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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Pass Through Powerline Kit|Size: 500Mbps|Change
Price:£52.84+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 28 August 2014
Amazing devices. Easy to set up. Easy extension of internet to wherever you want it. Cabled internet connections and speeds.

Connected my router (BT HH4) to one of these plugged into wall socket. Linked as per the instructions first time (have to wait a few seconds). Plugged in second unit close to computer this time into a 6way surge protected extension lead. Ethernet cabled this to desktop computer. Hardest bit is then to change adapter settings on computer to disable wi-fi adapter (which was getting a really poor and barely useable signal) and enable the wired adapter in the PC. Internet now at full (ISP) speed. Easy and effective. Have ordered two more (mini versions) to connect smart TV in another room. Have also bought and installed the BT500 wireless hotspot to give wireless coverage in another room and effectively give good wireless coverage using that and router wi-fi to cover whole house for phones and ipad etc. when router alone only gave just half house coverage.

Just occasionally you come across something you feel like you should have discovered years ago and which really and easily solves technical shortcomings in a really easy way. This BT 500 system is one such discovery! Highly recommend!
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The Broadband Extender Flex 500 kit is a pair of HomePlug adaptors which run network signals over the power cables in your home. While most modern devices use some form of wireless networking, this isn't always a viable solution - thick walls and interference can block wireless signals, and wireless networks can struggle with high bandwidth signals such as HD video streaming. The ideal solution is to run Ethernet cables, but that can be hard work, messy and time-consuming. HomePlug provides a more solid signal than wireless, but without the need to run cables.

The kit includes two (identical) adaptors, and set-up couldn't be easier - each adaptor is the size of a largish mains adaptor, and plugs straight into a mains socket. On the top of each is an Ethernet socket (2 Ethernet cables are provided). Plug an adaptor into a socket near your router, and connect the Ethernet port on the adaptor to an Ethernet socket on your router with the supplied cable; plug the other adaptor into a socket near the device you want to network, plug the other Ethernet cable between adaptor and device. Make sure both sockets are switched on, and the Data and Ethernet lights on the adaptors will come on to show data is flowing - job done. It takes longer to write about than it does to do, and there is no set-up or fiddling with keys or addresses required. The supplied instructions are extremely clear (and very brief) - it would be hard to get it wrong!

I tested the connection between my router and my PS3 by streaming MPEG2 SD video ripped from DVDs, and it played perfectly; no glitches or dropouts. These adaptors use a high spec version of the HomePlug standard, so they should cope with the data rates required for streaming HD and/or 3D video.

You can also connect additional adaptors to expand your network - this process is a bit fiddly, as you have to hold down the button on the adaptor for 5-8 seconds (with no sign as to when that has elapsed - the instructions recommend you to use a stopwatch!) But once done, additional adaptors also worked fine, and I had a multiple-port network set up in a matter of minutes.

A significant advantage of these adaptors over some cheaper models - including BT's own Extender 200 model - is that they have a pass-through mains socket, so you don't lose any sockets for networking - useful if you are short on mains sockets (and who isn't nowadays?)

I can find nothing to fault on these adaptors - if you need a plug-and-play alternative to wireless, I recommend them highly.
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on 18 May 2014
My BT Infinity connection (originally on two-piece BT HomeHub 3, now the one-piece BT HomeHub5) was changed to upstairs last year to be close to the computer, however the new smart telly is downstairs in the living room like most of you and I just didn't fancy running 50-metres of CAT-6 Ethernet cable inside my attic and down through the walls or floorboards, two walls-worth away.

For the folks who want put-up-or-shut-up Tech Talk...

My house also has about 30 "micro-circuit" electric rings (instead of the old-skool upstairs / downstairs ring like in the 60's/70s/80s) as far as a new-style electricity supply, and I worried that the upstairs socket ring wouldn't be compatible, or "talk to" the downstairs socket ring. However, my fears were unjustified and I've never seen such an EASY set-up in my life. Literally TWO MINUTES of plugging the Extender into the wall upstairs (I've an Ethernet hub plus Laser printer plugging directly into that with Gigabit Ethernet), and then the other one downstairs.

A few minutes later all 3 lights on both units were on (no IP codes, no programming, no interfaces), you just PLUG IN, and they work!

I upgraded the crappy BT-supplied Cat 5e cables to Duronic "Cat 6a" cables though for zero interference and LONGER cable-length from the plug socket). Worth spending a couple of pounds extra on Amazon and buying Cat 6a over Cat 5; then you control the length of lead to your telly too.

Couldn't believe how simple it was. And having multiple electric rings in a house isn't an issue. IT JUST WORKS!

Here's the kicker... my 2014 Sony W7 smart telly was giving me 2 of 5 Wi-Fi fan bars before (going through 2 internal walls minimum), when connected with the Cat 6a cables I was getting a full 5 of 5 Wi-Fi fan bars equivalent. That meant when BBC iPlayer didn't work at all before, it gave me instant access to BBC iPlayer HD just by using these Broadband Extenders with CAT 6a cables.

Honestly, if you haven't done it yet, shut up and pay BT the money and get a pair of these plugs. They... are... AWESOME!! A+
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on 4 September 2015
What a total muppet I am.

I thought these were the Mini-WiFi extenders to add to 2 hotspots that I already have in the house from BT. They're not. Read the description properly and you can avoid becoming a muppet like me.

These are ethernet socket points only - not WiFi. Duh.

However, I've given them 5 stars because they work brilliantly. I was going to use one for an ethernet cable anyway so I now have one spare and will soon be deciding what on earth I'm going to use it for. I was considering installing an anti-muppet ethernet device, if such a thing exists, so that I don't make this kind of mistake again.
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on 11 December 2014
So far so good - but like all technology only time will tell if it lasts the course. I needed something like this to solve a problem of wireless conflicts having had a British Gas Home Hive (C) system installed. The installation worked perfectly however it quickly became apparent that there was a conflict somewhere as the Ethernet cable tethering the British Gas Home Hive meant that it was too close to the BT Router and for some unfathomable reason interrupted the wireless signal to my webcams and to my Belkin WeMos. A quick process of elimination and a long Ethernet cable solved the riddle but left an unsightly spaghetti junction.

These have allowed me to place the British Gas Home Hive well away from the router and everything so is back to working correctly. I will probably now add a third to the network and run my laptop from it as the wireless signal is not of the best where the laptop normally resides. And - following the very simple instructions that came with the Extenders - they were child's play to set up.

They do jut out from the wall quite a bit and when a plug is inserted that adds to the "jut" - however as I have them behind cupboards I can live with that. The Ethernet cable port is at the top of each unit and for my installation this is perfect.

So - so far so good.
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on 7 November 2014
My smart TV net connection is 15 metres from the router and has to go through two masonry walls. The built in wireless net dongle for my Panasonic TV never had good reception and was getting worse. The problem was constant pauses in transmission which happened continually and made watching i player TV programmes practically impossible - especially at evenings and weekends.

This device is easily and simply fitted in five minutes, instructions are included as well as two 2 metre length cables to complete your connections. You don't need to tune it, programme it or mess around. Just plug in and switch on. Make sure you go into your TV internet settings and change from 'Wireless' to 'Wired' connection - if it is, like me, your smart TV which is causing you grief.

It is indeed a wired connection, but the device makes use of your house wiring to make your wired connection. I was worried because my TV room and my router room were on two different electrical circuits, but it made no difference, it still worked and will do as long as you only have one fuse box in your dwelling.

This is a good product which works well and which I would recommend.
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on 26 November 2014
I was hoping that it would work without any issues, but unfortunately not. I am using Netgear and T-Plink devices and thought that I could plug the BT device in and use it as well. Unfortunately it looks like you have to use only BT devices as it does not mix with any others. Shame.
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The set up of the BT 1000Mbps Broadband extender Flex Kit - Twin was very easy. I just followed the brief easy to understand supplied instructions and I was up and running within a couple of minutes

As I understand it the 1000 Mbps refers to the total speed capability which is 500Mbps in each direction which is more than good enough for me and over ten times the speed of my Sky fibre connection.

I have had an issue with my house wiring for some time and some power sockets work better than others. So despite the advice not to use an extension cable I did use one to test all my downstairs power outlets in turn and the one in the kitchen was easily the best for performance.

To reach this outlet the easiest way was a combination of a long Ethernet cable, a short extension lead and a 4 way adapter which also supplied power to the fridge and separate freezer. Despite all the unorthodox connections there are no dropouts and I am still achieving just over 30 Mb/s which is an improvement on my old "home plugs"

For anyone who is interested my stats are at

Nothing to fault.
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on 8 February 2016
My Mum wanted to start benefiting from the "smart" element of her Samsung TV and use iPlayer etc.... The WIFI she had wasn't adequate to make the smart stuff on the tv work. The telephone cable in the neighbourhood is overhead and came in upstairs and the broadband router was also upstairs and the TV just couldn't do its thing on the weak WIFI signal on offer. We did a speed test on a computer hard wired into the router and it was 8mbs, so we took a chance and ordered the BT broadband extender kit and hoped there would be sufficient signal to run iPlayer on the TV once it had travelled downstairs through the household wiring. We put the first BT extender plug in next to the broadband router upstairs and connected it with the Ethernet cable (about 1.5m) provided. Next I plugged the other BT unit into the socket nearest the TV downstairs and ran the 2nd 1.5? metre Ethernet cable provided from the unit to the special port in the back of the TV. I had to update the software on the TV to download iPlayer and once it had been installed we could begin watching the iPlayer tv programmes seemlessly with no lag. A week on and my Mum has said how pleased she is to be able to watch TV on demand. Very Impressive, very easy. My Mum thinks I'm a genius....Perfect!
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on 13 November 2015
Having suffered with bad connection problems on xbox live due to a poor signal to my wifi router downstairs I invested in this optimistically and it did everything it promised me. I have had solid stable connection to xbox live. Never disconnected from a game since and had a lag free experience. Much better than wireless. Wired connections are very easy to set up and the 2 extenders work right out of the box easy as you like. Would reccomended to anyone suffering low wifi signal or similar problems . 5 star
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