days. With two sets, you just plug and go again, which is a bit of a hassle, but the price many people have to pay to enjoy mains-transmitted Wi-Fi. I'm sure technology will improve so that this will become unnecessary in future. I like the gloss white finish of Powerlines, they look a lot nicer than BT's black adapters, in my opinion. Recommended.
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on 11 October 2016
I have yet to find any type of remote internet connection (my PC is not in the same room as the router so cannot be connected directly via ethernet) that works 100% fault free at all times and these are not it.
They are simple to set up, just connect them to the same double outlet, or plug one into a socket and plug the other one into the first one, press the button on each one 5 times so the middle LED flashes and when they stop flashing they are ready to be unplugged and plugged in where you need them (one next to my router and the other one upstairs in my office). The problem is they don't stay paired for long and you have to repeat this every couple of months or so. They also drop the connection randomly, I suspect this may be partly due to interference in the mains but it means you have to disconnect your internet in Network Manager (or whichever program you use), wait 20 seconds and re-connect, this happens at least once a day but sometimes this happens up to ten times in one hour ! At those times it is quicker to re-pair them again to stop this. It does not make any difference which OS you are using, they are not dependent on software.
Don't get me wrong, when they are working good they are really good and download speeds are excellent, the connection never drops when I am downloading large files or streaming movies, it has only ever dropped the connection when watching YouTube vids or browsing the internet which makes troubleshooting the problem difficult (it may even be my ISP !). They are more reliable than most Wi-Fi adapters and far quicker too, sometimes they can go for days without dropping the connection and sometimes they will re-connect automatically if I wait but I don't like to wait.
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on 11 July 2016
Bought these a while back and only just plugged in today. First surprise - they came with ethernet cables! Was part of the reason for not using them - that I thought I'd have to pick up cables and hadn't gotten around to it. Plugged in, connected to my internet hub, went upstairs to my loft office (two floors) up, plugged in to the wall and connected the other ethernet cable, worked instantly. Did a speedtest and compared to wifi with booster the powerline was easily between 5 and 10 times faster and with no down time so far vs wifi cutting out. We live in a 1930's semi and so the wiring is definitely not modern, or at best would still be 15 years old I suppose if it has been replaced. Highly recommended!
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on 16 October 2015
These work so well. Within a couple of minutes of opening the box I had them installed and up and running.

My cable line enters the house on the 2nd floor where my wi-fi router is located and the signal to the living room on the ground floor is awfully slow. I now have one TP-Link plugged in with my router connected upstairs and the other in the living room. They synced with each other within 30 seconds, without the need to press any buttons, I have a small hub attached downstairs and we can now run the TV, Sky Box, PS4 and Wii on wired networks. I should not we live in an old 1900 build house and the wiring is ancient, but it still works perfectly.

The download speed on my PS4 has gone from 5Mbs to just shy of the full 60Mbs of my VirginMedia broadband and download speeds from Sky BoxOffice have also increased radically.

I like them so much I've ordered a second pair for the kids bedrooms.
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